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They have much more sinister plan.

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I think its about the battle for the future world digital currency. Seems like jew will win again

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If crypto's were a threat to them they would just eliminate it ... something doesn't feel right

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Explain how it's a jewish scheme first. Crypto's are inherently worthless unless a lot of people use them. A lot of people will only use them if they are truly democratic and uncontrollable by a single entity as that is why people want cryptos.

No single person or group can control it, that's the entire point. It's money in its purest form

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>muh Illuminati

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>I have made up something and it's right until you prove me wrong.
That's not how it works. Leave your parents' basement or finish middle school, whichever comes first.
Technically they can't though.

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You can't eliminate crypto, that's the point. You can only FUD it, which jews do all the time

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btc mostly started as a way to send your money to drug dealers anonymously.people still use it for this. if trans fees weren't so high and more places accepted bitcoin i would personally use it over fiat. bitcoin is a disruption to the system but they cant take it down because its decentralized. i don't doubt crypto will change the world give it time. i think their hands are tied

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>100b market cap.
b-bitcoin is a threath to the "system".
china owning 70% of minnings farm.

((((they)))) could break any country in half if (((they))) choose to.
china w'd be gone after an UN export/import ban.

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they can fucking buy it thats what they can do

when they own 95% of btc and shitcoins you can kiss your ass goodbye to crypto

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Didn't BTC and crypto as a whole catch on originally as a reaction to the 2008 economic crash?

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i dont think people here realize just how much power this wealthy kike families have

theyve caused wars, revolutions and depressions everywhere. They can deal with crypto like a fucking childs game

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implying people wouldnt just buy a NK or russian based coin.
implying they could buy every shitcoin out there.
implying people wouldnt just unload their bags and look out for the next %3000 shitshow.

deluded golden boys...

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yes, they can put supercomputes on each city to stop crypto. They can also destroy file sharing with bittorrent while they're at it.

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you think you can outsmart them, you basement dwelling monkey? lmfao

yes they can buy every shitcoin out there and still create 50000 more shitcoin and pump them to the billions if they fucking want to

they can buy 99% of BTC and dump it to the ground if they fucking want to

they are not doing so cause they want to direct crypto, reshape it into a worldwide digital currency. Its what theyve been waiting for a long time, a cashless society

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Thats allegedly why Satoshi created it and what was going on in the cryptography forums.

I'd argue it didnt catch on til 2011 or so as a reaction to its price jumps.

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>being a full on weakling and not Chadding the fuck up, grabbing a saddle and riding that jew off into the sunset to find your pot-o-shekels

whats wrong with you, the bigger the nose, the easier it is to hold on?

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Crypto's has potential when your country is at peace, but in the state of war they wouldn't worth very much.. for exsample ww3 brakes out, a lot of people wont have access to internet or even electricity, trade volumes will drop, countries would redirect electricity to hospitals and military infrastructure so that means a lot less miners to verify the transactions, which further means a lot slower transfers... I also have cryptos and mine them but you guys can't be so deluded that you think cryptos will replace fiat currencies.. it just won't happen, no country would let their national currency disappear .. the best you can hope is some kind of hybrid economic system..
P.s English is not my first language, so I apologize for possible grammar errors..

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>people unironnicaly forgot how they btfo sadams using ms paint 2007.
>people unironnicaly forgot how france got btfo with Total inc ceo being put in jail for 24 month without being convicted.
>people unironnicaly think jsk wasnt btfo'd by the fed.
>people unironnicaly think 9 sand niggers pulled 9/11 off despite larry silverstein putting these terrorist assurance on both of his towers 3 month before (((( 6 sand niggers managed to pull this off by themselves)))), lucky Larry received 3 billion for it.
>people unironnicaly believe usa putting 50% of budget for ((((defense))) is a coïncidence.

hell... who the fuck am i to judge, i just want to make it.

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if you actually think this is true and are able to wrap your mind around it don't you also realize that it's far beyond you to stop and all you can do is try to keep up?

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a cashless society...
implying paper money is much more harder to btfo (ie zimbabwe, ie venezuela rn)

im the sadams anon btw. im just trying to expose the issues.

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lot of sperg out there. the only meaningfull quote is
>people couldnt just let their fiat go.
literraly Europe.

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i meant a society where each transaction is recorded, who paid for what, at what time and where. All recorded, no escape. Crypto can do that

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all i can do is try to profit from it in the meanwhile

its what we're trying to do here

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couldnt people just pay using a different anonymous based crypto ?

>> No.4051913

implying those would exist, but with the whole black market thing, those coins will be destroyed

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being deluded that much.
thinking a bunch of 0 and 1 couldnt be btfo'd by a blink of an eye.

you do know how a blockchain work ? you do know they could ask 5 year of prison ass rape for "financing terrorism".
stop sperging out and go to bed already.

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this desu.

we still got a long way ahead.
better try to build a compfy future for u and ur children while you're at it anon.

god bless us all, you dont stand a chance against (((them))).

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crypto has potential though, for their undoing, if used right

but for that, national crypto must be created, which isnt a money grab, and untied to fiat (like all alts are, through btc)

im not holding my breath

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You little faggots should google how Nathan Mayer Rothschild gained wealth and control of Great Britain....They can do the same to cryptos..
If history has thought us anything, it's that the jews are always planning long term... today it looks like they hate cryptos we'll see what will happen in few, 5 or 10 years...

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in the end most btc and alts holders are looking to maximize profit and then convert to fiat asap,
so all this talk about fighting the current economic system with crypto is total BS, since most run back to fiat when btc crashes a bit

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yes they plan decades, even centuries ahead

with their knowledge of money, who knows they couldve created crypto themselves as a sort of experiment for the lulz

thats why i laugh when people think they can outsmart whales like the rothschilds

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mfw i know how rigged this shit is.
mfw we cant win against golliath.
mfw i just want a blonde submissive qt and 1 billion in diversified stocks, bonds, and etfs.

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stay strong friend

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Jesus Christ how new are you? You don't even recognise our youngest memes? Also you need to upgrade your sarcasm detection from level 1

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ITT: salty late adopters

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For all these cunt that think cryptos can replace juden banks...
Jews didn't gained their wealth and power over night, they were accumulating it for centuries... even an Ottoman empire used to take loans from them when they had shortages..

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