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What gives? I have plenty in my bank account and I've tried buying $100-1000 worth and it won't charge my card. What're my options, gdax since it's linked through coinbase? Just trying to get some coin

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Are you sure it's not your bank account canceling the order?

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My bank called me to verify my Coinbase transfers were legitimate once, so it may be a similar case for you

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what are my options besides coinbase?

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Coinbase cancelled my buy order for 50 Litecoin when it was $20 each months ago... I thought they bamboozled me.

Months went by (like 2)... and I received an email saying it was their fault and allowed me to buy in again for the same price I tried to the first time... Litecoin was $47 at that point so I said fuck yes. Lol.

Also, buy chainlink you fucking retards.

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Women like fat, outgoing, guys, it reminds them of their dad.

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Same, I tired like five times and later got a call from my bank. After that it worked.

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tfw, even if I got a six pack my entire stomach is covered in stretch marks.

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>tfw don't work out at all and my body looks like shit but my vagina bones still show
most important lines tb.h

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I had recently received my inheritance from last of grandparents and I tried to make a buy of 1k on CB but it wouldn't let me, even though the funds were in my account. My account limit is set to $1k max daily, would have put me over. Check with your bank yet?

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Google, depends what you are trying to buy, BTC? ETH? LTC? There are lots of other exchanges.

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Your vagina bones? What the fuck are those

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>tfw even if i get a six pack my face is disfigured and so fucking hideous that it wont matter

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pls be in london

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Fuck yeah, Dylan is the man. I bet she fucked him soooo hard. Seriously love that shit

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Pic related?

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No one likes fatties, porker. Not even other guys.

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Most likely it's your fraud protection on your card. I always have to try a purchase, reply to an automated text message saying it's me buying, and then try two more times before the purchase goes through.

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Are you the guy that posted before about being so ugly that money doesn't matter

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i like eating more.

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>no one likes fatties

Ever one loves a phattie with a qt face

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Fatty detected. Go be fat somewhere else.

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I was thinking the exact same thing, this is coming from a fit ex service member; maybe this is a basement neet thing

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What if I told you, you can eat a lot, and still have that body? Those bodies on the photos aren't sustainable at 1700 calories. Most of them would be on around 3000-4000 calories. (reverse dieting)

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It's all confidence man, stop being a cuck! Start by selling all your Bancor and Paragon

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whos this bitch? i would buy whatever shes selling

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Paragon's CEO

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CEO of scamcoin Paragoncoin

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wtf lmao

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I remember losing $25k in profit after they cancelled my buy order. Coinbase is a criminal, rackateering outfit

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lmao that bitch surely is living the dream eh

with biztard's money

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