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>average American household has $8,377 in credit card debt

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who cares. credit system got hacked. its shit.

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Dont own credit card - dont make dept

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Buying a credit card and paying off only two $100 purchases from it increased my credit score from 560 to 620. I didn't expect it to have that much impact, so I wish I had one sooner.

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Muricans and your credit card scores ahahahaha

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How else would they evaluate their goys?

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ah yes

the american kike score and kike cards

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America is a nation of retards.
How can they not be rioting in the streets when they are permanently enslaved by debt, will never be allowed to vote for anything other than 2 puppets chosen by big business, pay $10k when they have the misfortune to break an arm, slave 60 hours in fast food jobs to pay rent, watch brainwash media, the list goes on

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And Europe is any better?

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shut up cuck

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Same I got a credit card and they gave me 1000 good boy points. Thanks sheklestein

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You get rewarded for being in debt, what else do you expect.
The craziest shit I've seen while being there were those payday loans with interest rates in the thousands of %.

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Butthurt amerifags. Yes, Europe is better. I work regular hours for 3k after taxes, have never been in debt (government pays for about 90% of tuition), can break an arm without having to sell my car and can choose to vote for any political candidate I like. I also speak your language, because we have good education. OP really says it all. If you're even a single dollar in debt, you're a fucking idiot here in Europe, but not in the US where you get fucked as hard as you let them by big business.

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where are you from boy?

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The easiest way to keep a slave, is to make him believe he is free.

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Yeah, we should only have 1 option like Germany

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any civilized European country will meet these criteria, but from the Netherlands, personally

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You know how to speak our language because you depend on it for entertainment. You're education system is shit compared to Canada.

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Richfag here on the east coast. friends and family really don't have those problems. Ill take the not absurd tax rate, thanks.

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You're, eh? Doesn't seem like yours is much better buddy. Would never deny American entertainment is top notch.

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>No debt after graduating college
>No debt at all at age 26
>Free healthcare
>Literally anyone can be a candidate even those without a political party and still have a chance to win
>work 40 hours a week.

Not too bad I guess...

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>mfw everything about americans is fake except their obesity and stupidity

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Look at this


And tell me with a straight face it's more limited than the american system

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if your net worth is 1$ you are doing better than 60% of 30 year old americans

at 60 years old 2/3 of american families have no savings for retirement

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We beat South Korea and cut close with the other asian nations while having dramatically lower school time/homework.

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buy potcoin

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Europe has tons of problems they wont tell you about. I wouldn't worry about it

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8 out of 10 amerifat live paycheck to paycheck.


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*American brainwashing is top notch

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20% europeans are under poverty line too

most murricans cannot pay their student loan debts with worthless degrees, fucked for life. economy all over is far worse than people realize


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Your Healthcare isn't free, your 50% tax rate takes care of that

Wtf even is a VAT? Thats sakes tax and that shit is 23% in Poland

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Americans pay more per capita for healthcare than pretty much every other country though...

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boy i sure wish i was a euroshit

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how about we take a stroll through Chicago together?

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I don't mind paying VAT as long as I get free healthcare. Seems fair! ours is also 23%.

And by the way burgers, I can speak 4 language. How many can you speak?

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At least the blacks don't throw acid

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Average U.K. millennial:

>£20,000+ student debt
>£20,000+ PCP car debt
>£250,000 mortgage
>government owns 20% equity in their house value
>£10,000 credit card debt

Salary: £25,000

Other sources of income: None

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>muh muslims argument
>meanwhile Europe is still 90% white
>meanwhile in America more niggers are already being born that white babies

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Once as a kid some other kid loaned me like 2 bucks. He kept annoying me for days to pay him back, since then I never ever took money from someone else, be it a person or a bank and now I live debt free.
Fuck that kid. I suspect he was a jew or something.

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Most people find out about these kind of jews when it's too late, be glad you experienced it as a kid

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regular afternoon in Hamburg, Germany
>90% white


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lol millennials don't have mortgages

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That's because niggers accumulate in the large cities, but in the rural areas it is still nigger free

Meanwhile whites are already a minority everywhere in America

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This is why jews love the US, the west in general because of its individualism and ease of control too

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They do, we have government schemes here to shove money in house builders pockets and Jew some off for themselves.

5% deposit only on an overvalued shit box that took 2 months to glue together. Catch is government owns 20% equity in your box, the value plummets right after sale and when interest rates go up your grandchildren will still be paying the debt off.

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And this dude would show up at my house and ask me about the money and when he can expect to get it back every single day. Can you imagine that?
It was so fucking annoying, we somewhat remained friends for some time tho but I never took money from him ever again.
Once the money was not involved in the friendship it was actually alright.
Money and friends are things that should be seperated, i‘m very glad I learned this lesson so early.

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>Meanwhile whites are already a minority everywhere in America

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Love searching up /pol/ bait images too see if its authentic and turning out its not
Not a good retort since the US was founded by Christcucks on foreign land meanwhile Europe is native to Europeans

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keep telling yourself that. hope you speak Arabic buddy, you gonna need it.


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Europe is a fucking joke. Mohammed can't finish you off fast enough.

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It's sad, really. And these retards think patriotism is a virtue.

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What's it like living in a glass house, eurotard?

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>is a nation of immigrants and mongrels
>memes about immigration

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Only use a credit card if you actually NEED the money and you can afford to pay it off at the end of the month

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Donald Trump wasn't chosen by businesses you fucking brainlet, they opposed him.

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> borrow money
> don't pay in a timely manner
The kid may have been a jew, but you're a nigger.

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America is a nation of immigrants and there's nothing wrong with that as long as the immigrants are here legally. Europoors on the other hand are importing the third world with the explicit goal of replacing themselves. I'm not surprised though. Your own women don't even want you anymore. You're pathetic.

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kill yourself

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Oh big woop, no shit you provide us entertainment. By all meams, please continue to enjoy your oh-so better quality of life in your bank-owned residence with your credit card debt owned tv.

Now dance for me monkeyburger hahahahahahahaha

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sweden is in deep shit but that is fake news

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This is why Europe is going down the tubes. You are out of touch with reality and anything that bursts your bubble you refuse to believe. You sit around and pat yourselves on the back about how great you think you are all the while you are just as fat, just as in debt, and just as degenerate as anywhere else in the world. Your self-congratulatory bullshit is what will end you.

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Amazing counterarguments to those points faggot

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lmao why do you guys love fake news sites?

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kill yourself you fucking moron piece of shit, i never patted myself on the back

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Free healthcare, free education, free NEET life, free everything. 1/5th of the population is on antidepressants + illegal drugs and a huge alcohol abuse problem. Suicide is the third most common cause of death among young men.

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Pay for everything with your credit card and tip in cash if you are the type to tip. It's that simple. Only buy things you can afford and pay it off at the end of the month.

How are people so retarded as to not follow these basic rules? Your goy (credit) score will skyrocket.

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>I live in a tiny flat with me mum and make 24k per year, half of which goes directly to replacing me


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>I disagree therefore ti's fake news
Typical ignorant eurotard. Here's the relevant legislation: https://data.riksdagen.se/fil/6114B523-53A8-444C-9974-15F31E0ED4DB
Wow. You want me to kill myself for pointing out your hypocrisy of being all the things you point the finger at Americans for. Not surprising you'd wish me bodily harm for speech. Not like you have any real concept of freedom of speech anyway. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laws_against_Holocaust_denial
Basically, Europe is a has been. Your birth rates are below replacement because your women don't want you anymore so you have to import real men from Africa as your replacements. I look forward to indigenous Eurotards dying out. Can't come fast enough. I literally believe the invasion of Normandy was a mistake. Good American men died to save a bunch of ungrateful degenerates that are destined to die out anyway.

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Pot meet kettle.

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>muh Normandy
aka murican invasion when the Nazi army was already crumbling under Soviet counter offence.

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>using a country of 5 million people to represent an entire continent

Your own fucking picture says Denmark is exceedingly higher than the rest of Europe. If we're going to use ridiculous sample sizes, I wouldn't talk shit considering you have 40 fucking millions violent and degenerate niggers in your precious USA.

>Europoors on the other hand are importing the third world with the explicit goal of replacing themselves.

As opposed to the USA where the Third World has already settled. You have more illegal spics than many European countries combined have people. Seriously what is the matter with you low-IQ Americans, it's like you live in a completely different universe, one where your retarded nation isn't flooded with shitskins. You have cities that refuse to co-operate with federal deportation measures. You have judges that refuse to have illegal violent criminals arrested in their courthouses. Not one of your two hundred biggest cities is over 80% White.

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I agree. It was a mistake. Too bad the Nazis didn't win. Or the converse, too bad the bolsheviks didn't finish them off and just take over the entire continent. Either outcome would be better than the cesspool Europe is now.
Nice cartoon. See pic related

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>using a country of 5 million people to represent an entire continent
Um, yeah. The US is one country so comparing the US to "Europe" is nonsensical. One country against another. You pick whichever one you want. If you want to play the semantics game, I'll pick a US state to compare. How about Connecticut. Or Vermont. Either way, you lose. Get fucked Eurotard.
>As opposed to the USA where the Third World has already settled.
The USA was founded by immigrants and we coexist as well as we can. Your goal is not coexistence, it is to die out and give it all away. I actually agree with your course of action. I will be happy when Europe and Europeans are confined to the history books. Good riddance.

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> You have cities that refuse to co-operate with federal deportation measures

And you have entire countries that literally have no immigration standards and allow shit like this

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I'm sure that's why they're getting billions worth of tax cuts - are you literally this retarded? I'm not even surprised

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>I'm sure that's why they're getting billions worth of tax cuts

This is no problem as long as small businesses and middle class Americans get tax cuts

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kill yourself communist nigger

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>I'm sure that's why they're getting billions worth of tax cuts - are you literally this retarded? I'm not even surprised
This is Eurotard post hoc ergo propterr hoc in a nutshell. Nice product of the eurotard education you are so I'm not really surprised. Did it ever occur to you that whether businesses get tax cuts or not is orthogonal to how much they supported Donald Trump during the election? The Republicans are the party of tax cuts. That's a big part of their platform. That's why they do it as they campaign on it.

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>You are out of touch with reality

And you're somehow saying americans are?

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>Europeans need their hands held by the government for personal finance because they can’t figure it out for themselves


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>our language

>> No.4030245

>And you're somehow saying americans are?
Not as out of touch as the Eurotards in this thread apparently. We're not the ones who shat /biz/ up with this finger pointing bullshit. We're just responding by patiently pointing out your hypocritical bullshit. You are just as fat, just as laden with debt, and just as degenerate as the worst of America or anywhere else. Yet you run your dick beaters all over your keyboard to cover your inadequacies. It's pathetic.
>our language
Yeah, dumbass. The people who settled America spoke English. Therefore it is *our* language. Get a fucking clue and maybe crack a history book. Oh, nevermind, you're European so you just shoot your mouth off feigning knowledge without actually knowing anything.

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>If you want to play the semantics game, I'll pick a US state to compare. How about Connecticut. Or Vermont.

What a coincidence, two states least affected by the tide of spics that's rolling over your country. Your entire country is turning into Honduras, you retard. Whatever issues we have with Islamic migration is a fucking faucet drip compared to the tsunami that's washing away America.


How about you post some statistics about your resident 40 million Africans, you subhuman mong. There's only 20 000 Somalis in Denmark. You literally have more niggers than some African countries.

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Fuck you. America is a nation of whites, where even the fucking constitution said niggers weren't equal and didn't have rights. The Jews managed to worm their way in and push that melting pot bullshit, but that doesn't make it true.

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>What a coincidence, two states least affected by the tide of spics that's rolling over your country. Your entire country is turning into Honduras, you retard. Whatever issues we have with Islamic migration is a fucking faucet drip compared to the tsunami that's washing away America.
Laugh and point the finger all you want, as that's all you can do. The demographic trends undermining the indigenous population of Europe are accelerating. Since this is /biz/, think compound interest. Your Somalis are compounding your doom with a lot of help from pic related who don't even want you anymore. Lol.
>How about you post some statistics about your resident 40 million Africans, you subhuman mong. There's only 20 000 Somalis in Denmark. You literally have more niggers than some African countries.
Yep, we kept them as slaves for 400 years and then let them all go and they're still here. That's how it works. Unlike you who are steadily actively importing them as fast as you can.
People make decisions and they pay for those decisions. Commit crime, go to prison. Eat too much, have health problems, have underage sex, get pregnant. I'm not apologizing for any of that but I make the decision to not fall into any of those categories and I don't eat at McDonald's. I'm also not pointing the finger at anybody else to cover up my own shit like Euro's do. I'm not going to bother dragging up a list of shitty Euro crap and I'm not enough of an autist to save images of it but keep pretending you are better than everybody else and see how it ends. Pro tip: you're not.

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*Pic related

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Why are burgers always so butthurt

>> No.4030511

Why are europoors always so butthurt

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Never had one, talktalk in the UK got hacked a few years back and they gave me free credit assessments by noodle for life, mine 592 and I have never had a loan or credit card in my life. I never will get one either. The only loan I will take out is possible a mortgage for a house but I already have a lot saved towards that so may not need to.

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/pol/ likes to argue with imaginary people in their head, naturally they project that onto you forgetting they are responding to real people

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>The demographic trends undermining the indigenous population of Europe are accelerating.

t. 50% white before the decade is over

>I'm not going to bother dragging up a list of shitty Euro crap and I'm not enough of an autist to save images of it

but that's exactly what you're doing

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Dumb eurocunts start thread crying about American debt which a) has nothing do with said eurocunt and b) is pure hypocrisy as eurocunt debt is just as high. When this is pointed out, eurocunts get butthurt. But, everybody else is /pol/. Do you retards have the slightest amount of self-awareness?
>t. 50% white.
Not even remotely true. But keep on """arguing""" with bullshit. It really helps the air of ironic erudition you Eurocunts think you are projecting the opposite of.
>but that's exactly what you're doing
Yes, pointing out hypocrisy. You claim we're fat, I show you pics of fat eurocunts. You claim we're in debt, I show you pics of Eurocunts in far more debt. Basically, you live in a glass house yet you project your own inadequacies onto us. Mohammed cannot kill you fast enough.

>> No.4030745

>refuting statistical claims with anecdotal evidence
Keep Googling pictures of fat Europeans, meanwhile 80% of your population is confirmed morbidly obese

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>meanwhile 80% of your population is confirmed morbidly obese
Actually it's 5%.
My anecdotes are real. Your bold face easily refuted lies aren't. Typical lying piece of shit low-life ignorant eurotrash. You're a fucking shitstain and I hope your parents are embarassed.

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i did say before the decade is over

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I have a 778 credit score
Always payed cash
100k in the bank
Fuck these banks

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>mfw american'ts are probably the stupidest and greediest retards on this planet and they will soon be the equivalent of a huge nicaragua

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I don't understand why cucks moved out in the first place, its not the fucking 50s where the Jewed Cuklear family can make it alone.

>> No.4030903

You took a screencap from the whitegenocideproject lmao and the source doesnt even exist

Look youre arguing with an imaginary person again lmao. Check the guy you replied to, all he posted was a few words and you wrote paragraphs and implied stuff he never said. Find a way to deal with your schizophrenia and get some joy for once youre on 4chan stop being such a butthurt pussy about everything

>> No.4030918

Are we being raided by /int/?

>> No.4030927

According to what statistic? I run more than that through my Amex card every month (which is a revolver that gets auto-paid in full). Am I driving up this average without actually carrying any debt?

>> No.4030956

Its okay anon, I member. At the time even /pol/ swept this under the rug, we're all fucked. Buy btc and get away from these banker faggots forever.

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>> No.4031037

I took a screenshot of something that is representative of the attitudes of Eurotard women toward Eurotard men. Your women hate you. I don't blame them. You're not even men. You're floppy things worthy of derision.

I realize that anti-social NEETdom is all the rage in the new caliphate but in the real world, people have a conversation. Everything I've said has been a response to the words and just as importantly the attitudes and implications of posters in this thread and the people I've responded to. I'm sure your autism makes it difficult for you to empathize well enough to understand others' intentions but normal people do and we respond to that.

Since you need to these things explained, the following is a further response to the larger conversation being had. As illustrated thoroughly, Eurotards in this thread have proven themselves petty, hypocritical, ignorant, and with a distorted perception of reality and their own irrelevance. You are fat, you are indebted, you are filling your countries with Africans, and you are unwanted by your females. I can understand your frustration. >>4030991 related.

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This desu, Eurocucks think they are any better off? London isn't even 50% British. France is at least 10% Nigger and 10% Muslim (lots of overlap but whatever). Germans are going to raise the retirement age to what, 67? 68? 70? And that's just for the boomers, what do these Millennial cucks think will be waiting for them once the Turks and new Germans from Syria don't actually get a job and pay taxes.

Not to mention their entire humanist facade is a shiny hunk of shit, Western Europeans are wealthy, supposedly happy, and better off than all Americans but they are can't even sustain replacement birth rates. They proclaim Europe is so great except that their actions speak louder than words, they don't think its great enough to have kids and to continue. They are small souled and spiritually dead.

>> No.4031054

Which country are you in?

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>all these burgers completely incapable of handling the banter

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>all this pic related from eurotards

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This man speaks truth,

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A Patriot, in the oldest, purest sense of the word, is someone who despises the State and wills himself to be rid of it. The word has been perverted and now means to go along to get along.

>> No.4031168

Seems more like you eurocucks are getting your assholes ripped open ITT and you're the one who can't take the bants.

>> No.4031198

Thats an average.
We could have 25% with $32,000 in debt which is a little more than one poor credit sized credit card.
I know a married couple with 3 maxed out credit cards and he got 40k for a reenlistment bonus which didnt even pay off one card.

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desu the Western Europeans don't want to engage in conversation or are just shitposting, at the end of the day they know they are just as fucked if not more than us. Some American life still metaphysical meaning, Europeans are experiencing the soulsucking abyss of capitalism without the physical manifestation. In some sense its easier to recognize the problem when its so obvious and to guard against it. But they still inhabit the shell of a healthy past.

>> No.4031229


A nation of European immigrants. The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1790 specified that only Europeans "of good character" could become citizens. Note that the criterion is not only racial, but also pertains to one's personal virtue.

The U.S was a de facto New Europe. Now certain interests want it to be Mexico.

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This, demographics have shifted in the past, they will shift in the future, just have to make them be in our favor

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whos a good boy
dont upset the only one that keeps you alive and from massacring eachother

>> No.4031275

>4 language

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>maxed out credit cards
>reenlistment bonus
Has she totaled the Mustang/lifted F-150 yet?

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>be American
>get in debt

To be fair, I'm 23 and have avoided all kike pitfalls and am debt-free. I don't pay for something if I can't afford it. Still, I'm a poorfag because I dropped out of college. Life could be a lot worse.

>> No.4031300

He has a charger and 4 kids. Shes also fat as fuck. They had 2 girls and he wanted a boy and she had twins. He had to buy a new car just to support it.
He isnt even retarded and is a conservative white republican.

>> No.4031304
File: 17 KB, 475x515, 1508835538918.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4031306
File: 252 KB, 960x1280, 1496560797493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I can bridge the gap in this argument. I have lived in both the US and Europe.

Both places are shit. Everyone go home.

>> No.4031315

You're right. It's just obnoxious how these clowns' heads are stuffed so far up their own asses they think they have some kind of moral superiority. It's like the worst part of "rah rah USA" but turned up 10x for Europe. Completely oblivious to the fucked up shit going on around them. Crabs in a bucket. Anyways, I got crypto to trade. Fuck this thread.
Nice cartoon useful idiot.

>> No.4031337

Don't take it too serious anon, good luck trading.

>> No.4031363


She's getting her pussy pumped full of cum while he's on the other side of the world killing for Jews. Fuck that faggot.

I hope I'm a Jody one day. Nice, tight, wet, lonely married pussy to cum in, in a nice warm bed. I'll consider it an off the books tax credit.

>> No.4031503
File: 453 KB, 763x1065, 1503225428311.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the level of rhetoric that comes from /pol/
Pretty embarrassing for a board that supposedly hates ad hominems and logical fallacies, desu. Anyway, time for you to get triggered:

Go back to >>>/pol/

>> No.4031514
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The inferiority complex is real

>> No.4031526

>people still use credit

>> No.4031580

>trump was reassuring that they werent going to touch 401k tax breaks even though no one said anything about it
We are going to get shit on but they will spin it like we were lucky to get a dick up our ass instead of a table leg.

>> No.4031626
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>Can't lease a home or car unless you have a good credit score to prove that you're fiscally responsible
>Can't obtain a credit score without first owing a debt, an inherently fiscally irresponsible act
I wonder (((who))) came up with this shit.

>> No.4031806

Conservative white Republican. Dude that's another way of spelling retard.

What are you? Retarded?

>> No.4031840

You don't have to be in debt to build credit, you just have to have a line of credit.

>> No.4031858
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>I need loans because I dont have enough money
fucking poor ass credit card faggots

>> No.4031889

I'm 19, never taken out loans, don't have a credit card and don't have my name under any car or house. What's my credit score... Have about 4k in the bank

>> No.4031904

I hate debt. Can't sleep at night knowing I have debt. Funny thing is, compared to my peers my debt is nothing.

That being said there is good debt.

I went to school and raked up $60,000 in debt for a 4 year bachelors.

4 years after completing it and climbing the ranks in my industry I've hit 6 figures before age 30.

Id say that was good debt. Had I had 60,000 laying around I wouldn't have taken loans but I didn't.

>> No.4031923

Credit Karma

Get an account. You should be monitoring even without debt just for the sake of fraud.

>> No.4031967

>not owning a credit card with huge benefits and just paying everything before the due date

I get free money with my discover it and amazone prime cards. The brainlets who can't pay off their credit cards in time are giving me that money. All the while, I'm increasing my credit score.

>> No.4032013

Most of what has been said is true. Americans are bankrupt but on paper they are rich. Here the only way to beat the rising inflation is to use leverage on investments which is dangerous. Alot of people will go bankrupt trying to break out of this economic black hole.

>> No.4032027

thats cool, my wife has over 30K on our AMEX.. kms

>> No.4032043

>report cannot be found with this info
What does this mean. I put my social in and everything.

>> No.4032138

American here. Had 50k in student debt, paid it off in a year and a half. Never have to worry about it again. How about you, when do you get to stop paying those taxes to cover people's college education? You only have to pay them a few years after you finish school, right? They stop, right? You're not getting cucked for life, right?

>> No.4032255

Fraud. Russians already stole your identity

>> No.4032333

How do you sleep at night?

Wtf did she buy?

>> No.4032347



>> No.4032370
File: 43 KB, 495x812, net_median_wealth_per_cap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

muricans are median level poor as portugalians. 1% of muricans own the country lel. notice too how poor germans and swedes are compared to "old money" countries italy and france