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Why haven't you killed yourself yet? What are you holding onto?

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Several thousand BCH

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LINK, if this doesnt moon by 2019 im going to kms. I literally will not wagecuck. Its lambo or death for me.

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I know this is bait, but if you want an honest answer here it is. I said to myself that I am either riding this all the way to zero, or making it. Those are my two options. So until I hit zero or make it, I'm in the game. No matter how many JUSTings and lost opportunities I take.

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To kill yourself is a deliberate action that requires planning and forethought. There's nothing I'm holding on to, I'm simply too apathetic to even kill myself.

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Link will be $2.50 by end of 2018

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New fag that went all in bitcoin after the August fork. All I have is bitcoin. Should I kill myself now?

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made me chuckle

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Flip for BCH, then see how it plays out.

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cuck porn

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I basically live life as a hollow shell. Like edward norton from fight club.

Early retirement from btc or death.

Anyone who finds "meaning" in wagecucking should kill themselves. And im not willing to gamble on starting my own business

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same here. i'm even too lazy to go through the steps to buy a gun. if it were as easy as putting a loaded gun, (which i already owned), to my head and pulling the trigger, i would do it. but i don't own a gun, and it would be inconvenient to go buy one.

right now it's just a matter of convenience or inconvenience.

if tomorrow we got nuked or rocked by a massive earthquake i'd be laughing my fucking head off right before death takes me. life, living, success, happiness, are the most overrated and fake/gay things ever.

i want to go back to being one with the fucking universe. go back to being nothing. that sounds chill.

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that does sound chill. until the wheel turns and we end up back in the same position again. and again. and again. and again. and again.

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>What are you holding onto

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>muh nihilism

kek. when you you faggots learn you can change the universe around you into your own playground? you just need to use your imagination

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I don't think he's necessarily nihilist. He just recognizes the absurdity of life as humans.

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True that. There is no escape from the wheel of Karma, except to work it out.

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not a nihilist, just tired and at the end of my rope.

even if you turn your reality into a playground, you'll soon get bored of it. maybe not YOU specifically, but i did, and i can name a few examples.

at one point i was fully liquid, travelling, yet had no desire for whores or to make more money. i had basically hit my limit on hedonism. the next step would've been doing hard drugs like meth or heroin and OD'ing but i was too lazy to seek those out.

just look at fuckos who are super-depressed even though they're successful, wealthy and good looking. heath ledger comes to mind as one example. did he die accidentally or was it intentional. who knows. same goes for that young actor from Glee (american show) who died from heroin too.

if you want to use your imagination and continue with whatever makes you joyful, go for it.

some of us are just fucked up in the head and don't see a point to doing that anymore.

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>I basically live life as a hollow shell.
same anon, same. i find enjoyment in fewer and fewer things every day

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If you want to stop losing money just join our group.

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these guys get it.

the only thing that can motivate me right now is a full-on Race War against the jews and their shitskin attack dogs, but even that will require months of work, building teams, equipment, and most likely running the risk of getting raided by the feds before you even pull off a major victory.

even if i made this happen, which is highly unlikely, then what? just years and years of more rebuilding. i've lost all hope for a brighter future. i'm not rich but also not dirt poor. apathy is like a cancer that spreads in your mind. once you let it in, you start thinking, well, who gives a fuck, because the way things are going, mankind won't escape our death on this planet...either through resource depletion or the eventual death of the sun.

we're already overpopulated, resources becoming more scarce, more and more low-quality people everywhere, need to do bleeding-edge shit like crypto trading to make more fiat against the declining purchasing power of actual fiat, gold/silver stagnant, stocks stagnant. even the excitement of trading has worn off on me. it's not even fun anymore.

i just drop by /biz/ to shitpost once in a while.

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Well put.

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Livin aint so bad
I would never kill myself, I just want the option. Even though I'd never take it. You know?
It's comforting to have an escape.

Life to me is big ride, I'm here to experience unique things. Novelty. Things that only happen once or a few times ever.

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Feelings are for women & children; man up and get on with your life.

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go to bed gramps

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the one and only

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I wish you were my friend. I'd help you kill a thousand kikes.

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Do not be surprised about the suicide of 50-60% population in the next 50-100 years


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I used to be suicidal

then I found LINK

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Nah honestly I agree with him. We are all men on this website and we have to face reality. Regardless of your life situtuation nothing matters. I don't care if your parents want you to get a job or you have trouble in school. We live in a population of 7.5 billion people. Your problems are insignificiant as are 99 percent of the people on this planet. You mean very little, so why not just enjoy life. Its simply a matter of mindset not intelligence. You either choose to be happy or you don't. It's literally that fucking simple. You''re shortcomings and problems don't fucking matter.

Also while I'm at it. The resources you have avaible in this modern day an age, are enough to not want to kill yourself. You all live better than 18th century European kings. If you want to watch porn you can, if you want steak you can, and if you want to fly to japan and drink beers with japanese women you can in less than a day.
You are literally at peak civilization. Enjoy it faggots stop being such moody assholes.

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goddammit why... this is all true

plus i have good job and hot gf
yet i am suicidally depressed

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bitcoin3x.org is what I'm holding.

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Because Im not a girly little faggot who thinks nonproblems are actual problems

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>the only thing that can motivate me right now is a full-on Race War against the jews and their shitskin attack dogs
Seriously dude see a doctor, immediately. Youre far from being in a healthy mental state.

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And this, kid, is why you should never visit /pol/ without serious mental and emotional defenses in place.

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sort yourself out

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C-can I still get in?

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>The resources you have avaible in this modern day an age, are enough to not want to kill yourself. You all live better than 18th century European kings

This right here is a dead give away that you have zero understanding of mental health.

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>success, happiness, are the most overrated and fake/gay things ever.

Success is not overrated. Happiness is though, it's fleeting. What's better than happiness? It's a word you should remember always: contentness. Being okay with where you're at in the present moment no matter what, but also striving to be better than the man you were yesterday.

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What's your point?
For one, that's not how mental health works.
For two, that's relative. Of course we have it "better" than 18th century faggots.
But if it were that simple you wouldn't have so many rich people commit suicide or be depressed.
You'll never understand though, you'll just always be an asshole. Enjoy the rest of your meaningless life.

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That's not the point, man. I agree that a lot of anons on here are depressed and moody as hell, but it's not something you can fix by telling them to snap out of it. I struggle with it too. Post industrial society traps people, and is accidentally built to cause feelings of hopelessness and depression.

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my parents have had a tough life, i don't want to make them suffer more. Otherwise, i would have probably offed myself by now. It's not even about money, i make good money, i just suck at everything else that makes life enjoyable you know like having decent looks, decent group of friends to hang out with, a girlfriend, interesting hobbies, nothing. I'm just going through the motions on a daily basis, pretending like anything matters.

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Yes it is. I've been in the hospital twice for wanting to kill myself 2 years ago. I was kicked out from one of the best universities in the US and not allowed to come back because my mental health was so unstable. I told my therapist that I wanted to die, and I wouldn't stop talking about jewish influence. I lost my mind. I decided I needed to change my life and I did. I transfered to a good school, afterand This year after consistent hard work I will get my degree and graduate on time, I no longer feel depressed or suicidal and feel happy just to be alive. Not only that I am making money on doing something I love investing.
I doubt you have been in the hospital for suicide before. So take it from me. Happiness is a fucking choice. I'm not an asshole, im on your side and want you to succeed

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Hmm, I didnt expect that, but you were just like me. Look up Esoteric Hitlerism, its what helped push me into that Imagination phase

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what Im saying is, Like how some people find purpose and love of life through religon, you can fool yourself into beliveing anything. I believe Hitler was the real jesus christ archetype, and with this it helps motivates me through life

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I agree you need mental help. Please see a therapist. Hitler was not a good person.

>> No.4333979

yeah I think I know more about him than you faggot

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Jesus your dense.
I used to love white nationalism too, but here's the reality.
Where does it get you in life?
It makes you hate the majority of people you meet, and you become cynical of everything you see.
That is not a healthy lifestyle and you are torturing youself for no reason.
Think deeply and ask yourself the good that has come out of your hitler obsession.
Has Europe/ U.S. become whiter? No.
You have done nothing, but waste your time hating others.
Find something you enjoy doing besides hate, and you will find life more meaningful

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Who the fuck says Im a white nationalist? I said Esoteric Hitlerism. I find Hitler to be the messiah.
Im a traditional fascist. You assume I spend my days blindly hating everyone? That I dont partake in any other hobbies because of my ideology? What a fool you are

>> No.4334125

>Esoteric Hitlerism
The wikipedia article of Esoteric Hitlerism bro.
Esoteric Nazism is an umbrella term used to describe various mystical interpretations and adaptations of Nazism in the post–World War II period. After 1945, esoteric elements of the Third Reich were adapted into new völkisch religions of <WHITE NATIONALISM>.

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I'm pretty sure what you are is a sociopath. Just for clarification to anyone who may be reading along.

>> No.4334159

What exactly is your point?

>> No.4334164

nice larp 11/10

>> No.4334173

lol explain why, Id love to hear it. really debate me on anything

>> No.4334209

everyone in life always says this to me, it makes no sense. If you think Im wrong, debate me and Ill win

>> No.4334235

ok I'm actually pretty interested desu.
What moral decency did Hitler have when he slaughtered millions of innocent Poles for "Elbow room"

>> No.4334314

Well first you have to look at the context. Hitler loved Poland. The polish leader was his good friend. Suddenly the polish leader died and a new MARXIST leader took power. This is the greatest enemy of the Fascist, and thus he decided to take it over. Please note, Marxism is the ultimate enmy, it must be stopped from spreading, that is why Hitler attacked. He had plans to attack the soviets well before he allied them to attack polamd

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Do you also blame truman for the bombing of dresden, or Churchill for the burning alive of 40k innocent germans?

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My fucking bitcoin of course.

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Life. You only get one of them.

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congratulations, you won an argument.
This internet argument means nothing in your life and doesn't help you in any way.
Hitler is dead history is history. Reglardless if you are right or not it doesn't matter . Being obessessed with Hitler does not advance your life in any way or form, unless you have extreme confirmation bias/ delusion that somehow your Hitler obsession is helping you get laid, non internet friends, or money

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lol just read through the thread. You are all such pathetic faggots.Twelve years on this website and I think I finally have had enough. Go for a run. Crumble a clump of dirt in your hands. For fucks sake. Stop wasting away staring at a screen posting in the nazi thread on /gif/ and crying because Hitler lost.

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you assume my life is bad. but its not. You saying I shouldnt have a hero to look up to is actually pretty sickening

Also, Arguing is one of my favorite things to do. I love it, and I never lose. So you can assume things about me, but you clearly fail to see from a non-normie point of view

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maybe tommrow

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Spice it up, tell her to fuck other guys in front of you and watch

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ill buy a hooker with my gains.

that will quench my thirst to get more gains so i can buy a hooker with my gains so i can quench my thirst to get more gains so i can buy a hooker with my gains so i can quench my thirst to get more gains so i can buy a

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I think life is pretty good

>> No.4334628


you need money to do those things.

some people get sex for free. but for me, i have to pay for it.

money money money.

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I told myself I'd make one game before I die. Probably will kill myself at 50 with a Mostly Negative rating on Steam for it, but I'll have accomplished my goal. Oh, I also got a bunch of gpus and l3+s mining so it's not like life is terrible.

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too much of a pussy to do it.

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I get it, go see a doctor, but did anything that anon bar the race-war stuff not completely make sense. like seriously. I think this is what Nietzsche meant by 'god is dead'. The surrounding apathy that comes with nations and empires who live for money, money's great and all but things go to shit when its the be all and end all.

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On the money

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thanks I needed this. I know its narcissism but as a mixed handsome mutt there really is no reason I shouldn't do exactly what you stated. In fact I should run for office and get more power than humans are supposed to wield.

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perhaps a day will come when the pieces fall into place, friendo.
just to clarify, no one is planning to do anything in this thread. we're just exchanging thoughts. pretty much every day there's a thread about suicide or "things to get motivated so i don't kms".

nope, you'd be surprised how many of us there are who feel a need for major societal change to find individual meaning, security and fulfillment. Real Men of ancient times got together in groups and sacked entire cities when they were threatened. Real Men of shared ethnic and national bond defended their homelands and fucking destroyed enemy tribes.

Today's men are weak faggots who have no sense of cultural identity or cultural pride, and therefore whenever they hear of "doing something about the ___ problem" they immediately cry "crazy" or "conspiracy theorist".

Business, finance, and making money is not fulfilling, it's merely a means to an end. What is that? well, it depends for each person. some are content with hedonism, some are content with building a basic family, etc. But money is just a tool. BTC is just a tool. A tool for what? well. you decide. But a tool without further purpose and application other than to signal one's value/wealth ends up feeling empty, in my opinion and experience. Not larping as some rich guy, but these are facts...money is a tool and you can either keep acquiring more, or use it towards something, or waste it.

see above. real shit is happening and you can read about it anywhere, not just on /pol/. i've see it with my own eyes. i actually don't even go to /pol/ often. i was exposed to this stuff browsing other sites: heartiste, saloforum, zerohedge. it's not a crime to have far right views. ZH isn't even right or left, they report on real events happening, but with less of a shitlib filter.

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you might want to spend more time on /fit/, /diy/, /out/ and /ic/...boards with more useful information and less depressing threads. do research and apply tips on looksmaxxing if you're unsatisfied with your looks. some minor changes can have huge results like improving your neck thickness.

diy and out are about hobbies and outdoors stuff.

if you already "make good money" then you're not going to get as much value from /biz/ because it's basically 100% crypto bantz now.

>> No.4334867

thanks, i've heard of it but haven't delved into EH fully. i do find interest in "spooky" topics that go beyond the conventional wisdom about our perceived reality. there is more going on that we don't see, and a lot of true info has been lost over time.

>> No.4334890

>Hitler was not a good person.
not trying to defend him, but really that's just your opinion based on beliefs you have decided are true. but you know the saying: "history is written by the victors". there's an entire hidden history of WWI and WWII that most people will never know or understand.

>> No.4334895

I think you've been brainwashed. That's why you can't see beyond the small piece of reality that you're so blithely parroting. As if these are really even your own opinions. No, you've been had, suckered in by wolves who want to make you do their dirty work, spread their poison. That's why life, happiness have no meaning for you. That's why you want to die.

Your mind has been filled with poison, because you are susceptible.

>> No.4334986

i hear this criticism a lot nowadays...anyone who says negative things about the liberals/socialists/shitskins will be called a WN or Altright...which is a quick and easy way to pigeon hole people into one group.

i'm not white nationalist or altright either...i believe in small tight-knit communities within national borders. for example if you look at the Poland nationalist march lately, that's an example of real nationalism and those fuckers truly love their people and thus they love themselves. therefore, they probably aren't having suicidal thoughts. they weren't just flag-waving to take selfies or stir up trouble. they actually love their nation, their heritage. you can also see this in many East European countries. Far Right, and fascism, is about national pride, and it is through national pride that you feel motivated to build businesses, create high-quality products/services, start a family, etc.

Without that national fervor, which has been gradually weakened by the globalist cabal in many other countries, you get a bunch of hyper-consumerist men and women all chasing more and more wealth without really any end point. And those of use who don't enjoy that or who are tired of it want something different, something more real than "my net worth is now ___" or "i now have financial freedom".

>> No.4334999

wikipedia is shit, man.

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each one of us is a coin....picture yourself as a coin with a limited coin supply of only 1.

are you a quality coin or a shitcoin.

will you token burn yourself, or you will you continue to build and release new, better updates that strengthen your coin. are you strengthening your own coin by its networking with other coins, environments and wallets.

this is the only question that matters.

>> No.4335047

hey buddy, having an interest in ___ doesn't mean you're obsessed with it.

the whole spirit of this thread is that there's more to life than getting pussy, making more money and making friends with people who end up not sharing your core beliefs anyway.

>> No.4335056

Tbh I agree with you completely
But as an american, we have no sense of identity anymore. Common values are inexistent.
Poland is 95 percent or so Polish. They have an identity and meaning.
In the U.S. it seems like the only thing that matters is money and sex.
I want to make a change, but i know that's not possible unless I focus on my studies and earn money to campaign.
When Donald Trump was being elected that was one of the happiest moments of my life.
I felt like someone cared about me, and God cared about white men. I walk abound new york city and no one is american. I barely ever hear English. I want things to change, but unless I make an attempt to better myself I can never be that change

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Read Seige by James Mason boys

>> No.4335179

this guy gets it, but i like to refer to "the race war" because it is funny and it gets people fucking pumped on both sides. i am not advocating "violence" (wink) if there are non-violent solutions. doctors are corrupt and only want to prescribe harmful SSRIs.

are you a man who observes facts? if so, lets look at the facts: by now the race war has already started ever since 2016 with the elections, not just in the jewnited states, but also in france, uk, netherlands....the race war has started but it's a cold war of gay social media bickering, bantz, memes, shitposting, marches, etc.

however, the way the "altright" does marches with their weird cardboard shields and shit is not effective and it only hurts the overall push for a more nation-focused government (as opposed to the current invade-the-shitskins-invite-the-shitskins way).

by now you've heard of the "it's okay to be white" fliers...and look at the reaction to those. the shitlibs are horrified and offended by pieces of paper with this message. could it be interpreted as white nationalism, sure, but the point still stands....european "whites" are no longer welcome in the countries their own ancestors built from the ground up. put that in perspective.

>> No.4335234

cool, if that's what you believe, fine. i've already shared enough in this thread.

>> No.4335249

nice empathy monkey

>> No.4335273

yes. that's the point. it will take time and first improving/controlling your own situation before you can do anything about these larger issues.

the logical circular problem however is that sometimes these larger issues and forces make it hard for you to better yourself. i'm not making excuses, it's a real issue.

for example, a large part of taxes go to welfare. so when i work, whether for a company or for my own consulting business, i get charged around 20% income tax and also state tax. so right away, a chunk of my fucking income gets taken to support the welfare state. that is a real fact. and then you factor in required health insurance, where in some states it's skyrocketing in monthly cost...these are real issues that make it hard to "just focus on your own life" because the larger problems directly fuck your shit up via taking your income away (through taxes and required health insurance that support refugees)

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by the way, pic related was a successful actor, who was tall, handsome, had a gf, and yet still chose to end his life through addiction...

was he depressed. maybe. was it because he couldn't change his mind and focus on positive thoughts. i don't know. but just look at the fact: that this young guy, who had it all, basically killed himself.


the takeaway is that there's more to life than money and pussy, fame and freedom. but most people can't see that, because they haven't experienced those things. you always want what you haven't experienced yet. you will usually have an inflated value for something you haven't experienced yet. and once you get that thing you might just end up wanting more of it.

>> No.4336122

>What are you holding onto?
My cock

>> No.4336343

>i want to go back to being one with the fucking universe. go back to being nothing. that sounds chill.

my friend have you heard of LSD ?

>> No.4336543

Fucking end it already

>> No.4336575

Just end it anon, Its the easy way out. Come on now don't waste your time in these mindless pains of life. Once you end it, Its a paradise of calmness for an eternity. You wont feel any pain or suffering after it all ends. Do it Anon, Free yourself.

>> No.4336624

if he hasn't, send him to me. I have a legit acid connect and I want to give this anon hope for the future. Even if he doesn't want anything fuck it, I don't want him to kill himself

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