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WTF is happening with this coin right now?

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the hype is dying. they don't have a product for another year to come. it traded for cents 3 months ago. It's the correction that had to happen, I can see it going all the way to $3.

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Die in a fire moron. BTC getting pumped as usual everybody dumps ALTs to try and climb on board. Buy the dip my nigger and come in for the big win.

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Just wait anon. Patience will reward the Omise Gods

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Do you retards just check your 1 coin in blockfolio whitouth looking at market than post this shit??????????


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>yfw you didn't sell the pump last week

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HAHAHAHA I remember when I got burned on this coin too, enjoy your bags faggot. Seriously one of the most overrated coins ever.

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This DESU. I'll buy in at the bottome but i wont hold my breath

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People I buying back into BTC now that it's clear the fork won't happen and BCH is dead .

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t. Corecuck

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We'll he's right that OMG went down because BTC went up. Its too soon to tell how it will happen, but people like PBC seem to think there is a Shared Future with BTC and BCH.

Short term, BCH is gay xD

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t. $2799 bch bag holder

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> 2018 moon mission soon

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It's mooning

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It's dying a slow death, that skateboard gimmick is the only thing that pumped this shitcoin

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The REQ'd fudders are trying hard today, I see.

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how long do you guys think you can ride the hype train? that's what happens with all those "great ass" projects with a fucking 30/60m$ whitepaper and a dream of a working product in 2022
people don't have the patience to old that overvalued shit,

seriously unless you're a top tier day trader/insider/etc you'll be better off parking your money in btc. Normies will invest in btc because the amount of shitcoins they face is just too confusing and they don't want to gamble

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Its a shitcoin, you just figured? They do absolutely NOTHING.. whole of crypto is about DOING NOTHING. Everyone's just looking to get rich quick

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>being this envious and sour grapes over OMG, because you blew your load on REQ.


Cry some more bitch nigger. It's 1X multiple of times and it's steadily increasing. Sorry your REQ'd bags are so heavy faggot.

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Actually Normies think BTC is to expensive

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The bitcoin moved sucked the life out of alts again.

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Don't have any REQ don't really take advice from this board as 90% of everyone who is here has gone full retard in crypto

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OMG best fundamentals in crypto. Good team, good history, good marketing, good partners. Some of you will want to kill yourself when you see normies pay with their OMG app using facepay.

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never held any of these coins
I have nothing against either project
you're the stupid nigger not realizing that the market is waking up and don't give a shit about alts anymore

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Maybe having a pedo communist advisor turns out to be a bad thing, huh...

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>its 1x multiple of times

So it's not moved in price multiple times? the fuck you 3rd world street shitter.

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>claims he doesn't hold any coins

>think they have a valid opinion.

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that's why I don't have an agenda here, unlike you who is getting suspiciously defensive
good luck keeping your bags of a project that'll have a finished product in a few years, meanwhile some other team with better resources will just scoop up the idea and into the trash your bags go

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You're lack of investment, just shows how retarded you really are, as you hate money and did no actual research compared to someone that has a vested interest. You are poor and just another shit poster.

Sorry sour grapes, your opinion is worth as much as REQ coins (shit) at the moment.

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I came to realize a while back that normies seem to think you have to buy a whole coin.

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>YCs extreme aggression

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damn, I really feel sorry for you man, you seem like scared-aggressive dog, trying to bite everyone around

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