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>Alts are on sale

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> going to have stall in main hall, next to toilet

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>Palm Beach Confidential

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> not going to get any cheaper. im in balls deep

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>stocking up on cheap alts

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>buy the dip. please.

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>we've reached the bottom

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>we'll never see this price again

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>whales are accumulating

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> once i cash in i am going to buy a Lambo and hire a differernt escore everyday to rimm me

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> stay poor if you dont buy at this price

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new to this men
what is an alts

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>chart looking good

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>chart make cup and saucer pattern, its going to moon

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> r-alts

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To add:
>I shouldn't have to explain anything to you, anyone who knows how to read charts knows what this means

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eth down 50% in 30 days, dash down 50% in 30 days etc down 70% in 30 days waves down 70% in 30 days, and on and on. this is a full blown collapse for alts. this is a major financial collapse worse than 2008 in alts. dgb down 85%!

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> next release will be awesome

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>they are building their own blockchain

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> they have 8 Phd devs on their dev team, its going to be Bitcoin killer

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what do you expect when the exchanges link alt prices to BTC.
BTC goes up, shitcoin has to go down in comparison, they both cant go up at the same time unless there is massive buying on the shitcoin side.

If BTC stumbles and starts to collapse then there is massive opportunity to make money with shitcoins.

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> its all priced in, get in boys. thank me later

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>relax its just whales shaking out the weak hands

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My alt was 0.32 back in July. It is now 0.032 and still falling. I had 16btc worth of alt.

In July you assholes told me hodl, iron hands, long term hold, real tech always wins, weak hands sell and regret. My worth now is 1.6btc.

Fuck all of you.

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> Its a whale coin. Started moving before they could accumulate. They brought it back down so they could.

kek just saw someone post that in another thread

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Glorious byteball

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>solid dev team

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> this coin is the Donald Trump of coins, its gonna win

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> it solves buzzword buzzword buzzword buzzword

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>this thread again

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> the real money makers dont care about short term dips in price

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>12 posts by this ID

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>atomic swaps

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ts OK we only have another 12 days of this - oh until the next fork

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>going to bittrex soon

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Begone, puppetposter

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>just close blockfolio and come back in three months

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>check out this chart that contains no mention of the trading pair.

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> you have to be a spastic to sell at this price

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>Whales are accumulating. look at the fake sell walls

>It is below ICO price. It can't go any lower.

>coin ___ will be 10x in 3 months. thank me later

>Just trust in the tech and HODL

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>come back after three months
>80% down