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Insider here. Watch the next days very closely.

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I was here when Digimarines were in the making. It started as a funny meme, then it evolved into "kinda old meme", then it became the "old meme" and now it's in its final form - pathetic.

Link is following the same trajectory, with the only difference it's moving twice as fast. The amount of delusion you faggots have is kinda fascinating.

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>said the increasingly nervous non-linker because subconsciously he already knows he misses out, but is too scared like a little pussy to buy some.

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NoLinker, hahahahaha

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I assume you were here too when you missed NEO, correct?

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LinkMarines, assemble!

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assblaster? use your trip

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No this thread wasn't started by me, but I wouldn't be surprised if source of OPs tip is indirectly related to my tip.

Thing is I'm actually in a bit of hot water over this LINK thing, don't know whether to start a thread about it, I'll probably get insulted as a larper again.

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tfw smartmoney

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Spit it out senpai! im tired of getting JUSTed for a month straight.

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Doesn't matter if you post it or not, it's
> already priced in

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They knew you talked? I hope you're okay.
Your trip code is different btw..

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i-it's time for linkies to let it g-go, r-r-r-ri-ght...?

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Kek are you really serious about this? Dont name the company just tell us when we can expect the news to get out.

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You linkies are desperate as fuckkkk. Starting to really sound like DGB marines

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they try to convince themselves more than anyone else
Fuck 'Em

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That is the funny part. Search some self-validation for the own bad choices in order to feel not that bad when they miss out another BTC/ETH even though it s right in front of their noses.

In 2 years we will have the same fairy tale threads like we did with ETH. "Ah, this one time when I bought 5000 ETH for 2$ and sold for 0.90$." But well, money doesn't come easily for the weak-willed.

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truly the best biz meme

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Did this fix my tripcode? It was one of a few similar words and I can't remember exactly.

Also they didn't find out I blabbed, they want me to perform a risk analysis of it, calculate profit projections etc, the problem is I'm tempted to exaggerate the benefits because if it succeeds I'll be held as a god, but if it fails and I result in an increased investment I'll be crucified. Don't know what to do.

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THis fuckin bullshit again ffs.

You dont think an institution would buy right off of SERGey no? Also inb4 institutions buy before the network is live.

The network could fucking fail to launch you mong. Dont fall for this absolute bs

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Where to buy Link?

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how much time do I have left?
I'm waiting on my deposit to come through, should be today/tomorrow

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If you read my previous thread you'd understand that my firm would be looking into a research initiative with ChainLINK, my firm is not some big Wall Street bank and Sergey would never give our firm his reserve tokens. You can meme all you want but Sergey has big ambitions, he sees this shit being adopted by some big players, why would he give out reserve tokens to small players like us?

You assume because I'm larping I'm saying I'm the CEO of GS or some shit, I'm just on an advisory committee and an executive in a small-ish firm looking to invest 7 figures in Sergeys project, at a discounted price, we wouldn't buy off binance obviously, however it would definitely have an impact on the market capitalisation.

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Send me your ETH that's the best investment and I'll send you some links (from my bookmarks folder)

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You have between 2 to 6 weeks, honestly I wouldn't be in a hurry, this deal will be done on the down low and the impact on LINK would be staggered. This tip isn't to say '48 hours and LINK moons you've been warned' this tip is more to say 'real investors are interested in putting real money in this project'. I'm just trying to let people know that behind closed doors this project is generating SOME buzz, not tons, but its definitely not some NEET coin.

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SOunds like a boutique bank kid trying to climb the ladder and cross over into the big banks

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You dont need to name the company, we just need to know when we can expect a significant price pump. That should prove you're telling the truth.

>I'm just on an advisory committee and an executive in a small-ish firm looking to invest 7 figures in Sergeys project, at a discounted price,
Also, can you explain again how this would affect the price if you guys are not even buying in Binance?

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please stop saying until I free my money, my money are stuck in REQ and it won't reach ICO price, i'm suffering a huge loss if I sell now

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how are you guys gonna buy LINK if not from binance though?

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7 figures; lets call it a cool 2 million then. 2 million influx is at this moment in time, a 3.07% increase in MC.

3.07% increase from current price at 0.18 USD to 0.185 USD.

Oh wow, I better buy up all those nice staggered buy orders all the way up to 4500 sats so as to ensure I make bank off the larper tip.

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FFS stop getting FOMOd, christ. Look at you, jumping aroun dbetween shitcoins at a loss when thsi season has been all bout shorting an dlonging the top 1-8 on CMC. Jesus.

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Smart contracts between large LINK holders, some of which include Sergey. It will go down like this: buy large batches of LINK from private individuals behind closed doors with NDAs. Those individuals take their ETH/BTC and go on binance and slowly re-accumulate before the change in market cap is priced in. The bastards will make basically 1.5x what we pay them because of these NDAs, that's why assess are on the line, if word breaks out and the price pumps before this happens, heads will roll.

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Wait how the fuck can we confirm this if the price of LINK wont even pump or no news will come out in the future? How does this even affect LINK at all.

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And you're risking you're so called advisory position so some people you dont know on biz can make profit? ANd you'll be blacklsited form every boutique/ IB because you leak inforamtion? You're doing this because you're a good person who wants others to profit?

For nufags, this man wants you to eat his bags in the buy order book. C

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It's not technically a bank and I'd refrain from the word 'boutique' because it implies we try to market ourselves as 'high end', we aren't elitist, but yes we are trying to improve our standing. The times are changing and these are opportunities for smaller players to get a seat at the table. But as small as we are, we're not insignificant.

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Nothing I said could actually incriminate me and the odds that the people I work with will ever see this thread are so marginal. If the price did pump they'll just assume one of the more important people tried to get some side action and he'll take the fall.

I probably wouldn't have my job if it wasn't for /biz/, and you have to be totally retarded if you think /biz/ can shift the price of LINK so I have literally nothing to gain from this thread.

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>I probably wouldn't have my job if it wasn't for /biz/
And why exactly is that?

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>is priced in
lost you here

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This thread is actually full of retards

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So, continuning on from yoru larp, you're not high end, are using investor capital to invest an incredibly speculative asset like LINK?

Wow you're capital expenditure ratio must be incredible to be able to throw 7 figures at an incredibly risky asset.

Rothschild M&A analyst here since 2014. Stop lying out of your absolute hole. You have ZERO idea what you're talking about, and are using speculative terms, WRONGLY.

Brb on advisory board
brb leak info to anonymous board
brb will lose job and any potential employment in the industry due to blacklist
brb my dishonesty will be signified by a pre price pump
brb do it anyway because I want anonymous people make money i.e buy my bags

At least have a semblance of an idea of what you're talking about

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delusion needs confusion

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actually, if this is who I think it is, I do work with you.
He's lying faggots. I also work at this company and the boss frequently calls him into the office to fuck him in the ass. In return, the boss demands he shills link on /biz/
This guy literally doesn't even have a salary hes just paid in getting fucked in the ass and the extremeness of the ass fucking is incentives and raises for him.

i am fucking around but i see link shilled so often i don't know what evidence i can base this guys statements off of that make me think hes telling the truth

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>I'm tempted to exaggerate the benefits because if it succeeds I'll be held as a god, but if it fails and I result in an increased investment I'll be crucified. Don't know what to do

Be honest and analytical in your risk analysis, but explain how huge the upside potential is. No matter how big could LINK might be, it's not worth risking your career over.

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Hellraiser meme magic killed the ChainLink meme magic. Our money is gone.

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What I mean is, if trades don't occur on an exchange, then capital flowing in to the product won't immediately affect the price, hence the effect will be staggered.


Pretty sure you're the only person larping here since you immediately feel the need to name drop Rothschild because it sounds 'prestigious' in your head.

There are plenty of firms that use investor capital to invest in high risk ventures, last year we lost 14MM on a start up. If you don't think most investment firms aren't talking about cryptocurrencies and blockchains then you need to open your eyes. Virtually every serious firm in our field is doing research into blockchains, and if you were actually even remotely important you'd know that while LINK is a high risk venture, it is miles away from the thousands of literal scamcoins. LINK is generating genuine interest from at least a few serious parties.

Also advisory board is just a buzzword for 'sits in on a few meetings voicing opinions', stop watching movies like Wolf of Wall Street, this is all rather banal run of the mill stuff.

>Swift working with LINK is possible
>A small firm investing 5-10MM? *impossible*

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Linkies: I would happily buy some bags just to shut you up... Just get this shit on Bittrex. I can't be fucked setting up another exchange just to humour you.

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How would you buy other than from Binance if you want large quantities?

>> No.4358266

psss.. it's a German fintech spinoff from a very large bank.

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Probably the most realistic non-shilling post in this thread. This guy probably holds link but know the tripfag is nothing more than an exaggerating tripfag.

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Already dumped on your bitch ass hahahahaha faggot

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LINK will moon but not in the near future. Holding it now is stupid as you will miss moon missions that way.

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I addressed this earlier, Smart contracts behind closed doors with people that already hold a lot of LINK. They then re-accumulate on binance, so by the time the price adjusts to my firms investment they've already re-accumulated.

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>>Lost 14mm on a start up
>> "Trying to make a name for ourselves"
>> Leak "confidential" information

Never said a 7 figure investment was impossible; stop trying to shift the argument your larper.

If you're sure enough that your company wont find out its you leaking the info, surely you'll be sure enough to namedrop your "bank" no?

lmao i dgaf about saying I'm in RC, because its legit. Im not hard to find on linkedin, plus coworkes know I browse biz.

If you're gonna shill for your bags to be bought (since you clearly bought over 3300 from that last pump), you're best off shilling about the potenital to get idiots to buy high thinking "it'll be worth it in the end".

Not saying a 5 mm spread over different quarters, with the first buy coming in 6 weeks. Go get a real job with a real bank. You're some boiler room larpers thinking you're on to the next big long of your life lmao.

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How exactly is this bullish for LINK anon? I dont get it. They arent buying from Binance. If they buy from Sergey they would just increase the circulating supply which makes it worse for LINK.

>> No.4358407


You see this is why I know you're just a bullshitter desperately trying to catch me out. I specifically said, *several times*, that this will not cause a significant rise in price. I'm not trying to dump on you guys, the price isn't gonna pump this month.

What I am saying is serious people are putting serious money into LINK. Not Morgan Stanley or GS, but serious relative to your average person. If you don't find the info interesting, leave the thread.

Also this is how I really know you don't know a damn thing about finance, market capitalisation is proportional to invested capital, but not by a linear ratio. If the market cap of something is 100 USD, and 10 USD enters, the market cap does not increase by 10%, because the act of buying drives demand. If you studied finance you literally learned this in semester one.

>> No.4358454


It's like you guys are so convinced that I'm a scammer you're looking for the part where I tell you you'll double your money this week.

The only point I'm making is that money is entering LINK. This isn't terrific news but it certainly is better than bad news. Honestly there are dozens of threads out there that will tell you 'Y is gonna 10x in 24 HOURS!' because they're lying. This is what real news looks like.


You talk like an absolute retard and I'm sure your next claim will be that spelling and punctuation aren't indicative of anything, but I'll bet my bottom dollar you don't work for Rothschild 'M&A'.

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HCL (17.2 billion of assets) shilled it publicly on twitter.

Your anonymous speculative 3month away 5 mm shitvestment shilling isnt going to do anything.

I can ask around if we're hiring if you want, think we lost a secretary there recently. No doubt we'd pay you more than you earn now lmao

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I'm not saying you're a scammer dude. I was just wondering what this means for LINK bagholders. Will you guys even use smart contract tech? Why are you guys bagholding LINK too hahah.

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>Insider here.

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Not how market cap works, you dunces.
I could eat $300k worth of sell orders right now to carry the price to 25c, adding $25MM to the market cap.
>inb4 the market cap will correct because of retrace
By your logic $24.7MM worth of LINK would then be sold.

How do you get this wrong as a finance guy?

>> No.4358508

Zzz germans at Deutsche are known for being reckless cowboys. Ask Michael Lewis. If they buy they gonna yugggge. Strap in.

>> No.4358535

You said "they want to own 12.5% of the ENTIRE supply".
I suppose you mean 12.5% of the circulating supply? Or actually 125 million LINK of the entire 1 billion LINK supply?

>> No.4358578

ask me anything

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>being this stupid

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I bought in like a douche at 3155 on the weekend and all I want is for it to reach at 3200 , hell at this point I’ll sell at 3256. These bags are getting heavy and it seems like I’m gonna have to wait until Friday at least before I can sell again. Fuck my life.

>> No.4358681


You know normally I try not to get sucked in to this shit, but fuck it I got nothing better to do. I can post bank statements tonight showing that I spend 100k a month. What about you?

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>how to handle?

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Because he isn't in finance. He name dropped the fanciest sounding title, Rothschild M&A, no faster way to identify a LARP than a need to name drop.

>> No.4358724

He said theyre going to buy from Sergey. You do realize that 1/3 of the reserved LINKs are not yet counted in the circulating supply? If the LINKs sergey sells is from the reserved LINKs then its bearish not bullish for the price.

>> No.4358745

he said specifically his firm isn't big enough to get the reserved supply.

>> No.4358752

I haven't read the whole thread but do they plan on implementing the tech or are they just speculative investors?
If they're just speculative investors, I see no reason that Sergey would sell his LINK to them.

>> No.4358789

To be clear, the reserved supply is for firms big enough to add a lot of value to the system based on their name alone. They will be given lots of free LINK because this will attract lots of others to start using the system as well. There is nothing to fear about these out of circulation LINKs. When they enter circulation, it'll be because they are going to companies that greatly benefit the decentralized oracle network. This will make up for any dilution in the coin supply.

>> No.4358801

So someone is suddenly still selling huge amounts. What shit is it this time? Artificially make another swing?

This coin is getting on my nerves so much. Not even worth holding it with all the stress and opportunity costs by missing out other moon missions.

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Friendly reminder
>It's Q4 2017

Come back Q1 2018

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Oh nevermind, im a dumbass.

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You're only ever one guy posting these spikes pics, your meme is shit and unfunny, stop posting it nobody likes it.

>> No.4358875

>it works

>> No.4358886

^^^ ding ding. Absolutely lol.

Sorry to have given you a hard time. Wanted my buys at 2620-2650 filled lol. That dip did it for me :). Handy little extra LINK from my sells in those random 3k+ pumps.

If you're legit, great to hear your firm is getting involved. Its got such a huge upside in return. Hope you reap the benefits of being the guy recommending it.

Been in LINK since ICO my man. Good luck.

>> No.4358890

100K Linkholder here

>> No.4358895

breath manually

>> No.4358897

This lol

>> No.4358915

People bought this shitcoin at .50, it’ll never get back to that

>> No.4358957

Whatever you say

>> No.4358968

Bitcoiner? People bought bitcoin at at $7.8k, it'll never get back to that.

>> No.4358980

Oh my ID changed. Woops. I was the fudder talking nonsense about IBing lol

>> No.4358984

For meme magic to be affective it needs SHILLING as well as a load of FUD. Either real (Sergey's communication and milestone sharing strategy vs. preICO and ICO-History) and or artificial (meme FUD and or FUD shitposting). The more the latter, the better. This one will take off dramatically in its current setup. Many sacrifices have been given by those weak handed morons.

0,87€ eoy
130€ at its peak

>> No.4358995

No seriously dude it isnt funny at all. Some LINK FUD memes are genuinely funny but this hellraiser meme just feels out of place and not funny.

>> No.4358999

>out of place

>> No.4359002

Sounds about right :)

>> No.4359005

t. Not even human nolinker

>> No.4359048

Its peak is going to be 2K or 3K if it goes mainstream.

By that I mean at the very end of the bubble when they Crypto market has a cap of 30T and speculation has gone absolutely insane.

This is the point where BTC is also one million per.

>> No.4359076

mark of the best insane

>> No.4359081

LINK will be 2 USD at best. x10.5 ish from here.

Take your gains.

>> No.4359097

u r untermensch kind of like retarded

>> No.4359103

>Hey OP delet this, im still filling my bags

>> No.4359106

Said the
>hurr durr i was only pretending to be a retard

>> No.4359155

Gimme a break. I'm sick of accumulating.
>Consider sacrifice vs. progress ratio

>> No.4359177

Relax. I was fudding for my buys to get filled which they did you plebs.

Whats wrong with a x10.5 from here? Are you both telling me that if LINK went x10.5 ou wouldnt sell ANY?! I'd have 1.6 million then.

>>hurr durr LINk will replace btc itll be 100 USD lurrr

Piss off lmao. you guys just hold like handicaps and dont grow your stack then

>> No.4359240


The only logical position is to liquidate a certain portion of your holdings if it reaches 2 USD. An important thing to remember about crypto is realistically *no one* knows what the fair price is, or what the use case limitations are yet. Apple went from 100bn market cap to 900bn market cap within a decade.

Don't be the guy who bought ETH for 1 USD and sold for 30.

>> No.4359255

>0,87€ eoy
What makes you think it could go this high? You realize for this price we would need some major news/partnerships?
Because how things stand right now, it could go sideways until EOY.

>> No.4359267

or 7$

>> No.4359280

current state of project |untouched growth potential |basic setup of existing partnerships | any news will do good |expect some news before eoy that will boost

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Thanks m8. Time will tell whether or not you're a LARPer but I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on this one

Your story kind of makes sense: why wouldn't small/medium sized firms be investing in crypto? The market cap figures are too small for big banks to get involved in but the potential for small investment firms to outperform the market average is just so obvious

If you're not LARPing, don't do anything to incriminate yourself further. Time will tell whether you're telling the truth or not, there's no reason to provide any more detail about who you are/ where you work

I liked what you said in your first thread about 4chan. Yes, there's a lot of shit. But when 4chan is right, it's right bigly. If you can tap into the collective sentiment of this board and ignore the obvious shill pump and dump invasions (hint: they don't stick around for more than a day or two) you are tapping into weaponised autism

>> No.4359308

Yeah I wouldn't sell it all. ALso not sure if you saw my previous apology to you :). Hope it works out.

>> No.4359323

if Link moons it's going to fucking MOON. it wouldn't stay at 1$ for too long
this bottle is under so much pressure when the cork pops we'll all cream our pants simultaneously

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Are you a fucking dimwit or what? What "new partnerships" do you need in order to make it x4 in medium marketcap while other uesless shitcoins and tokens moon like mad for no reason? If you are not a degenerate shitcoin moon mission chasing ADHD moron but a "real investor" then you would understand what all these multi billion companies backing the project already mean and buy as much as you can.

We don't need fucking more partnerships but new exchanges and some actual communication from the team in order to make it not 2 years but maybe 4 months to be on the moon.

>> No.4359413
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post yfw Sergey is the new Rotschild

>> No.4359481

Partnership is with SWIFT, not with those individual banks but ok it's kinda the same thing so it doesn't matter.
Now, we still don't know what's the extent of the SWIFT "partnership" because nothing has been confirmed yet.
That's why there was a major sell off. Because everyone thought it would be 100% confirmed after SIBOS but nothing is yet officially confirmed and nobody knows when that might happen, could be in 6 months and nobody wants to baghold for that long.

>while other uesless shitcoins and tokens moon like mad for no reason
This market is not logical. Coins don't moon because they deserve to moon because they're better than other shitcoins, that's not how it works.
Because if logic worked in crypto, we would already be at $1-2.

>We don't need fucking more partnerships but new exchanges and some actual communication from the team in order to make it not 2 years but maybe 4 months to be on the moon.
I agree, with all of these big names connected to LINK, it should be worth much higher right now.
The team is refusing to comment on exchanges and good luck with getting them to communicate.
If you mention communication, you're just gonna get swarmed by delusional bagholders telling you "they're not your mom, they don't owe you updates".

>> No.4359528

>market is not logical
Eventually he is, it just a matter of when. Everything until then is just background noise. Otherwise BTC wouldn't be #1 and ETH not #2.

>> No.4359590

We've been passing this info between ourselves for a while now but most of the market doesn't notice and goes off to buy vertcoin at ATH. The team is against "marketing" this token to traders and the way it will receive hype is maybe if it is pushed harder by us onto the wider crypto community (that voted DGB as a better buy on Twitter back in October). At this rate we are cucked out of a price it could be carried to on speculation.

>> No.4359600
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Also the non-communication is kind of the biggest red flag for me at the moment, even as a long term holder. What the hell would prevent you from commenting on trying to be on another exchange soon?
>muh NDA
How would trying to be on Bittrex and not only on a highly manipulated chink exchange in order to make your project look more legitimate fall under NDA? Everything indicates they pretty much don't actively try and "wait" for them to come, which is delusional at best.

So I conclude they either don't try/give a fuck because they are full autists, or they already got rejected and don't want to state it publicly in order to prevent another price drop.

>> No.4359641

ok please tell me what merits BTC being #1
the only reason it's #1 with its month long transaction times and 10$ fees was because it was the pioneer. right now BTC is worse technically than even the shittiest of shitcoins

>> No.4359694

They are under NDA for a lot of shit I'm sure but exchanges aren't one of them. They just don't want to be listed. Binance was just Binance wanting fees and so it listed Link.

Honestly if they aren't building their own exchange or holding out for GDAX then I'm certain we won't see another exchange listing for months.

>> No.4359695

they are right though
I don't understand why is everyone pushing for new exchnages? like what do you want to sell asap when it goes 2x?
I don't give a fuck about exchanges, I'm not selling a sinle LINK before it reaches at least 2-3bn MC

>> No.4359734

simply because the price will never increase if it stays on ED, binance and coss only because that is literally a graveyard for coins when they don't get listed on higher volume exchanges.

>> No.4359765

Can someone even ask rory if they are actively seeking exchanges? that shouldnt be part of the NDA. Yes or no, are they actively seeking exchanges.

Seriously, the REQ team openly stated that they are actively seeking exchanges. They should start acting like the REQ team ffs, they even give out weekly updates.

>> No.4359789

Like I said hold out for GDAX. They might be one of the first listings.

>> No.4359825
File: 22 KB, 682x136, rory.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>So I conclude they either don't try/give a fuck because they are full autists, or they already got rejected and don't want to state it publicly in order to prevent another price drop.
Idk I also thought about this, I don't see a reason why Bittrex would reject them. I'm still haunted by the meaning of pic related, this is some 4D chess communication.
A bigger exchange listing would definitely help them look more legitimate because they're shit at communicating. The project looks really shady being only on Binance + team keeping quiet.

Why are you against big exchanges? That's where every legit project gets listed and Binance is a low volume chinese exchange.
>I don't give a fuck about exchanges, I'm not selling a sinle LINK before it reaches at least 2-3bn MC
This is not happening on Binance, that's why we need big exchanges. When the big news come, it will have to be on a big exchange to grow like it should.

Here's Rory's cryptic reply.

>Seriously, the REQ team openly stated that they are actively seeking exchanges.
I've mentioned this in Chainlink slack multiple times when someone says they're under NDA, people are retarded.

>> No.4359831

The non-communication is indeed the biggest flag... That shit's about to go DOWN, dumbo!!!!@1

I'm more than 50% in LINK, I've worked my ass off for what little money I could put into crypto and NO REGARTS at all.

If Sergey was on twitter all day shooting the shit, THEN I'd be fucking worried.

>> No.4359856

Sergy need money he is going to dump his reserve for hungry hungry hippo.

>> No.4359871

That is because you're maybe too clueless to get the difference between making 1 small twitter comment every 6 weeks while the community manager avoids all questions and "Sergey on twitter all day shooting the shit".

>> No.4359883

There's this
>If Sergey was on twitter all day shooting the shit, THEN I'd be fucking worried.

Then there's
>making a short post once every week or two to keep us updated with developments

And then we have the current situation
>don't post anything
>have no online presence, not even twitter
>closed slack in which "community manager" is refusing to answer 80% of the questions

Tell me what do you think is the best approach here?

>> No.4359890
File: 55 KB, 1000x1000, pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>insider here

>> No.4359894

Poloniex (possibly bittex too, I can't remember) has said that the team has yet to reach out to them which they require for listing. I'm frustrated too but you should understand these exchange listings mean nothing to the project and to them in the big picture (Because 1. These tokens are not useful as of now. 2. They likely won't be bought from such exchanges in the future. It's only going to help speculators pump the price for now.)
It seems they don't want to get involved in the token speculation scene as they have to appear legitimate to business relations and have more serious ambitions at hand. Not to mention the slack is quite embarrassing and I wouldn't be surprised if they have distaste for this trader community and are less than eager to keep us happy with their efforts.

>> No.4359898

Maybe Rory's reply was to someone asking if "are new exchanges coming soon"? I guess if someone asked

>are you guys actively seeking new exchanges?

he would respond differently because no way will that break any NDAs.

>> No.4359899

Either Sergey is pulling art of war bullshit where 20 big names announce they will be using Chainlink the same week it's listed on GDAX, Kraken, Polo and Bittrex or they just don't care about exchanges.

I'm inclined to think it's the latter because the other one is inane. Rory had another cryptic remark about the people they were working with being concerned about price. So who knows what the fuck is going on.

>> No.4359930
File: 208 KB, 1440x835, 1507939006955.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

absolutey this
everyone who is a dirty pajeet speculator waiting to drop his bags at the very first green candle should GTFO right now and never buy back
everyone who has atleast half a brain is accumulating the shit out of LINK rn

>> No.4359932
File: 916 KB, 1280x536, vlcsnap-2017-07-17-09h20m10s502.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ask my anything

>> No.4359938

Has anyone responded to the Poloniex issue? They should seriously address that. Its unprofessional for them to ignore Poloniex wishing to list them.

>Either Sergey is pulling art of war bullshit where 20 big names announce they will be using Chainlink the same week it's listed on GDAX, Kraken, Polo and Bittrex or they just don't care about exchanges.

I highly doubt its the first one too. If what this insider is saying is true, then maybe Sergey wants the small businesses (that are not big enough to claim the reserved LINKs) to be able to buy cheap as an alternative to the reserved LINKs?

>> No.4359945

wow, just ignored 100K

>> No.4359951

>I highly doubt its the first one too. If what this insider is saying is true, then maybe Sergey wants the small businesses (that are not big enough to claim the reserved LINKs) to be able to buy cheap as an alternative to the reserved LINKs?
maybe. either way, most businesses gotta pay up.

>> No.4359962

I wonder if that anon was right about big companies driving up the price once it's big. It's going to be bad for the network if 10K Link costs 2M.

>> No.4359976
File: 42 KB, 591x393, ywfEPif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it will moon

0,87€ eoy
130€ at its peak

>> No.4359988
File: 37 KB, 591x439, 1AzLO9Ll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just hodl
50$ eoy 2018 for 100% sure

>> No.4359989

If you were seeking business partners, would you want them to meet your fanboys if they acted like biz and the retards in slack?

Biztard: "Say anything so I can make a hype post out of it and taint your company reputation, please!"

Sergey: "No."

Biztard: "No?N-no?N-novem? November?! I that what you're trying to say!? NOVEMBER?? NOVEMBER NEWS BUY BUY ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT!!!!"

Sergey: "Ffs."

>> No.4359996

Its in the best interests of node operators especially enterprise ones to drive the price up once they have their stack. That way it will be harder for competing node operators to outdo them in the priority game.

>buy $1m worth of LINK
>drive the price up 10x.
>future competing node operators need to buy $10m worth to be the same priority as them
>node operator is also $9m richer

>> No.4360002
File: 708 KB, 1280x720, 2,w=1986,q=low,c=0.bild-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I said, 50$ eoy 2018 !!!!!

>> No.4360017


>> No.4360024

>Has anyone responded to the Poloniex issue? They should seriously address that. Its unprofessional for them to ignore Poloniex wishing to list them.

I need to see the message from poloniex so I can show it to rory. Someone mentioned it in the slack and rory asked to see a source.

>> No.4360046

if 10k link costs 2M, it's because the network is so valuable and profitable that it's worth that much to get in the game.

>> No.4360053

rory is a bot and not a real person btw.


neither is sergey a real human. they have been created by the AI which manifests itself via the various blockchains, the belief and the sacrifice thereof into real flesh. same goes for vitalik. I mean just look at him. He is not human. Just look. Just.

>> No.4360090

Holy shit that might actually work. Anyone got a screenshot?

>> No.4360103

>It seems they don't want to get involved in the token speculation scene as they have to appear legitimate to business relations and have more serious ambitions at hand.
Every legitimate project out there is subject to speculation and PnDs. This was never an issue before and coins would get released instantly on Bittrex.
Why does this team have to do everything opposite of what the other projects do...

>wanting to get listed on a reputable western exchange and not a stinky chinky one is being a dirty pajeet speculator

Why would it be bad?
The price of LINK doesn't matter for the network to work properly and to be cheap and effective, it's divisible up to 18 decimals I'm tired of this retarded logic.

>everything any team owner of any crypto project says is somehow hype
This is how every project works, there are always people who will hype every single thing, they can't do anything about it. That won't prevent them from having any kind of communication with the community, your logic is flawed.
You can post stuff that are not about the partnerships, hype or whatever else that don't affect the price.
Maybe some updates on how the development of network is going, no?
Everyone thought the network is finished and then Sergey said something about an API library in 2 years when he was presenting at DevCon3 and we had another dump.
Do you know why this dump happened? Because he didn't communicate the most basic stuff about the roadmap and progress of the network.

>> No.4360110
File: 109 KB, 900x500, 59c20d07fc7e93e05b8b4567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4360121

how many threads do we have to have where some anon falsely predicts a LINK moon mission? This coin is boring. Not going anywhere any time soon. Might as well call it Ripple 2.0

>> No.4360135

you might as well kys

>> No.4360167

how many times are you morons going to call this ripple before you realize that's actually a very good thing, lmao

>> No.4360409
File: 53 KB, 403x448, EA4E97BC-DD41-4E2F-BCC5-49B510F94358.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4360421

price says it all. oracles are great, but they're not worth much more than $0.20 a token

>> No.4360426

comfy as fuck

>> No.4360438

beautiful arguments. those are some lovely LINK bags you have. they're looking kinda heavy though. you must be upset. no need to be angry at me, just learn from your investment mistakes and do better in the future.

>> No.4360452

>t. vitalik
go watch some CP you degenerate

>> No.4360453

This thread is weird.

>> No.4360562

>Might as well call it 200X moon mission part 2

>> No.4360609
File: 87 KB, 645x773, 307BB2BC-23B6-4EB7-8F87-2EF288B0C6C6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your post shows that you didn’t even read the thread and just wanted to shitpost, not sure why you deserve anything more.

>> No.4360666

>ignoring the just recent market introduction

>> No.4360710
File: 27 KB, 645x730, 1508703532699.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody needs to "argue" with someone who confuses LINK with RIPPLE because this already shows clearly that this person is in its very own state of mental delusion and retardation. Such special persons will only be treated accordingly to their special needs.

>> No.4360755
File: 41 KB, 960x960, 19642721_449728572062021_4794195320878825548_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4360815

>Rothschild M&A analyst here since 2014
fuck off dinosaur I'm with the tripfag

>> No.4360972


>> No.4361164

Serious EOY predictions for Link? I know it's convervative but I really only see it going past $1. Not much more until real news comes out.

>> No.4361189

I see it similar, even though 1$ is nice for starters to inspire some confidence and maybe get more attraction. This is also a x5 from this point on.

>> No.4361255


>> No.4361460

link is werid man they are different i like it.

>> No.4361741

maybe they don't want to be on exchanges because they like the idea of the price being low, so that if potential clients/interested parties want some without being able to get there hands on reserved links, they can buy at a low price instead of 4chan neets making money?

Just thinking out loud here, correct me if i'm wrong. 300K hodler.

>> No.4361777

I don't even see it hitting $1 until it hits another exchange. We are st the point where any news that would send it to $1 would send it to $5. Adding more exchanges is the kind of thing that raises the price without actual news.

>> No.4361867

Conservative? $.20-$.30.

There is no planned news that will send this into override unless something gets leaked.

I see massive gains coming this upcoming spring/summer.

>> No.4361910

That's retarded, Sergey has his share and can sell it to the potential institutional customers.
Also, the token price is not important to those that will be using them to pay fees to nodes because they're divisible and will always reflect the dollar value they're willing to spend per request (unless they're a huge company and want to hoard as much LINK as possible, but the current price doesn't reflect that).
Going by that logic, we can sell right now because they'll always like the idea of price being low and it'll never go up. And this same argument could be applied to the price of any other utility token, it's a terrible argument desu.

>> No.4362090

>There is no planned news that will send this into override unless something gets leaked.
what about the december announcement

>> No.4362167


>> No.4362191

even they have to achieve some milestone or communicate it eoy because eoy