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Sup /biz/ I am the anon that shilled you ANT at $3. This coin here will 3x your money within a month guaranteed, and
50x if you hold for a year...this is actually the next ETHEREUM.
Coin= Ripio Credit Network (RCN) Market cap= 67 Million.
What problem it solves: A global peer-to-peer credit network based on co-signed smart contracts.
With RCN you aren't limited to just borrowing crypto (btc,eth etc) you can borrow any currency in the world. (USD,CAD,YEN)
The RCN team has over 15 developers and genius advisors such as Sergio Lerner the cofounder of rootstock.
Key investors= Bilionaire Tim Draper; The guy that found skype in 2005 and sold his share for 1 billion USD recently, the guy that bought 30,000
bitcoin from the us goverment during the silk road closure.
Bilioniare Lu Guanqiu ceo of the company Fenbushi Capital;Once called “China’s Elon Musk” for buying out an American hybrid-electric car company,
Lu Guanqiu is the founder of Wanxiang Group, one of China’s largest automotive parts manufacturers.
^ These guys do not fuck around google there history.
This coin was added on bittrex A WEEK AFTER being released. Name one coin recently that was added to bitterx instnatly? This coin is serious...
do you think these billionaires would invest in this coin if it wasn't going to literally 50x? Follow the smart money /biz/ It literally is around ICO price.

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fuck you anon
delete this thread now please
/biz does not deserve this

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rare pic of OP switching to his phone to samefag

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do you think she takes it in the pooper?

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>beein interested
Follow the smart money /biz/ It literally is around ICO price."
> checking ico price
> is almost double ico price
> kill yourself

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you think i'm OP??
eat a dick a bro

the only person that samefaggs around here and gets caught is 20ya

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67m market cap

Yeah no thanks

Everyone look into EPY instead

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but who gives a shit
if some thai crap company called Omise can float a token called OMG!!!!! and 26x in a few weeks with no working product just announcements!!!! hahahahahahah
not even a testnet, well read up on RCN and get yourself an "aha" moment

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Thanks OP i am a poor fag i invested 300$ all i can spare hopefull its 1k End of month?

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What is marketcap, price, product ? Shill me this shit just saw the other thread about it

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600 Million coins. No chance

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total supply 1bi
currently floating less than 50% of that
market cap is about 65-75MM
easily a $1 EOY
at least $5 Q2-2018

they are the first to leverage smart contracts in global P2P lending. consumer credit is a multi-billion dollar industry. by joining their lenders platform you'll be able to lend to anyone anywhere and not be exposed to a single counterparty credit risk because of their co-signer system that absorbs default risk

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wrong bro

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We are going to make it bros.

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this token is a native of Argentina,

it's the OMG of south america and the company's value proposition is a billion times better than SALT's. please take the time to read SALT's terms of service, you will be shocked and liquidate your SALT holdings immediately

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Do you think Tim Draper/Lu Guanqiu give a shit about 1.5-2x?? These guys know this project will be 5000-10000% ROI

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• The ONLY source of RCN Tokens at the moment are held by the public, as the Company’s tokens are locked for 1 year.
• Ripio has an actual working product with 100k users, all 100k of whom will be migrated to the RCN Exchange next week! - http://rcn.exchange/
• Ripio themselves will be the first big lender, which means that they will go to the market and acquire the RCN tokens, generating demand.
• As new credit exchanges and lenders join to the network there will be even more demand for the RCN token.
• Top A-grade institutional investor such as Pantera Capital, Fenbushi (Vitalik Buterin's Fund), Tim Draper, Digital Currency Group, Medici Ventures, Huiyin Blockchain Ventures has invested in the company
• Bittrex • Binance • Huobi Pro • More to follow.
>The Network will consist of a Borrower, Lender, Wallet Provider, and Credit Exchange. All of which will be connected through a Smart Contract. The flow of money is as below:
Borrower <- Wallet Provider <- Smart Contract <- Credit Exchange <- Lender
All loans work on a Fiat basis between borrower and lender, by simply using RCN Tokens as a medium of exchange.
What does this mean and how can we benefit from it? There are 2 main ways to benefit from the Ripio Credit Network ecosystem:
If you are a lender, you can lend in Fiat and earn interest in Fiat.
If you are a RCN token holder, you will become a liquidity provider to facilitate the P2P loans, and earn through the increase in value of RCN.

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The fact that Emma Watson's body is identical to a basic her age makes me lust for her even more.

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this guy gets it.
it's ok the rest of /biz are a bunch of retards that don't even bother to read. one look at this company's white paper is an instant buy trigger

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It's near its ATH right now. Should I wait for a dip OP?

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it literally started trading like 2 days ago
ALL TIME HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bro wait till next year and buy high
if you buy now, you're what the investment community calls a value investor. you find value
you notice its currently UNDERvalued and buy it because it will rise in VALUE

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Ok, chill?

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What does the token do?

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bridge currency
hence the reason for it's existence in a global P2P
consumer credit network

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All loans work on a Fiat basis between borrower and lender, by simply using RCN Tokens as a medium of exchange

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Thanks, gonna dig deeper on this one.

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OK i'm done spoon feeding you /biz/ Investing in this should get us ALL rich as fuck

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this guy gets it

but it's worthwhile to mention that after reading the white paper i noticed that a major hurdle for this network is localization. Co-signers need to operate on a local level and in compliance with local lending laws etc...if banking cartels engineer an attack to prevent the network from expanding into global territories the network will eat shit just probably just operate out of South America.
i think it's biggest opportunities are in Africa and Southeast asia where micro-finance is huge but internet connectivity isn't.
with a working product, a growing user base, and i few announcements down the road, every asshole on /biz is going to want to shill the crap out of this.

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It was ANS, nigger.

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If this works out OP, I owe you.

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I bought 6500 of them. Sounds promising.

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i would assume that for massive gains you're going to have to hold for a bit because despite the company's awesome/massive achievements they're flying low and maintaining radio silence

they don't engage in guerilla marketing tactics like OMG because they actually have users (i.e. borrowers) and they're migrating them to the network .
but in the short term you'll notice your investment gaining traction because honestly this shit is massively undervalued in this bear market for alts.

while BTC and BCH butcher each other and ETH getting cannibalized, tokens with a utility and real use case are not getting enough attention. THIS IS a great time to comfortably accumulate and transfer gains into this coin.

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tfw no pictures infront of a google sign

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bro..fuck OMG
i wanted to buy some but opted out.
three days ago someone shilled RCN on /biz and said that it was going to moon.
so i started reading into it. bought at 2285sats without even checking on any market data. ofcourse the next day i felt like an asshole because the price was at 1500sats (but all alts were down so it wasn't token specific). Regardless I didn't feel like i got dicked because in a few weeks this token will fly high and a few sats won't make a difference.

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HMMMMMMMMMMMM how deep should i go guys i can feel ETP vibes all over again

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join discord op

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RCN token, an ERC20, being the next Ethereum? Even making that analogy in context of potential gains is retarded.

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shit shill, these pajeets dont even try anymore

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I just spent 50 bucks on this shit and im poor as fuck. What are the chances i lose that 50 u think?

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I expect it to double by end of the year with this huge pre existing market and customers but I hope it can dip farther so I can buy more

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Guys can you compare SALT to that Ripio?

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Apples and oranges Anon
Apples and oranges.....

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This. SO many shit threads have started with "I'm the guy that shilled ANS (or in this case ANTS)" Huge red flag. NULS is going to $5 and we aren't there yet. Why chase shit pump and dumps like this when you have a sure thing with NULS?

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i wanna wreck that ass so bad. gonna rub one out to her when i get home :)

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Couldn't care less what he did or didn't shill. I DYOR and this token is a sure thing. Good luck with your NULS bags Anon. I hear they're getting heavier.

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got in at 0.19, so comfy as fuck desu senpai. One Belt One Road makes me even comfier. This shit's gonna pull a WTC/OMG on us in the week, and a NEO by the end of the month, and you poor bastards are chasing gainz on shit like this and ToiletLINK. Even when we are trying to help you make money. Toppest of keks.

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They will learn soon, anon.. many pink wojaks will appear when we moon

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We can't say we didn't try anon.

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so it's the same fucking marketcap than the other shitcoin that you dismissed because of marketcap?

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the absolute state of /biz/

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