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retard here again who lost $18,000 in student loan money on LINK

well i finally did it. after some anons here talked me out of running away from my problems I went to my university's psychological center and got diagnosed with GAD, i was allowed to withdraw from all my classes this semester record-free and i'll be able to take some classes at CC and re-enroll in the spring and still be able to graduate on track with my CS degree from CMU

naturally my parents were not happy - i told them i gambled it away on internet money and i think my dad wanted to fly out from CA to beat my ass lol. overall though they were glad i owned up to my fuck-up, they're taking some money out of their 401k to cover for CC and next semester - i obviously have to and want to pay them back.. is LINK going to recover soon btw?

let this be a cautionary tale for anons, please don't be like me. don't put money you cant lose into /biz/ shill coins

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Stop with the excuses you damn retard.

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And you wanted to kill yourself.
God damn you're a retard
Entitled little shit, what will happen if you even marry and have offspring? Jesus fuck, good luck.

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Don't sell link this year to cover losses, sell it next year so they can honeymoon again

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Don't sell your link, keep it secret and safe and never mention crypto to your parents. When you can actually pay them back do so and stop investing shit you can't afford to lose based on memes.

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Wait, how did you manage to loose all the money? At what price did you buy/sell?

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loan more and get more LINK.

shit will moon after the fork.

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Only buy Bitcoin or Etherium until you have a better grasp of internet shekels

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That ass

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>falling for the crypto meme

serves you freeloader right

get a job, hippie

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Who would win in a fight between LINK holders

>OP aka "The Cuckold Porn Student"
>Kylo Ren aka "The Hunger Strike Bro"

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I feel 0 empathy for you.
Kill yourself, you're not suited for this life.

Fucking idiot gambling away all the money he can't afford to lose.

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how did you lose your money OP?

I lost all my gains on LINK but I havent sold so it'll be alright in a few weeks-months. Was seriously considering trying to take out a 20k loan and putting ~15k on LINK now that its cheap. I dont want to an hero if shit hits the fan though.

But yea it sucks....I cant move out of my parents house because of LINK and my own stupidity.

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yeah i'm definitely keeping my 50k LINK stashed away for now, just in case it does moon... also keeping my BLACKED subscription, i'm not fucking selling that either lel

only shitty thing is i have to see a therapist once a week now which is stupid but our health insurance covers it at least.. what do you discuss with therapists? i need to prove i'm better before they re-admit me to school

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You realize what the only solution is to your problem?

Use that new money to buy the dip to decrease your average buying price.
And by christmas you can go home to your family and surprise your family with that new wealth.
Imagine how proud your father will be if you doubles his money and you can gift him the one thing he always wanted.

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DUDE you are exactly like that fucking kylo ren link holder. Both of you have 50k LINK and have issues.

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>imagine how happy your father will be
this fucking idiot...

He’s right though... buy more LINK now at the dip... everything is going to moon ... then pay your dad back slowly...

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Of course a LINKie would have a BLACKED sub

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You watch BLACKED. You're a pathetic fuck and i hope you die broke.

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I agree, load up that credit card qgain brah. 2 years and youre a millionaire

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Why didnt you diversify?

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you would think a college man would know the importance of "muh diversity".

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poor parents you should have just killed yourself lmao

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>Gets burned buying a ponzy scheme

Fucking hell this board is the most putrid and evil shit you faggots are pure evil.

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Tell her about ur blacked porn

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This. If OP wants to redeem himself this is how.

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Weak hands you gotta keep holding;

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How do I get diagnosed with a "disorder" so I can be excused from all my fuck ups and short comings scott free?

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lmfao this is why i come here

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it's not scott free

he's got the diagnosis and will now be blacklisted from a lot of jobs and opportunities for the rest of his life.

It's like having a criminal record.

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>Not getting rid of my cuck porn, lol
You should have killed yourself

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Ask your parents for money to buy the dip.

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Be middle to upper-class

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This may sound like bullshit, but this is the path to success.

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Kek, he deserves it. Who would gamble away money he doesn't have on one (!) coin. If he had put his money in something reasonable like 25% BTC, 25% ETH, 25% XMR and 25% shit coins, he would have been fine.

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kys lol

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10/10 Never have children OP. You truly are an entitled little shit.

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So true. This shit almost never happens in lower/upper-class homes with two parents.

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Nope, they solved that problem too. It would be discriminatory. These entitled shits have worked it all out thanks to 50 years of social science courses. They have infiltrated politics and the media by design so their voice can be heard and they are all trained political activists. It is cancer. Marxist cancer. Social justice Marxist cancer.

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How didn't you do that? Don't they just apply the loan to the tuition directly?

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Who would hold 50k LINK if they didn't have issues?

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Do you really watch cuckold porn?

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Fuck autocorrect

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LINK is going to moon, anon! it cant go lower than it is now. put more money in and prepare for lift off...i promise you we will be rich

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At least you owed up to your fuck up. Can only go up from here anon. Don't sell your LINK, rather keep it and flip it for a profit when it eventually goes up again.

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>"Jacked off to BLACKED"
Glad you lost all your money, you fucking loser.

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>lose money in a ponzi scheme

Fuck off already, linktards are unbearable.

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This. I always thought the cuck porn was a meme, but it looks like some people really are on it, so sad.

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It could absolutely go back up. But not instantly. It'll be gradual. Good on you for learning a lesson. You're young, and you fucked up. But you get to now live the rest of your life better.

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i told you fucker to tell your parents.

They will always help their kids no matter how much they fuck up.
Even told you they will make it possible that you can finish your university.

Just dont fuck up on purpose and know the value of your parents.

t. father of two

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Well, you have proved you don't have the mental stability to be a financial speculator, anon. It's not like 18k is a lot of money anyway. Thinking about suicide over some chump change... get outta here. But if you're going to buy anything, you should buy btc. Just own up to your mistakes and give up on link.

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he shouldnt play this game at all. Going all in at a coin like LINK shows that he is not mature enough.

He was like "oh shit yea im getting millions i put in evetrythign i have it cant go wrong i will buy myself a house and a car and my parents will be so proud of me.. ALL IN"..

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Nothing is gonna hit the fan, the hype is just slowly wearing off of this vaporware. In a few years it will be trading for sats.

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Don't be gay. You gambled your money away because you wanted to, you don't have a psychological problem. At least your living up to your mistakes. Good luck at CC.

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why does everyone here hate Blacked

it’s not even real cuck porn it’s just masculine black bois with their large superior phalluses breeding pure minimal make-up white women

the contrast is pretty hot desu

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if he's american he just gave up his 2nd amendment rights by being diagnosed mentally ill

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Why would it go back up? A shitton of new money is flowing into btc. What is the point of hodling anything else? Just so you don't have to admit you're wrong? Maybe in 10 years link will moon. But by that time, you will have missed a lot of moon missions. Why would you stay in something that is downtrending? Just sell it and buy it back when you see a reversal pattern.

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capped for future keks

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Why would something that check all the boxes for a shitcoin ever come back? Where are the devs? If people are really willing to work at it and they prove it with code and hard work, believe me I'll be the first in line to buy link. Otoh tho, does the token even do anything?

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>don't invest money you can't afford to lose
>link will be maybe in the top ten but it won't take less than 2 years
you are a faggot, you spent money without researching and trusting in anonymous internet people.
>good job

also, university seems not to be effective on you and you should hurry up gaining some manual working skills

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FU - BLACKED isnt cuck porn! BLACKED worships the god wanted connection between a beautiful white woman and a buffed, hung black BULL. There is nothing wrong with appreciating the fact that black BULLS can satisfy women in a way white bois just cant.

>proud /pol/tard here

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this tbqh

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You're going to make it bro, everyone fucks up, be glad you did it in a way that won't permanently affect you that much

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>4 posts by this id full of FUD
why the fuck are you trying to fud link so hard brainlet. you scared its going to moon? dont listen to this faggot OP

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why should it be a cautionary tale? Many people made bucks on Link because they did it right. Just don't fucking gamble huge sums on things that have recently been pumped 3x-5x and don't buy ATH shit. that usually never works out well

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