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- SIBOS conference ends today
- Sergey said no announcements before the conference is done
- waiting for news tomorrow
- imminent price increase

All jellyhands who sold today will be on suicide watch when the price shoots up tomorrow.

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this, better start BTFD

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>when price shoots up tomorrow
yeah it'll shoot up to 10k sat and then immediately back down to 4k sat cause Binance a shit

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All of biz is the Link General. Haven’t you heard?

I am stoked. Picked up a 4K more on the cheap. Hoping for good news tomorrow to kick off the weekend

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Hiroshimoot changing /biz/ to /LINK/ when?

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Announcement tomorrow, listed next week.

Fuck its going to be fun watching all the trade bot sell walls get gobbled up and whales bleed all the LINK they've been accumulating.

Remember kids. Trade bots always lose in the long term. Real traders manage their own trades for that reason.

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It's so fucking annoying. This coin has not had a single major increase in price that wasn't IMMEDIATELY followed by a massive crash the puts it lower than where it started.

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Sergay pls save us

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lol so you discovered its a day trading token? good job

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cant save anybody from a toilet m8

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I told you to buy the rumour, sell the news you idiots. You did not listen and look where you are now.

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Honestly I'm just glad i found a good coin to invest in at an early opportunity and I try not to follow the day to day price changes.
This whole crypto thing has been so stressful for me I made it up from 0.2btc starting in may to 11 btc today.

I put that all on chainlink and now hoping to go away take break from all of this and come back and be part of the 21 btc club and not have to worry about this shit again and can focus on uni.

And if this whole crypto market collapses well atleast I didn't drop out of uni so I can still make a decent living wagecucking as a software engineer

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Major reporting in.

Memes and proof of Mythril hands has held the FUD surge off a great deal, though we lost a great deal of Staff Sergeant ranks and below.

General Nazarov's announcements post Sibos will do a great deal for the moral of us still in the Eastern Front of 4chan.

Reports are also coming in that /pol/ is taking note of the implications of crypt-currencies as a threat to the IMF along with the FED.

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Yes I have been waiting all week to sell once we get a pump tomorrow, fucking finally I can get rid of this shit and buy back in 6 montbs.

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How to instantly tell someone is a newfag.

They say "buy the rumor, sell the news"

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Guys, I just crunched the numbers, ran some TA and studied the charts and order books. My expert analysis is telling me that LINK will slowly bleed to 2000 satoshis and hover around that level for the next 3-6 months at the very least. My recommendation is that you dump LINK and enter something that will actually go up in the next half year, then return to LINK in 6 months time for a nice x2.

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Day trading doesn't sink a coin lower than its starting point after extremely good surprise news.
Manipulation does.

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hes an expert guys

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There was no rumor. And the SIBOS demo wasn't news, it was known for months beforehand.

The only news at SIBOS was a complete surprise: the fact that six banks + Sony were directly involved in the demo.
Extremely good news completely out of the blue.
Yet Binance squeezed every last bit of life out of it.

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When there are whales with a 2.5x profit who don't believe anymore in the team's potential to make the coin have a price increase before 6 months or even more they sell.
It's exactly what's happening, the sell pressure is extremely high and everytime there's volume and a pump they unload.
People on the slack are really open on the amount they have and have been there for weeks, today many of them anounced they would sell and you'd see a large dump.

The team's silence to all the people that supported them and gave them 32M$ is insulting and they clearly expressed they won't do any marketing or share more of what they are doing.

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And here we can see a typical FUDder in his natural environment.

The price went down enough, fill your bags and wait for the pump.

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i love you people, please stay in link

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Thanks just sold 100k

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2LT reporting in, good to see your still around Major.

Any other LINK Marines around?

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Exactly this

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$300 by this time next year. Get comfy

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Good, we need /pol/ on board. I left that shit hole purely because most of them are pretty blue-pilled on crypto. The ones that aren't post here

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No fud bud, just some free analysis for my biz bros

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they said nothing about announcement tomorrow, jesus u guys are getting desperate

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The rumor was Chainlink is partnered with SIBOS and 11k banks will use the Chainlink blockchain technology for all their transactions when SWIFT decides so.
If you read reddit the last 2 weeks you'd see threads and threads with people thinking that, people who don't know the difference between the blockchain, the smart contract and the oracle.

The hype was crazy because only a few people took the time to understand where the project really is.

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Welcome LT, grab yourself a mug of joe and join us in the War Room. We've needed a good ChainLink General thread for a while now.

DIGITS CONFIRM - Were gonna make it Lads!

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>extremely good news comes out of the blue
>suddenly whales "don't believe anymore in the team's potential"

Do you listen to yourself?

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>gave them 32M$
Kill yourself, nobody 'gave' anyone anything

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What is marketcap

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>they won't do any marketing or share more of what they are doing

believe it or not... their core business isn't catering to a bunch of /biz/tards. marketing will earn them nothing that matters, it just makes you feel good about your investment. the market they're going after takes 1 on 1 time. it takes conferences, major partnerships, and clear demonstrations that the tech can transform legacy infrastructure.

For having done no marketing, they're fucking killing it. The partnerships we know about are already huge, and they have more they haven't begun to talk about at all. Taking out some Facebook ad campaigns, or spamming insignificant updates on Twitter is pointless for a team that knows they've already made it.

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I think they would become a strategic asset, a Brigade of /pol/ agents would really help spread the word of Crypto, especially due to how much media attention they get when they publicly execute the MSM in their raids.

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>What will marketcap be

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>The rumor was Chainlink is partnered with SIBOS and 11k banks will use the Chainlink blockchain technology for all their transactions when SWIFT decides so.
That rumor is more applicable now than before SIBOS.

SIBOS was only ever going to be a demo. What made SIBOS important was the marketing effect it generated.
Which has only just begun.

And we did get news from SIBOS: just hours before the demo started we learned that six banks + Sony were directly involved in the demo.
This came COMPLETELY out of the blue.

Even huger than we imagined.

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3400 linkie reporting


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A magic number that can get bigger

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Can I put my LINK on my Ledger Nano S

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SELL @ $100

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400k link since presale. Haven't sold a single one.

Most people here look at us a day trading opportunity. Guarantee no one outside of the team has done more research on this than me. I feel very confident in saying that.

Most of the LINK pasta you read ("Actual ChainLink Explanation Thread", "Listen Very carefully to what I'm about to say" etc) comes from me.

LINK is going to change everything. I'm completely ok with LINK falling for the next days, weeks, even months. I don't think it will, but it won't shake my resolve in the slightest. Remember in Feb 2016, many people got shaken out at $10 ETH.

We're gonna make it lads. I've never doubted it for a moment.

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Also anyone who claims they haven't done marketing is a full blown retardus. WHAT THE FUCK WAS SERGEY DOING AT SIBOS, IF NOT MARKETING?

People don't understand this is not a mobile app that needs to market to normies. Their market are financial institutions and they are marketing towards them.

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what is the good news ? It was a given for 80% of "investor" that 11k banks would use chainlink and kill Ripple, now we're at 5

if you went more in the slack you'd know more how whales are open about their feelings and the size of their stack, everyone of them proved with walls and wallet movement

anyone investing hundreds of thousands expect just a word about what they plan to do with it, we have no idea and they never answer to anything, they're like ghosts because one of them had to work for a 30 minute powerpoint

Sergei is hiding way too much. There are VIP that showed interest in running a node and helping but he won't say who.
He worked for Microsoft on their cryptlets which are basically using oracles but never told anyone except in a live demo.
No one knows about chainlink, only smartcontracts, he's hiding the brand existence

The thousands of people that make the market decided otherwise. There are no whales pushing the price down for fun or buying later, or yes they'll buy but in a few months.

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Also every market in the crypto has competition, how many supercomputers, decentralised exchanges, anonymous currencies etc...
Soon an other team will do smart oracles and they'll have some hype which will push the marketcap to a billion easily with shit hype and fake anouncements à la Ripple or Omise.
That's how the market works sadly.

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Here is the circulating LINK Marine RANK structure:

- General of ChainLink: General Sergey Nazarov
- General: 500001+ LINK
- Lieutenant General: 250001-500000 LINK
- Major General: 175001-250000 LINK
- Brigadier General: 125001-175000 LINK
- Colonel: 750001-125000 LINK
- Lieutenant Colonel: 50001-75000 LINK
- Major: 35001-50000 LINK
- Captain: 25001-35000 LINK
- First Lieutenant: 20001-25000 LINK
- Second Lieutenant: 15001-20000 LINK
- Sergeant Major: 10001-15000 LINK
- Master Sergeant: 9001-10000 LINK
- Sergeant First Class: 7501-9000 LINK
- Staff Sergeant: 5001-7500 LINK
- Sergeant: 3501-5000 LINK
- Corporal: 1501-3500 LINK
- Specialist: 501-1500 LINK
- Private: 1-500 LINK

Sir! Glad to have you with us. How goes the memetics?

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If you believe Chainlink will have total monopoly just look at pic related or my link.
Smart oracles are already being done.


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I love the current situation. With all the ups and downs today i've been able to hold constant sell and buy orders and increase my total stash by 20%. Could do much better but still - i'm happy with what's going on right now.

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It makes you lose faith in people. The team is obviously good at making connections with industry people and marketing the project to them.

People actually believed 11k banks would use ChainLink in production right away. I can't believe it, what the hell is wrong with people. How are they unable to actually research and understand things?

"Only 5 banks." As if that's bad news.

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not feeling too well, sir...

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>what is the good news ?
BNP Paribas
Societe Generale

>It was a given for 80% of "investor" that 11k banks would use chainlink

was expecting SWIFT to confirm actual use of Chainlink at fucking SIBOS.

SIBOS was only ever going to be a demo.

You are a shitty liar.

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Sergeant Major here.

I want to HODL this to $100 per Link.

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>tfw big announcement
>Sergey announces the mystery investor
>and the mystery investor is.... Uncle Carl!
>finally I can rest in eternal slumber

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Consensus among many threads is that in about 3 years time we'll be way past $100 a LINK.

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This post sponsored by Blackmoon.

>> No.3955248

>dat Blackmoon logo
Way too obvious. Fuck off.

Also are "oracles" or even "smart contracts" even on there?

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Your stupid Russian bankspam crypto keeps falling in price because it adds no value.

It does the same thing as Azure Cryptlets.

You know what half-rhymes with

> Muh Oracles!!!!???

Mental disorder



You are a cult. This is /biz/

> Please get help


Do your part and respond to every LINK thread with this copy pasta

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We do not shirk when the enemy presents itself

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So what's next for LINK?

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just sell all your link NO LINKIE FAGGOTS


TRUE LINKMARINES NEVER SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(UNLESS $100)

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DO NOT expect the price to pump!
You'll only be setting yourself up for disappointment and increase the chance of your hands turning into jelly and selling.
Get ready for weeks maybe even months of FUD.
Forget about your investment.
Hold at least a year. You'll thank me then.
Meanwhile, invest in other coins you think have potential, or just chase p&d's.

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Are there any other legit exchanges so I buy BTC? I've reached my limit on CB.

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LINK mooning

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try 1000

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Nice digits. We're all gonna be rich lads.

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nice copy pasta shilling

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stay poor pajeet

>> No.3955460

Forgive me for doubting for even a second ;_;7

>> No.3955478

Corporal on the front lines, we just dropped to 0.00099 ETH, the whales are closing in for the upswing

>> No.3955549

Very happy with my LINKS right now. That's the thing when you're not holding a shitcoin : you don't care about dips or moons because you know in the long run you're holding a winner.

Just be patient folks.

>> No.3955567

>That's the thing when you're not holding a shitcoin : you don't care about dips or moons because you know in the long run you're holding a winner.

>> No.3955571

0.30 wtf

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>He's broken free from the Matrix

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Binance bots will run it literally to 0 if no new exchanges come.

The botters are aware new exchanges are about to be announced, meaning their game will be through. So now they're just squeezing the price into the ground while they still can.

>> No.3955640

I can't believe that shitcoin OmiseGo mooned after the CEO had a fucking skateboard with an Apple sticker, whereas LINK has announced partnership with SWIFT and five major banks and the price fucking tanks

Fuck this shit

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Praise kek

>> No.3955666

Pure manipulation.

There's a reason you actually go to big boy prison for doing this in mainstream finance.

>> No.3955682

this is only beneficial to us tho

gives us time to accumulate

>> No.3955685

Smart contract a part of eea goys


>> No.3955686

Do you think ChainLink is actively pursuing to be put on larger exchanges? Their seemly laid back style of business worries me. It doesn't make sense with so many advisers. They should fire four and add a PR team.

>> No.3955690

OMG cares about marketing and communication, they also worked hard to get it listed on exchanges. The Link team doesnt give a fucking about token holders or marketing.

>> No.3955725

Should I buy 3k LINK right now? Will this be the best decision of my life?

Can I stick my link on my Ledger nano s?

>> No.3955727

They definitely care about marketing to banks and industry people. Seem to be doing a good job of that at least.

>> No.3955730

Maybe the don't want to overhype the token, because it is just not a fully working product yet.

Maybe they wanted their token to be out there, but not traded at every exchange. There must be a reason other than that they are just lazy.
It can't be very hard to have an ERC20 token listen on a market.

>> No.3955734

Yes yes and yes

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doubt they are chasing, they are chess mate until official announcements by swift

>> No.3955736

>Do you think ChainLink is actively pursuing to be put on larger exchanges?

I give them 100% leeway for those weeks leading up to SIBOS, but they better make the exchange situation a priority in the days following SIBOS.

In the meantime, the Binance price is completely detached from any real or perceived value LINK has.
It's literally irrelevant.

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ERC20 token - and yes, definitely if oyu hold onto your link until $50-$100 you will be makeing good money. i have 18000 and this is the real deal. seriously


>> No.3955762

I bought this at .44 cents, am I fucked? Should I just sell and get some back? SRS

>> No.3955781

>The Link team doesnt give a fucking about token holders or marketing.

The LINK demo at SIBOS was arguably the biggest marketing event any crypto has ever had.
And best of all: LINK was the only external crypto dev to have this honor, and they were PAID to do it.

You cannot buy marketing like this.

But they better get to work on those exchanges.

>> No.3955794

They are under NDAs

>> No.3955795

You are even happy to see it dipping because you know it will be worth a lot in the future, so, you use his opportunity to sell high and buy back lower. I just made the equivalent of 2 hours of work at my shit fast food by doing this. It feels good

>> No.3955829

This. Exchanges also seem slower in general about adding new coins these days, especially Bittrex.

>> No.3955835

anyone know how to decode smart contracts?

this is the address of the contract creator for LINK


can we find a way to see what all those contracts are for? maybe we'll be able to figure out who's using it without the team telling us

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It looks like there's a support right here but people expect a new annoucement by the team soon.
If there's no good news and it's just empty bullshit again to please the crowd sell instantly because it'll dump.

>> No.3955875

Who else here /moving LINK off Binance as soon as another exchange is announed/

>> No.3955878

you mean the paid pajeet shills consensus

>> No.3955897

Guys, LINK has the nod from fucking SWIFT.

There is zero doubt this is going on new exchanges very soon.

In the meantime, completely disregard the Binance price, it is botted to hell and completely detached from reality.

>> No.3955917

Im gonna flip a portion of my REQ stack as soon as i can to buy more link before it moons

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Grinka.. they know

>> No.3955924

Good idea

>> No.3955934

Move link off Binance BEFORE another exchange is announced so you don't get fucked once Binance decides to keep all your link. You've been warned.

>> No.3955961

w-what? they cannot do that right?

>> No.3955964

sell it all.

>> No.3955994

wut?. The bots are ridiculous but Binance wont pull the same shit as Buttrex. Pretty much the only thing they got going on is that they add most of the new coins and they are hassle free.
People will get the fuck out as soon as they make a cheap move like that

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I would like too, but how do I get around these insane transaction fees?

Also they wouldn't literally take away Link right?

>> No.3956079

Oh god, man.
I feel terrible. Bought it initially at 13c, b4 Binance, rebought at 40c. Wasted moneys on other shitcoins.
Now I need 60c LINK to get x1 ROI.

I'm a poorfag who invested only $1000 that I can loose, but man it feels bad being $450 down to get nothing. I could've used this money to get a November weekend vacation or buy a new smartphone instead of my second hand overheating scratched Huawei.

The worst thing is I know I am a bad type of gambler.
So far I only wasted a total of $200 in casinos on 2 occasions. Not much but enough to realise that my brain goes blank once it finds a *free money* chance.
Now I can add another $450 to the total gambling loss.

And you know what? I still feel like gambling with LINK. I'm hardly resisting the urge to BUY MORE and reduce my price average. And I'm gonna hold the shit out of it until SmartContract becomes irrelevant or I at least x5 my investment.
Because I would definetely go rope-wojak if it moons after I cashed out at loss.

God, have mercy on me.

>> No.3956080

>be out $2 or $5k
up to you, friend.

>> No.3956093

Expect a huge influx from /pol/ when Brave ads start and they realize BAT could be the key to undermining Google.

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>The bots are ridiculous but Binance wont pull the same shit as Buttrex

why are linkies and binance shills so deluded

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Finally put all my LINK from Binance to MEW.
Feels like I took a huge shit.

>> No.3956118
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The wall WILL come down soon

>> No.3956130

Is there any reason that would make LINK not rise?

>> No.3956132


5 Link could be worth $500 in a years time. Why the fuck are they charging so much. Fuck sake, Coinbase only charged me like 14 cents to transfer the 5k worth of ETH over to Binance. That's left than half of 1 Link.

>> No.3956145

what makes them more reliable

>> No.3956166
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>green ID


>> No.3956168

You serious nigger?

>> No.3956174
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>> No.3956181

It's not a sketchy chinese future mt. gox, for starters.

>> No.3956184


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Isn’t Storing LINK on MEW is safer than leaving it on a shady chink exchange?

>> No.3956195

>My Ether Wallet is not a standard Web Wallet. It does not allow you to create an account and to store your Ether on their servers, they simply allow you create a wallet, which is yours to store and keep safe, and to broadcast your transactions on the blockchain through their full node.

>> No.3956214

We need a network of decentralized biz oracles to solve this problem.

>> No.3956223

stagnation, people realizing its too early for LINK to have it's current valuations.. its the next eth but people dont want to have their hands tied for the next year

>> No.3956237

I guess, I'll transfer my LINK to ED-associated wallet too.
It's basically the same thing as MEW

>> No.3956244
File: 629 KB, 2690x1954, Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 10.24.40 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Big whale doubling down. . .

Pic related

>> No.3956258

They are working on Microsoft with all of this. It’s what the NDA is for. I’ve heavily researched this. Been saying it for the last week.

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>> No.3956270

You genuinely made me feel good about my investiment
Thank you bro

>> No.3956276

Nah, I dodged that bullet.

>> No.3956281


yup. i said this as well and people responded "microsoft has their own solution. it's called cryptlets"

companies are partnering up with LINK and using it to develop their own proprietary solution. it does not mean they are not using LINK

>> No.3956285

guys nothing LINK does matters until its on more exchanges
it could literally be adopted by every company and government in the world but probably still go down to 4k sats

>> No.3956289

>people realizing its too early for LINK to have it's current valuations.

Hours before the demo we found out that these entities would be directly involved in Chainlink's demo:
BNP Paribas
Societe Generale

This alone should have made LINK moon and stay moon.

The current price is manipulated to hell and back.

>> No.3956314

how is that different from just creating a local wallet

>> No.3956327

about to buy 4.5k worth. I cant believe it dipped this much. Had i sold at 50cents id be set with muh LINKs

>> No.3956335


They already announced (rory) that it wasn't coming to any more exchanges

>> No.3956358

source? I really doubt rory gives any straight forward answers like this.

>> No.3956364


>> No.3956367

his ass

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>when youre occupied shitposting on /biz/ instead of finding moon missions and making big $$$

>> No.3956377

weak fud

>> No.3956384

Look at this post aswell

The people in biz are the very vocal small time link holders, people that spend like $10-1000 max. All the smart money and most the presalers are still in on link and I myself am even topping up my stack at these prices.

It’s better to invest early on something extremely promising with lots of room to grow than fomo buy in later once the pump has started.
Chain link is literally worth cents right now with the very real potential of being worth dollars in the not so distant future.

It’s an extremely wise investment, you’ve done well anon.

>> No.3956387

Can I store my LINK on metamask?
Is metamask relatively safe?

>> No.3956405

metamask doesn't "store", it just reads and writes to blockchain

but yes, it's fine

>> No.3956412
File: 54 KB, 677x535, 1506690615815.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck this and fuck you

>> No.3956421

I only got about 1kusd to fool around with

Will LINK make me rich anon

>> No.3956431

nigga you can't just trust screenshots, stop it

they didn't announce shit unless you can go and see it with your own eyes

>> No.3956435
File: 113 KB, 1180x1030, 1508290285763.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3956450

>green ID

In all seriousness, that is some of the most obvious accumulation ever. massive pump will be coming soon.

>> No.3956464

It's the same level of security, but you don't have to run a full node.

>> No.3956604
File: 22 KB, 485x443, 1507074529909.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

now tell me like im sub 80 iq

>> No.3956679

It means you can send and receive shit normally without having to do a lot of other shit to connect to the ETH network.

>> No.3956698

You need to type a pw and display your key in browser. So ye, it is pretty safe.
JK, it isn't. If you cant' code your own wallet script, you don't deserve ETH

>> No.3956739

desu i just want to store my shit on coinbase

im too much of a brainlet to store my shit myself, i'll lose it again or forget one of passwords or whatever

>> No.3956774

Guys, I got kicked out of the Slack earlier today because I called Sergey an autist. I was obviously talking in a joking manner. Is there any way to be deblocked or reinvited?

>> No.3956801

Hardware wallet tbqh. I feel so relieved not worrying about malware or keyloggers.

>> No.3956817

you fucking sperg

>> No.3956847


>> No.3956874

Nope. My username was Temnozor. I didn't even post much, mostly used it for monitoring. Can one of you guys ask rory to deblock me? I will mind my language more, but the Slack is important to keep up to date.

>> No.3956880

No. What kind of autist calls someone an autist outside of 4chan?

>> No.3956901

>- waiting for news tomorrow
already priced in

>> No.3956902

> implying the Slack is not 90% full of biztards

>> No.3956903

if you lose your shit you're a moron.

make 5 paper wallets, one at home, one in the bank, one at your moms house, one at your grandmothers house and one wherever the fuck else.

put the keystore file on usb sticks and do the same

buy a fucking hardware wallet

>> No.3956937


How can people not understand that SIBOS is MARKETING for LINK? How dense are these apes?

>> No.3956961
File: 9 KB, 300x300, 1507412042497.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do i have to redo the whole process every time i change the wallet balance

how does a hardware wallet protect against that

please forgive me, i think my fever is dropping my iq by about 40 points

>> No.3956986

>how does a hardware wallet protect against that
Keys never leave the usb stick and you have to confirm transactions using a physical button. Nothing for the malware to steal.

>> No.3957012



CHAIN LINK 1000mil supply ZOIN 21mil supply...


>> No.3957047

Yes we all know sibos is marketing but we are obviously referring to marketing to the general public.

>> No.3957093
File: 80 KB, 645x729, 1507471291269.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but i would just displace the key or lose it or have it stolen

>> No.3957108

I've seen the screen cap. IT WAS FAKE. He even confirmed it was fake on slack.

Why would they even confirm such a definitive position this early? Seriously this board is full of dumb people...

>> No.3957151

Luitenant General reporting.

>> No.3957163

>shoots up tomorrow
Jesus, just STOP.
You're setting yourself up to be let down.
Just hold for a year and STOP. FUCKING. FLINCHING.

>> No.3957176

no you don't have to redo it.

you would have to redo it if you decide you want to move all your funds to a new wallet.

srsly if you have any intent to put money into crypto, buy a hardwallet wallet today. shit will take forever to ship if you buy from the manufacturer.

until then paper wallet (or keystore file on a usb) and accessing it using MEW on a malware-free computer will work fine

>> No.3957207

Why would they market to general public? General public aren't the users of Chainlink, it's a fucking middle-ware between smart contracts and financial institutions.

Why does Joe Blow need to know about Chainlink beeing part of his Cuckapp payment transaction? It's like marketing to general public the technology that PayPal uses in their back-end. Nobody gives a fuck.

>> No.3957224

LINK Staff Sergeant reporting.

Realistic price prediction

> $10 - literal once-in-a-lifetime lottery win
> $5 - you should tap yourself on the back for 365 days straight
> $2 - feelsgoodman
> $1 - probably soon, especially if they get away from gook bot hell

>> No.3957246

Second Lt. reporting.

>> No.3957297

Why do you think 10$ is a lottery win?
Because you got in early or you think it's that unlikely it'll reach 10$?
And in what time frame?
I think 2-3 years from now this will be double digits no-problem.

>> No.3957326

I can store link on my hardware wallet? (trezor)

T. Brainlet

>> No.3957370

>Why do you think 10$ is a lottery win?

Because. That's just what I think.

Take a look at Link's marketcap. Try to be realistic. Try to be objective. Try not to gauge future prices by doing the "hmmm I have X amount of Link, if it goes up to $500...but better yet, if it goes to $1000...hmmm....might as well take it to BTC parity"

That's not how it works, wishful thinking doesn't affect the market. That being said, $10 per Link will be, in my opinion, the same shit as buying ANTs for 10 cents and riding it all the way right up until the ATH.

>> No.3957397


Lmao linkies keep lowering their expectations

>> No.3957445

>Lmao linkies keep lowering their expectations

Never lowered them boyo. Bought around 7K links at 6500...feel pretty fucked now with this dip but I'll ride it out.

That being said...$2 per LINK (short term, I'm not getting married to crypto) would be fucking ACE.

>> No.3957465

Trezor is only for BitCoin.

You need Ledger Nano S for altcoins.

>> No.3957498

No Trezor also works with MEW
t. Trezor owner

>> No.3957708

$300 dollar link in two years time, hodl

>> No.3957723
File: 103 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3957759
File: 5 KB, 251x215, 037817.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3957783

Yes, do it through MEW.

>> No.3957842
File: 151 KB, 1280x720, screaming.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Corporal reporting in and ready for war
I'm gonna go back to /pol and try to explain how crypto is the only way to undermine the JEW

>> No.3957848

Hate to break it too you all, but if you're in the slack channel you would realize that there will be no news tomorrow.

>> No.3957875

Anyone got the Binance app for Android?
You have to download it from this "chinese playstore" called MyApp, but when I installed MyApp it doesn't find Binance in its app-library. The link in Binances website just send you to the "myapp" download archive, not the actual Binance App.

>> No.3957884

Literally talked my coworkers into getting into crypto, and going all in on Link. I think I'm gonna take the rest of the week off.

>> No.3957959

God it's all fucking over.

I don't regret going all in on Link. It was a logical decision. I just regret the way things ended.

Sure it might recover, but I'm gonna miss out on so much moons waiting for this shit to gain traction that it was a huge loss. Fuck everything, if I would have just held BTC I'd be double what I am now.

>> No.3958023

Why would you trust that

The mobile site is good enough

>> No.3958044

tfw private

>> No.3958103

That's embarrassing and irresponsible.

>> No.3958141

Both Rory and Keanu have confirmed no communications are planned for tomorrow.
See >>3956527 and >>>3956527.

>> No.3958172

Lucky i was fast in lurking it on slack, sold my big pre sale bags.

>> No.3958180

I tried to trust it but I couldn't. Uninstalled it.
Glad to know the website works well on mobile, I got a trip this weekend and will use it then, don't wanna miss any other whale pump that will probably come after this forged dip.

>> No.3958249

Anyone else having trouble since the Binance new update? At least on Brave browser nothing is refreshing & the buy/sell books are blank.
Freaking resorted to trading inside Second Life.

>> No.3958267

Jelly? I sold yesterday. I will wait a couple of more days and buy back 2x.

>> No.3958292

Guys this dip is my fault. It was going to moon during sibos because I was convinced I was going to sell then, but I didn't. Trust me guys I can't hold a coin without it crashing. It probably isn't going above this ever again. Sorry again everyone

>> No.3958310


>> No.3958313
File: 236 KB, 1200x800, 334D120C-2215-45A1-9F72-D6594F70CBBE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy guys

>> No.3958356

No news tomorrow and that's priced in.

>> No.3958372

Do we see this coin dropping below 5000 sats before the hard fork? Deciding whether to buy more now or if there will be a bigger dip.

>> No.3958386

When's the fork?

>> No.3958388

It will dip. Friday will be a blood bath.

>> No.3958425
File: 139 KB, 394x360, 4L_amTaOnOc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was supposed to moon when I get home from wagecucking so I had a chance to add under 6k roooooooooooooooooooooooo

>> No.3958472


>> No.3958496

Volume and price increasing a bit

>> No.3958526

I have to say, chain link has had the greatest memes since eth, im just in it for the memes now.

>> No.3958551

What if Sergey is the ultimate troll and has multiple big exchanges and partnerships in the bag, is delaying the announcements on purpose to make the unbelievers sell, Only to release all the news of like 4 exchanges and tons of partnerships all in a single tweet?

>> No.3958634

literally says nothing about Friday

gj retard

>> No.3958718

hope the price movements will be the same

>> No.3958730

Yes! And in other news ISIS has taken a vow of peace and has embraced western culture. Today is a great day.

>> No.3958776

good for them but will that make LINK go up?

>> No.3958800

check keanu.i in the trading slack. Nothing will come tomorrow, be warned.

>> No.3959051
File: 231 KB, 1131x1431, t3_5l50bn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thats is just greed talking, you havent lost anything until you sell and the coin just launched. Cryptopeople are spoiled as fuck. Opportunity cost my ass, no other market is as crazy as crypto is. So what if you have to hang on for 6 months? In RL terms that is nothing.

>> No.3959062


>making partnerships

Cool, new exchanges confirmed!

>> No.3959129

why did LINK's volume just go up?
are the bots amping up for more dumping since it went up 2%?

>> No.3959239

can confirm

>> No.3959271


That person is probably more autistic than Sergey. This is what Keanu.i wrote just few days back, hinting that NEWS will come after SIBOS:

"We have a vision for the future and plans going forward, however the team prefers anything announced be composed by the team collectively, hence the wait until after SIBOS for any concrete news."

>> No.3959555
File: 26 KB, 619x453, cc1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw specialist

>> No.3959844

Were all gonna make it Specialist. Some will have to Hodl longer than others.

$350 in 3 years

>> No.3959867
File: 128 KB, 960x720, 1464729351920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi /biz/ bros. I got exactly 789 LINKs at the moment, please halp me reach my first 1k?



>> No.3959918


>> No.3959933

General here.

>> No.3959961

Sounds like you're the autistic one. He's not implying anything. Just saying that the only time they will mention news is when they have something concrete and everyone agrees on it. And not during the conference.

I really don't see how you guys are assuming this means news Friday. You are honestly probably too dumb to have money

>> No.3960041


80k Colonel Linkie reporting in

>> No.3960065

This is my only hope. I will unironically an hero if LINK is not AT LEAST $2 at EOY.

>> No.3960121

>Link drops to 1 sat on December 31st, 2017
>95% of biz an heros
>Sergey makes huge announcement with exchanges/partnerships
>Link moons to $100
>Only a few get rich
>Ridiculously high Link thread count drops dramatically as no one wants to buy in anymore
>Random shitcoins take over, balance is restored

>> No.3960145

how you gonna do it? i see it at a steady .60 eoy

>> No.3960166

after sibos does not mean friday, it simply means after SIBOS. It could be friday or next week or more. dont assume shit dumbass

>> No.3960184

just hodl fag

>> No.3960192
File: 655 KB, 225x234, gmagik2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


"Quick thoughts: I like ICOs that provide weekly updates. Regarding Chain Link. Buy the rumor sell the news. Textbook. I expected Sibos conference to be a let down as most conferences are. Backup the Brinks truck on District0x. Their first district is coming out this month. I think we're going on another run.


>> No.3960215

Lol he sounds exactly like the average LINK fuder on here.

>Huur the rumor durr the news
What fucking rumor?

What a retard.

>> No.3960236


>> No.3960242
File: 570 KB, 967x954, 1505412807398.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3960291

Wow! Niggers are really good at finance and it's important to listen to what they have to say! Just sold!

>> No.3960337
File: 538 KB, 1663x791, 1503131893149.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.3960488


>> No.3960489

Cpl reporting in.

Hodling the line for as long as it takes, despite ammo stores dwindling.

>> No.3960536
File: 59 KB, 574x863, 1480972171351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


wow you sound buttblasted, is that you Keanu?

> get 32 million USD from random people for meme token
> don't bother to communicate with your investors
> announce that there will be no announcements before or during the conference, but there might be some after but only if we feel like it
> publicly wonder why people require updates
> be shocked about the continuous update requests
> make 1 autistic Reddit post with nothing in it
> don't update your two Twitter accounts for several days

This is what happens when the CEO is also the programmer and marketing guy.

>> No.3960569
File: 18 KB, 248x189, laughing green frog man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sell Link
>buy distr0x


>> No.3960610

I don't care if they aren't very communicative.
I like LINK's pr a lot better than OMG's constant hype signalling.

But they better get to work on the exchange situation.

>> No.3960854

Pvt. ICObags reporting for duty sir yes sir

>> No.3961264
File: 569 KB, 1024x673, CL-biz-PC-I.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good evening Sir

Don't worry the news from General Nazarov will go a long way and the resupply lines will be bolstered a great deal.

Your Mythril hands will be greatly rewarded.

>> No.3961288

Welcome private! Always interested to hear a hodl-story amongst the ranks. What was the hardest time you had but maintained your bags?

>> No.3961390

loool amazing pic, your oc?

>> No.3961597
File: 414 KB, 772x804, 1507331400169.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3961931

who is the semen demon?

>> No.3962238

I dont give a fuck if theyre catering news to "investors", look where it got OMG. Nowhere.
If people people want to sell, let them fuck off.

>> No.3962352
File: 54 KB, 706x201, wtK6ozIzcugwSQdZquYlNrfbD6KL5uwgEIFlSaJd524.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No news tomorrow. Get ready for The Dumpening.

>> No.3962413

Kek at this thread was getting a bit tired of the digi marine pasta looking forward to great new content

>> No.3963409
File: 125 KB, 600x857, 1386931312990.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck it, about to buy another 1,000

>> No.3963552


>> No.3963641
File: 326 KB, 631x341, 1329331658909.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm gonna do it. My purchase is gonna be the spark that propels us beyond 6,000 satoshis forever

>> No.3964216


>> No.3964245
File: 643 KB, 1242x2208, 1DF3E5A6-4AA9-404D-B95E-6A1121BE4381.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3964287

It's over.

>> No.3964300


It's an 11,000 bank consortium. There's a lot (years) of work to be done.

>> No.3964301

Have Faith, Iron Hands Lad

>> No.3964316

just sold all of my coins

>> No.3964324

It says they're not integrating "fabric", whatever that is

>> No.3964327

Seems normal to me. Banks are going to be slow to adopt anything blockchain related.

>> No.3964428

If you actually read the article it says SWIFT says the PoC is very encouraging and they think blockchain is the way to go. What a bullshit fucking article. Fuck that asshole he probably just wants cheap LINK.

>> No.3964595

>its yet another post an article about the nostro related PoC and act as if it's related to LINK episode

fudders/linkies need to stop being so fucking retarded

>> No.3964676


I only have 56 LINK. Feels bad.

>> No.3964830

Binance will take 10% of your links when you transfer them out. feelsbadman.

>> No.3964841


I use Etherdelta, no LINK stolen, just some of the ETH used for gas.

>> No.3964971

Corporal reporting.
Operation success achieved. Iron hands shielding 2300 LINK from the evil ones.

>> No.3964975

>if I would have just held BTC I'd be double what I am now.
You me and every other shitcoin holder, we all got our shit pushed in senpai, just ride the wave.

>> No.3965288

This is the only, ONLY piece of fud that made my hands twitch, step up your fud game faggots

>> No.3965352

Your portfolio should be mostly Bitcoin, then Ethereum and then a much smaller percentage for shitcoins like Link.

anons, come on this isn't difficult. I don't want to see any unnecessary pink wojacks...

>> No.3965362

>not being all in on shitcoins


>> No.3965366

>All jellyhands who sold today will be on suicide watch when the price shoots up tomorrow
I was told the same thing when I sold at 10k except it was "when the price shoots up closer to sibos"
Guess I win. Hodl faggots left holding onto their dicks.

>> No.3965416
File: 26 KB, 600x400, CTeU0b5WUAIBhSZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bullshit, they take 5 link and nothing more, no matter how much you transfer you nigger. i send 80k link to my ledger and payed 5link for it you filthy cunt

>> No.3965425

thats 10% of anons link though
5 fee on 50

>> No.3965497

Colonel here. We've had a lot of turnover in our NCO class resulting in some superficial price dipping, but spirits have remained high in the war room, especially within the ranks of the presale veterans. All Majors are tasked with ensuring a strong hodl culture in the enlisted men below their rank. Selling will not be tolerated, forgotten or forgiven unless it is to a general accumulating. Over and out.

>> No.3965846
File: 469 KB, 500x464, d-delet.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sergeant Major
More like Sergeant BAGS

>> No.3965989
File: 2.96 MB, 4554x3036, linkmarines.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Lieutenant Colonel checking in

>> No.3966513

Remember men, as the wise saying of a great investor goes, "Buy when other's are fearful, sell when other's are greedy"

>> No.3966652

Do some simple math my friend.

>> No.3966679

>Buy when other's are fearful, sell when other's are greedy
is decent advice. i followed it and sold my link at 10k sats because of all the retarded shill threads that took over the board.

>> No.3966700
File: 255 KB, 587x546, 1507073382334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The true shill is that LINK is still 3x+ and all these "hyped" ICOs are burning dumpster fires.

>Ironically never went below ICO

>> No.3967148


The article mainly talks about Hyperledger Fabric, the actual blockchain which is only two months old.

The rest speaks glowingly about blockchain tech, and it even says SWIFT might simply use another blockchain instead of Fabric.

Whichever blockchain they use, Chainlink remains the key to entering external data into it.

And then there's these little gems:
>Swift has concluded that it’s “crucial” that integration with legacy back-office applications and co-existence with existing processes are taken into account.
>“Swift needs to bring a solution which minimises investment costs and allows co-existence with existing infrastructure and solutions.”

This screams Chainlink (which is low threshold, plug&play).

>> No.3967493
File: 53 KB, 751x545, IMG_20171020_111913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it will be on coss soon, other exchanges will follow

>> No.3967529

>tfw I don't have the cash to scoop up all this cheap LINK
Sucks man and as soon as I do have cash it'll be back up again. I always miss this shit.

>> No.3967645


>> No.3967665

Which one? And don't say shit like coss, because that's too low volume to count.

>> No.3967680

don't sell guys it's just bot manipulation and whale accumulating

>> No.3967687

Lmao. Coss is ED-tier, not even news worthy.

>> No.3967736

but...but eh... new exchange anon pls

>> No.3967744

how is this shit not on liqui?

>> No.3967792

>>3967744 talented dev team, but they're fags when it comes to the trading of the coin

>> No.3967829
File: 69 KB, 813x551, 1506709803601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>felt bad about being a private
>now I don't feel so bad about it anymore

>> No.3967858

Literally DGB 2.0
Just like the DGBtards, this is your punishment for spamming the board for so long with this shit.

Can't wait for those pink wojaks

>> No.3967876

Are you sure you aren't borderline retarded, anon? >>3967493

Are you blind? The pink Wojaks are already all around!

>> No.3967904

New exchange?! Nice. Time to buy back in.

>> No.3967923

I need more pink wojaks, this is small time pink wojak, my body won't be satisfied until the linkies pink wojaks have consumed all!

>> No.3967952

DGB mooned like crazy and all it had was a top spot in a parade of tech startups.

LINK hasn't even begun to moon, and it was the only external crypto to be showcased by SWIFT at SIBOS, after a year of development for SWIFT.

And right before the demo, we got news that a list of massive entities were directly involved in the demo, including Sony, AXA, BNP Paribas, ...

The current price development is 100% detached from reality, thanks to obvious manipulation on Binance.

>> No.3968092

>“Banks have said Swift has a role to play to make sure that the adoption is there by putting together a solution which minimises the integration efforts,” said Vanderveken. “Swift needs to bring a solution which minimises investment costs and allows co-existence with existing infrastructure and solutions.”

Actually it's the fucking main use-case of ChainLink.

>> No.3968100

The only thing that kills me is that i don't have any money to buy at these dirt cheap prices.


>> No.3968385
File: 582 KB, 1000x1166, 1494617891003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the dream is over linkies. you were dupped.

>> No.3968400

>the price is down, it's over

First day, anon?

>> No.3968404


>> No.3968421
File: 205 KB, 400x711, 1508080399678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shoot the messenger

This time, he IS the problem

>> No.3968878
File: 845 KB, 1031x569, LZ-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sir, good morning. It's looking grim, but the faithful are still holding. Also promotions are happening among those who are left who are smart enough to buy the dip.

We might be looking at the shakening 2.0/

>> No.3969123

SGT MAJ reporting in. The memes help Sir

>> No.3969242

I'm going to tell you guys this as a heads-up.

When LINK falls below $0.20 I will buy 500K LINK.