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This is the last time I'll shill for Ark.

I just want you all to make it, and there's only so much room on board. Huge things are coming in the next few months for it.

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Months? Judging by the percentages on their roadmap, I'd say a couple items will be completed within weeks.

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I agree with you OP

Feels good to be on the road to riches

need those

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Mobile wallets for Android and iOS, core updates (pic related), making Ark a legal business entity, and being included in the new Upbit exchange launch are probably coming by mid/late-November at most.

I'm pretty excited tbqh.

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Holding 18k, looking forward to retire soon

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How much will you sell at what price points?

Or are you a passive income meme dreamer

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I have 13k.

Don't count your chickens before they hatch though, anon.

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Nice. 2k here but thinking of considerably upping my stack.

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I would try to get up to 5k. You'll be generating about 42 Ark per month passively that way.

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first point in the $8-10 range, 2nd $

passive income, well as Ark get's more famous more people stake -> less income, but that's a long way to go

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2nd $30

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>not hodling half your stack until $200

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Ark needs to be shilled harder, yet it needs to be shilled less at the same time. The more you shill a coin, the more others will try to dilute your shilling, overall making your efforts worthless.

I suppose smart anons are already invested and couldn't care less what happens to it this weekend. The long haul is going to be the moon lambo memes.

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>that long-term candlestick pattern

you could set a fucking watch to this coin, it's beautiful

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its bleeding like all the other coins, watch this go to $1, currenctly bag holding 500 ark, I want to drop them so badly

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Negro look at it's trend over the past year, it's perfectly on schedule

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Not to burst your bubble, but waves did more than that - and did not pump. Waves released mobile wallets, a more comprehensive dex front-end, and increased scalability profoundly by switching to bitcoin-ng.

It barely gained any marketshare at all.

Gets worse. Making ark a legal entity is not good for the price of its coins. Legal entities are great for enriching founders/shareholders, but does nothing for the underlying coins.

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It handled this Bitcoin pump way better than a lot of alts

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How low can it go?
I really don't want to buy in at the wrong time.

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Its holding on the 100 day moving average. It's not gonna go much lower than this... if any. Learn to TA fag.

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WTF? It's poised to resume upwards very soon. At least wait until after the BTC fork.

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All aboard the ARK! It is our savior

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isnt ark's entire premise that there will be hundreds of blockchains that people need to interact with? isn't it clear its trending the other way?

most tokens/contracts are launching on ethereum, and outside of bitcoin and a handful of coins with the potential for atomic swaps there's nothing else that anyone needs to interact with, its just speculators trading on exchanges, in which case they dont even hit the blockchain at al.

seems like it's aiming for a scenario that just isn't going to play out because crypto as a whole is moving away from middlemen, not towards them.

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Ethereum is a platform, ark is more like a currency that has a built-in shapeshift, almost, which gives it great advantage for liquidity and cross-exchange or cross-blockchain transactions, two valuable characteristics in a diverse and fast paced market. It does have some Eth-like functions, but I doubt it will be the next ETH. What really makes it attractive are the POS passive income returns and the great wallet support (one of the best desktop wallets in crypto, ledger support, soon to be mobile wallet etc.)

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Ark will allow you to fill ETH smart contracts with non-Eth crypto

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uhm ark is going to be an entire replacement for the web

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Don't forget Ark's push button deployable block chain functionality will fix a lot of the issues you see with bloat on the Ethereum network, whereby the user essentially creates his or her own private chain separate from Ark's which can then communicate over blockchains using the encoded listener technology.

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>1d macd crossing over
>Multiple pieces of news a few weeks out
>Already retraced 60%
Man, just sell if you can't see how much of an obvious buy this coin is right now

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brainlet here. what happens to the price of ark if btc 2x wins the nov fork and the original btc price plummets. will alts temporarily die for a few weeks until exchanges swap their alt coin prices to btc 2x?

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How is this shilling any different from that of Link or Ripple?

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No one buys ARK

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The way I see it, the updates coming up should coincide with the fork dump quite nicely. Once people are out of BTC and looking to reinvest in alts, if ARK is able to roll out updates around this time and prove their progression to the market, it will attract a lot of attention from new entrants/old holders who are looking for re-entry. I imagine that last demographic will funnel a lot of money in after the fork.

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$10 Ark when?

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I'm a long term hodling on this one. To the moon!

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Normiebook running on ArkVM

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