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I just sold coin that was free falling to buy another coin that was rising.
>The moment I sold - it started to go up.
Okay. That happens.
>Bought the other coin.
>It starts to fall.
Should I kill myself?

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>nobody replies to my thread

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dont feel bad i bought ftc at 1100, repented and sold at 1150

later saw it mooned to 3k, bought at 2.5k and sold at 1.8k

today it almost hit 3k again. I want to kill myself

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also almost bought GRS at 3.8k

not going balls deep when your gut instinct tells you.. we are not gonna make it this way

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I bought the BTC dip at 3k and sold at 4.2k -_-

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Maybe instead of buying coins in a whim you should make calculated decisions.

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>sold something already trending down to buy something already trending up
>why did I lose money
Do the opposite

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Sold OMG with loss to try to break even on MCO, ended up losing 30% in total value...
currently praying that MCO will recover...

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> sell low buy high
I don't see your problem you did great

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No, you should just learn from your mistakes.