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bleed out you filthy worthless piece of pig shit!

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Are you fucking retarded, the ETH price dropped because ETH rose. It's still 45 cents.

Holy fuck ur dumb.

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>the ETH price dropped because ETH rose

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lolol the eth price per link DROPPED because the price of ETH ROSE. there you fucks :P

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"It's still 45 cents"

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100% /biztard

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Well it is. Problem?

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>there gonna be time when /biz/ will swim in cash thanks to Chainlinks and still feel empty inside because no real love
>after years of crashing lambos and fucking asian whores most of /biz/ millionaires will kill themselves with helium bags

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down down down

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OP you retarded. Chainlink holding up like a motherfucker while most alts getting rekt

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you know that it's a P&D shitcoin. why fooling yourself and others?

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Only because ETH is going up up up. You retard.

The USD price is still stable, like it has been for nearly two weeks.

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are u familiar with the term "untermensch"? if so

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This would be so funny.
Like imagine a documentary about crypto millionaires killing themselves in inside an old lambo in some Asian country.

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You can adcquire the same amount of LINK with less ETH. Seems absolutely right for me, the price dropped because the ETH value has risen.

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Oh, i see my mistake here >>3854973