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phase 2 already u cucks.

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source nigger

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His ass

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It is from a two month old article from some random.

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this. its not difficult to hold with hands of diamond knowing that 11,000 banks will be using chainlink in 2018

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No fucking shit. All these weak hands selling clearly didn't research anything outside of /biz/

To the linkies firesaling your coins.... jesus fuck stahp letting /biz/ spend your money. They're just scaring the price down to buy more for cheap before this news gets announced. Have some fucking patience FFS

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>concrete discussions
>potential opportunities
> _if_ all goes well
>eventually be able


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tfw you considered buying in at 17c.

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T-they've already figured out phase 2?!

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>tfw linktards have no news so they have to use their 3 month old shills to dump their heavy bags on newfags

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Out of money from buying this juicy dip un real how low my average is now feels very good

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I'd accept rollerskates if they got me an OMG-level 10x pump

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>sibos controls all banks therefore they will use links
"will eventually be" is different to "will use"

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>tfw a WORST case scenario is only like 500-1,000 banks using LINK

If you aren't buying this now I hope you DIE poor

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(((if))) i guess the lottery numbers right I win xD

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SOURCE: https://www.americanbanker.com/news/the-race-to-connect-smart-contracts-to-the-real-world

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We're all gonna make it, linkbros

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just take a look at the sibos 2017 logo...I even started a thread with it ;)

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100x is only 14 billion market cap. we are gonna make it

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Can I buy link on bittrex?

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no sorry only binance

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When is the conference? Are we expecting a crash after it or what?

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What did they mean by this?

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this will get you more results :)

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they go by smartcontracts

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Sibos is Swift’s way of shilling their 11K banks that “crypto” (a scary term for normies unto itself) that the Big 4/5 tech companies are backing this shit and they can and should hop on the ChainLink fence instead of (((Bernanke))))

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Alright you fucking faggots I'm interested

I'm gonna sign up to Binance and buy some fucking LINK and see where this shitcoin takes me

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Good timing - it's on sale at the moment.

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How much LINK is needed for a good investment?

I want to profit out of this memery

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No less than 15k LINKs, bare minimum