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How /fa/ is my new painting biz?

I am a deluded linkie and i know it, but i cant help with the addiction to gather as much link as i can. I know for a fact that it is going to be huge in 2018 and i hope i can aqquire 100k until then.
You can help the deluded here:
0x4F61c0C747Afa4172b84be243c783d44D2621d75 I accept no coin, but CHAINLINK. Don't send any other pajeet coin.
Anyway, what other pic should i replace my other painting with (crypto related). If i like your pic im sending 100 link.

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I hope link moons so u can buy classier frames for your art.

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LOL looks awesome man good shit!

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you are 100% baller

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Same here man. I got 10k so far and have been buying ever since it hit EtherDelta

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i only have LINK too :3

I love it and it so comfy to hold.
I have just a very bit because I dont have much to put in but I try my best.

Will I make it with 1000 Link?

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>I know for a fact that it is going to be huge in 2018

You mean you wish that it is going to be huge.
Nobody knows if it will happen.

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i need dis

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no. we know. you would know too if you weren't a brainlet.

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Keep praying to shitcoins faggot lul

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Never seen a obselete piece of print before.

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I gotcha senpai

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Dubs in post confirmed what i said, checkem

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Dude nice fucking dubs!

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Just sent you 10 link.

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this a good picture anon?

I think it would fit the frame pretty well, while still keeping that sorta psychedelic thing goin in the picture you got already.

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can ez swap the gold frogs with chainlinks if you want

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thats trippy. but i want other coins pics aswell

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anything in mind anon? What do you believe in?

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in REQ