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>there are people in /biz/ who bought Segwit futures

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Yep, and I lost 50k in a record amount of time.

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>There are people in /biz/ who turned their alts into BTC yesterday

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It's unironically skyrocketing after the comeback news.
From 150 to 350. Check CMC.

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No there isn't.

>inb4 a bunch of LARPing niggers that lost 100k

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>>4258502 (OP) #
It's unironically skyrocketing after the comeback news.
From 150 to 350. Check CMC.

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>shilling for it this hard
Does it hurt?

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Anyone who buys fork futures is a degenerate gambler.

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This entire Segwit debacle was full of jewery. The people who planned this are all con artists.

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Not shilling lol
It's tanking again now

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So today I woke up to the news of the fork being cancelled. BT2 trading at $200 and B2X trading at $320. Obviously not the outcome I was hoping for, but I always knew this was a gamble. I still think it was a good gamble for the odds and that it had positive expected value. I’d do it again.
The moral of the story is, don’t risk what you aren’t happy to lose.
(It looks like 30% of miners are going ahead anyway… not holding my breath, but I’m holding my BT2)

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