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The altcoin market is dead.

Seriously, we're all waiting around for Q1 for a lot of top potential alts to release updates that would propel some upward movement (OMG or WTC for example).

But then what? It'll pump and we'll ride that then sell off. Maybe some people will hold but what percent is that? 15%?

Then, there's a new shitcoin every week that gets shilled and dumped.

Where the fuck are the NEO or OMG rising coins? Plus, where is more money going to come from? Normies all know about BTC and anyone who is curious about it has entered.

You REALLY think Ben the normie who DOESN'T invest in stocks is just going to throw all his money into crypto?

What's going to cause another altcoin boom like last year? This sucks. The dreams of making hundreds of thousands are dwindling.

Fuck. I don't want to be a wagecuck anymore goys.

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>Buy SALT hold and sell on December 2017
> Buy LINK hold until 2018 to 2019 sell when you're rich

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>What's going to cause another altcoin boom like last year?

Unironically, Chainlink partnering with giant banks and skyrocketing in value. This will cause speculators to have faith that another coin can achieve this level of success and invest wildly. Same thing happened when Ethereum skyrocketed.

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kek he doesnt own Obsidian

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one of these worthless shits actually has to get used in the real world by a business to increase its profit. then it will moon and we'll dump the other shitcoins down to 0.

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XLM partnered with IBM and we saw a pump then dump. Nobody gave a shit.

There even was a reddit where they confirmed it was legitimate and XLM wasn't going to be "temporary" but actually used.

Still, nobody cared. How much more legit can a shitcoin get?

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These things take fucking time anon. You're thinking on the timescale of 10x gains in 1 month when that's always been fucking ridiculous.

The era of 10-100x gains on nothing but hype alone is over. Coins actually need to have a product that gets used in order to see a boom.

Things are still pumped and dumped BECAUSE it's still so fucking young and volatile, why wouldn't whales take advantage of that?

The Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc, of crypto, will show themselves in the next few years with a product that actually gets widescale use. At that point it becomes too big to easily be manipulated by a few whales.

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Yes be impatient anon, great idea.

or realize that all markets have cycles and that the market cap of crypto is so small that what youre saying is painfully retarded.

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also an ico coin that was shilled on biz went 20x a few days ago, stfu.

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This whole BCH pnd scam fucked the normies outta the market. Half of us, Btrash fanatics, here fucked themselves and the rest of us bad.

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Sigh. I guess you're right. I was just so used to the NEO/WTC/OMG moon missions. I miss them.

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God when the fuck will SALT and LINK moon.

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>thinking OMG is dead.

LMAO, you just don't have any patience faggot.

These are developing projects, just like ETH once was.

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Keep in mind, that many investors actually killed themselves since start of September.

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Lol more for me

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