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Alright Lads, help me obtain peace of mind without FUD and sour memes.

I have 50K LINK right now. If I hold for the next 3-5 Years, I mean cryogenic storage no day trading or panic selling. Will I make it?

I want to have at least 5 Mil after taxes. What will LINK be at in 3yrs? 5yrs?

Love u Fagz

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LINK will be over $100 in 5 years. Should go higher to even out your taxes. You're definitely gonna make it, anon. I'm just a 5k linklet but I bought the bottom at least.

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and now people want the link shirts

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LINK has actually pumped lately. The volume is back to normal though, so it is likely to tank back.
Is that an investor buying in? Are we going to see any fresh announcements soon?

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God Bless if it does. Forst rounds on me in Hyrule fellow LINKbro.

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Can someone send me 10 link, please?
Im a third world country poorfag.


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What's everyone planning on investing in and then buying after they make it?

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Double dubs

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If I make it because of this coin, I'm engraving Sergey's name on my gold plated toilet.

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it has been done

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Brigadier holder here at 156K. Lets get this fucking delayed party started...

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Rock and Roll sir!

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Where can I safely store link coins?

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Eth wallet

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I feel so pathetic with <100k link

62k here, can i retire in 2 years? I'm looking for ways to get 100k

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That 50% pump on link turned into 25% real fast. Rippppppppppppppppp

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I mean that's pretty solid if it hits $150 bux/ LINK you'll be at 9.3 mil

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yeah but $150 would require a market cap close to bitcoin

which I dont think is very likely

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777 jackpot

We just can't stop winning

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Link will hit 1$ this year
Purple ID starting with QR confirms

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You ask for no FUD and you get bagholders tripping over eachother to suck eachothers cocks. Fact is while it IS a good project, Sergey should have more devs and work with a sense of urgency. There are so many teams and projects out there and some that can knock Chainlink on its ass if they beat him with a product. 3-5 years?? The crypto landscape can be wildly different in 3-5 months.

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Shit imma buy a switch and Zelda with these gainz.

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Lol stop with this tom foolery you faggot

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i am 12 years old and what is this?

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>Sergey is making connections and partnerships behind the scenes
>Therefore he is shit for not walking around with a skateboard and creating rumors by standing infront of signs
The fact that some multi billion dollar company out of fucking nowhere tweeted about how great Chainlink is should give you pause about calling Sergey someone not doing his job.

He is doing it. He just isn't catering to peoples need for hype and they hate him for it.

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But realistically could it hit Bitcoin's market cap?

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I mean they said ETH would never be 100 bux either...

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Only in a world where bitcoin has already gone 3X or more it's current cap. When the market cap of crypto is 3 Trillion then Link having a 200B Market cap seems a lot less crazy.

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Unless it replaces bitcoin hell no

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That would be quite the feet but we all know it to be true.

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indian sewers, shit.

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>quite the feet
Nice Freudian slip

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yes, trillion dollar mcaps are coming.

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Also I agree about the crypto scene. I'd be willing to gamble in 5 years there will be trillions flowing into crypto.

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Damn it I want real logical estimations if I'm gonna make it ya clowns!

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this is your Captain speaking, WE ARE ALL GONNA MAKE IT

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It's so obvious that it's almost boring

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But will it hit $300/ LINK in 5 years ya bloody Pikers?

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Bumpity Bump

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$50 EOY

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without marketing:
$0.3 EOY
$2 mid2018
$10 mid2019
$100 mid2020

with marketing:
$1 EOY
$20 mid2018
$50 mid2019
$100 mid2020

either way the rent is free

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I have an erection so massive I can hardly type.

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I second that erection.

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Bitcoins current marketcap is barely a fraction of what it will be in 5 years

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Too bad BTC is useless since it takes 2 fucking hours per transaction.

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If i put 5k of my savings and held whatbwould u say my return would be
And how do i buy it
Fucking clueless cunt

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I only have 200 Linkies... will i make it :(

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Astral bump

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lol, if you actually think link will be worth something in five years I feel bad for you...

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This FUDing no Linkie...

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private here, we will be able to afford a shitty house with furniture but can a neet really complain?

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0.65 BTC
21,000 LINK
1,000 REQ
1,000 Confido

WIMI, lads?

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Were all gonna make it yo!

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why the fuck isn't that btc more link, soldier

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How in the fuck

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Link marines are so admirable in a sad way. They hold and hold no matter how justed. Kinda makes me want to buy in myself.

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the JUSTed, the ones who bought 30 cent+ have already cut their losses and fucked off. we are the early buyers / ICO / presale smart money.

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>tfw I early bought and then FOMO bought a lot more at 30cents and then FOMO bought more at the stabilized 17 cents a few days ago

Overall I'm down but I'm still dick hard on CL

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Again $300 per LINK when?

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yeah you're good. keep averaging down

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Dubz demand answers

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>admirable in a sad way.
It's called pitiful you fucking retard

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That's not the word im looking for, pity isnt admirable.

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He's a traitor

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Those eyes <3

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I'm not on any exchanges that sell link.
Can someone send me some, so I can shill it too?


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why do people smoke serious question

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Late idiot here, still HODLing. Thinking of picking up a few more LINK when it gets low again, then maybe swing trading and hoping I don't get JUSTed.

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Christ, you fuckers are really deluded

It will never go back to $0.40 again

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begone Cuckimus Maximus

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More like retarded baghodler

You idiots lost money just like me if you didn't buy at presale

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Sitting stackrd at 50K presale. Shpuld I buy another 50K or just wait 7 years till $250 per LINK?

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They're not gonna be a half-eaten sandwich. Ever. You Linktards are thick as a brick. Too little too late.

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List Han Cucklo, that doesn't even make a sense wut u just typed.

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if everybody on 4chan holds for 5 years
you'll make it
these fucktwats will sell at a loss though and it will never go anywhere. if you don't sell, the bots have slightly less sell pressure than buy. the buys would outweigh over time. the exchanges are accumulating lol

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First of all, you meant to say "pity isn't admiration". I'll give you the 5 minutes you need to think about why that's correct.

Secondly, that's pretty much the closest word to what you described. I'd love to hear you produce a word that better describes "admirable in a sad way".

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Kek make that 1 to 2 years.

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Kek magic in action

>Link is blessed

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teach me your skills, master

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Q3 2018

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Link is not immediately dumping back to 0.16$? What is wrong guys? Sounds suspicious.

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5 years is a long time..

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fuck you all

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Yo Neet's, check this out
If I am purple and have 7, LINK will reach a 7 by EOY.
If it has only single Vowel, Money belly will replace a Skelly

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Don't listen to false prophets, pic related