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Volume in the daily chart is unusually high. It will probably end up being higher than during the pump six days ago. Could it be money flowing into alts from last night's BTC/BCH battle?
The stock could be breaking up on a cup and handle pattern (will post chart below). If so, we'll see an attempt at the 3400 satoshis soon.
No whale movements in the last few days. New wallet growth slow.
I'm busy now, but I'll publish the full report later today.

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Chart related.

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Thank you for the reports from the front line, Sergeant!

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for the past 4 hours it has been bouncing back and forth between whatever walls set up. like literally every minute you could pull of trades with a 50 sat diffs. just blindly staring at the screen, pressing max buy max sell, adjusting it everytime the walls move. idk what the fuck was the point of that but it happened.

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It's been a trying month on the frontlines men, I hope you have all been earning your promotions. Godspeed

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it's still going on right now. can anyone actually explain this shit?

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I've been telling you fags that i know where the money is flowing.

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Money thinks the BCH/BTC game is over... for now.
Also, more money will come in to BTC and then alts after the BCH fork.

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Wait wtf segwitx2 actually ended up happening?
And Bitcoin cash is forking?

Fucking BTC drama is killing me

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Thanks !!

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>Wait wtf segwitx2 actually ended up happening?
no those are futures prices. and why they're still trading, i don't know

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It's going to pop up in any minute iam fucking in

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is this still your address? i can send LINK here right?

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Still the same. Thanks!

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oh shit, youre rich as fuck. i just wanted to donate but its garbage amount cuz im poor. im ashamed i even considered it. appreciate what you do anon

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No problem, anon :)

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Why do you guys wanna donate to that anon? who is he, and what does he do?

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idk if you remember but i was the anon who said that id donate once i recover from the dip and then some. i cant even recall what caused the dip but whatever. just wanted to give some as thanks, only remembered it now lol. sorry for the pitiful amount! lmao this is gay as fuck but there you go

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>1/3 in SALT
You're never going to make it anon

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I remember you :). Thanks for the support, it honestly means a lot.

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you called it damn I was to slow to buy. :(

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he keeps posting updates about chainlink and i appreciate it so i wanted to donate. doesnt look like he needs it tho looking at his wallet lol but its whatever

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>lmao this is gay as fuck but

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The mooning odds are pretty good for Salt. Better than for Link, in the short term.

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Don't worry, anon. This is 4chan and there's love for you too.

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2800 holder in btc limbo with a lot of my bags. So does this mean hodl all the way through or sell top and buy more later???

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>sell the top

good luck timing that.

Link is too valuable to risk giving up.

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Copy that

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Binance on tradingview? How?

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You need to decide on your strategy, anon.
Coinigy.com. Tradingview's

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You need to decide on your strategy, anon.
Coinigy.com. Tradingview's smaller brother. Less developed, but has all the small cap cryptos.

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Could it go higher than it is now?

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Is that a trick question?

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Do you personally think a price above 20 or even 50$ is realistical? I know its very speculative to talk about future prices but it would be cool to hear your opinion

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Even $20 is ridiculous. It would mean an evaluation of maybe $6.5 Billion, and not for the company, but for the token alone. Seriously? And yes, I know that Ripple blah, blah, blah. So what? High market caps for tokens are smoke and mirrors at the moment.

Of course, the market can go crazy and overvalue things. When mania takes place, it's the moment to look for exits.

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20cents is more realistic than 20bucks

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Oh hey it's you again. Love your medium posts, made me want to get into he numbers somewhat myself. How much LINK are you holding? You have any formal background in market memes?

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i fucking sold all my link at 28k to buy another shitty alt that is down 20% should i buy back in at a loss or wait until it dips back down

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Funny how you fags think an 8b marketcap is unrealistic for LINK but totally justified for Ripple and possible to reach for other altcoins like NEO, LTC, XMR, and OMG.

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I'm holding about 100K.

As for 'market memes', do you mean technical analysis and trading? I'm self-taught in that area. I do have a professional background in business analysis, though.

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link isnt an altcoin its a token on ethereum

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My whole point was that it's not sustainable for Ripple and company either. Y U NO READ GOOD.

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Because they are holding Link. Some people refuse to believe they made it and actually got in early. If they actually sold they would instantly believe that Link could reach it.

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If Link gets mainstream adopted it's blowing way past $20.
Link could very well reach $20 on confirmation of Swift adoption alone.

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8b marketcap would put LINK at $22, do you think this is years away or possible in 2018?

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>link isnt an altcoin its a token on ethereum
Kek what? are you retarded?

>thinks highmarketcap coins are overvalued so LINK must be worth even less
Then why the fuck are you in crypto in the first place you dumbass. You'll fit right in with the nocoiners.

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Man if i only could evaluate the risk of holding link a bit better. Im currently holding 5k Link and could easily invest more but just arent sure how big the risk is of x0.2 my money. Cant understand how people can risk all their capital for one project.

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You don't know what the price per transaction will be. Nobody does.

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give me lambo or give me death, literally

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The price of Link will have nothing to do with the price per transaction.
Link could be a million a pop, and you could still pay a cent worth of Link for a transaction.

The price of Link will be determined by supply vs demand.

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I'm here to make money. Also, I contribute by researching Link and other tokens and posting the results for everyone. Why are you here, my foul-mouthed friend?

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Yes, supply versus demand, and demand will be directly correlated to adoption, meaning fees. Let's remember we're investing into the token, not the company.

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>demand will be directly correlated to adoption
Not in a 1-on-1 fashion, but yes.

>meaning fees
Fees will vary in fiat price, and the value of Link will be entirely unrelated.

>Let's remember we're investing into the token, not the company.
Not sure what this is supposed to mean.

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Literally my only problem with LINK is how to actually take profits... Link at 8 dollars would make me a millionaire, maybe I'll sell half at that, but then a jump from 8 to 16 could happen in a week and I could have made a million bucks in a week if I held... but then what if I hodl for too long and miss out on a million dollars? With these kinds of sums, the stakes are pretty high and the crypto markets can go to a trillion soon, so I'd be kicking myself for selling LINK even at 16, when it's at 75 dollars a pop.

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So, what determines the price of Link? The trading price will vary, sure, but it has to be paired to something real, tangible and measurable. The crypto market won't always be based on expectations of future returns. The companies will have to deliver at some point, and most of them won't, not to the extent that people expect.

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This are the harsh problems in the life of a man of generation Y

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You'll also kick yourself if it goes to $8, you hold, and then it goes back to less than $1. It's really difficult.

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So you are planing to sell at about 5 - 10$?

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There is a limited supply, and there will be a struggle to obtain them as more and more users try to buy them for use as fees, and more and more nodes are trying to gather them for staking.

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Went all in at 9k Sats for 65k link...sold about 20k for an 80% loss...

Not touching the rest for anything under $2. I'll probably sell half at that, and let the rest ride out. Until $5/10.

I would recommend cashing out in increments, develop a plan so you are comfy if it hits $5 and tanks, and comfy if it hits $5 and rockets to $20.

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I don't know yet. We're so far away from mooning...
Once it does, I'll look at the weekly and daily charts and look for signs of weakness: Lower volume, failed highs that finish below the previous day's close, MACD bearish divergences...

Price and volume are the best indicators.

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So should I sell all my BHC for this? And by "all" I mean like 0.1, which is a decent lot for a poorfag like me

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I know man. These problems are killing me too.

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Keep in mind 2 things:
1. Tokens will be part of the trust algorithm for node operators, but we don't know how important it will be. Also, the algorithm might change that value at will.
2. There's plenty of Link to be distributed to Node operators. Plus, there's the Link owned by the team.

This is great project but I'm being realistic here. Would love to be wrong and see that $20 Link.

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LINK is an interesting twist on JSON Parsers

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just get out when you are happy with the amount you got.

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This is easy. Just sell 50% at 2x your initial investment, 25% at 4x, then hold the rest. You'll have made 200% and still be holding. Double the multipliers if you're super bullish and super long term. Don't take it for granted that LINK will go x47 anytime in the next 365 days, just make a robotic decision to partially cash out when you're up so you don't lose out in the end. There will always be regret.

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>1. Tokens will be part of the trust algorithm for node operators, but we don't know how important it will be. Also, the algorithm might change that value at will.
The details of the staking aren't known yet, sure.

>2. There's plenty of Link to be distributed to Node operators. Plus, there's the Link owned by the team.
We know exactly how many Link there will ever be.
How they are currently distributed will inevitably become inconsequential as the network deploys.

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yeah. but the link supply for node operators will eventually run out right?

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But the distribution of the extra Link will ameliorate demand as they're released. We don't know how or when it will happen yet, but it will. Hopefully it will be very gradually and in a way that doesn't outpace adoption.

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Yes, but we don't know when. We have no idea how much Link they'll get, so it might run out in 5 years or in 25.

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I can HODL for 25.

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Like I said, the details aren't known yet. Things will only become clear as the network is deployed.

The basics remain the same: there is a limited supply, and thus the "struggle" (supply vs demand) will grow tougher as more users try to acquire Link and more nodes try to stake it.

>it might run out in 5 years or in 25
There is no "running out" of Link.
The token is divisible to 18 decimals.

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finally someone who realizes that assets are priced by expectations of future discounted profits, not by supply and demand.

this is a big problem for the link token imo

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Its probably a stupid question, but what defines the ICO price of a token? I mean why was it about 0.11 and not 0.001 or 0.8?

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for tokens is honestly arbitrary based on how much money they want to raise.

Most ICOs now want to raise 30million, and if they have X tokens then the set the price to 30million/X.

for things like stocks they set IPO price around $20 because they are non-divisble and that is the price at which they are considered to be most liquid. coins are infinitely divisible so this isnt an issue for them.

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the price will grow because of:
>real deman for payments
>possible future staking
>accumulating by the node operators to improve their node reputation
>speculation based on past project's moons like ripple

I see it only going up, and if all the point above are checked one day it'll go vertical to alpha centauri

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JSON Parser

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is there really possible future staking? where did you hear this? Thats icing on the cake right there.

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Ok thanks for that info

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It's a utility token to pay 2 cent transactions to a json parser. Of course there's no staking.
It's a worthless shitcoin and you're deluded if you think otherwise.

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I think I heard on slack that the team is considering it, but don't how much of it is true

you're worthless
look at the prices of some APIs, it's all gonna be priced in in the token, I hope you won't be holding any LINK when shit blows up, I wan't to see filthy FUDers like you miss out

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>priced in
we can't escape these memes can we?

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ths is actually not a meme
if the data costs the node operator xx, then the payment he will get will be xx+x, simple, people think that the data the node operators will provide will be some free shit like weather forecast, kek, see you from my lambo in 2019 fuders

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I spent the whole day studying the dotcom bubble and I legit think ChainLink is one of the companies / products that will make through to the other side and become ebay/google/yahoo big in the future. However I do unironically think we'll see the MC of LINK reach 100B before sometime in 2019-2020 when this shit goes pop (total crypto MC around 120-130 trillion dollars). Wew lads it's going to be a wild ride...

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"json parser" Check
"no staking" Check
"worthless shitcoin" Check
"deluded" Check

Grade A FUD right there.

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we have ourselves a fuckin google token here, folks

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You have no idea what you're talking about.

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I really, really think people don't understand how big of a deal smart contracts are going to be in the world, in every industry imaginable. I have this "mind blown" feeling ahead of time already, and I know I myself am not able to grasp all its utilities.

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My dad used to work with Jason Parser and he said LINK would be $5 trillion per token so there.

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For pretty much all tokens, but not yet.

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Just as a reference, Cisco's (makes routers and shit, you know, connects businesses to the internet... sound familiar, anyone doing that with blockchain maybe?) peak market cap before the dotcom bubble burst was 557 billion dollars... now I don't know if blockchain will be quite as big as the dotcom, but it sure as hell is still early and ChainLink is the blockchain's Cisco Systems, making 1/5th of Cisco's peak MC not that big of a reach once the normie invasion of 2018 and 2019 commences. So again... I would advice everyone to strap the fuck in.

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>they don't need the token to run the node dude lmao
>no comunication dude lmao
>dude, swift will create their own decentralized oralce hahaha lmao
>dude smart contracts are already mainstream, for example when the time on my phone shows 7:00 my alarm gets triggered, condition x is met, action y is treggered

I love this fud, I think it's actually some smart shills doing it

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see you on the udder side, anoon

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>Jason Parser
kek this is good

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where is the meme for someone investing in X, then fudding X to keep the price down while they accumulate, but then have to worry that they fudded it too hard and now their investment is gone XD

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Don't worry
I don't think you will be faced with such problems in your lifetime.

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You're not buying Cisco shares here.

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I don't care what the growth potential is. If LINK reaches $5 I'm cashing out everything all at once and never looking back. Even if it goes well beyond that.

>> No.4329758

you don't seem to understand that Swift moves over a quadriliion in money. $5 would be peanuts if it goes through with Chainlink.

>> No.4329814

No, you're buying something better. Cisco took 17 years to 2x after 2000 crash

>> No.4329850

why make quadrillions when you can make....billions?

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ICOs are great for companies
They get money for investments and manage to keep the property of the company. No shares.

Chainlink is another example.
There will be blood.