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Alright, some of you niggers might remember me from a few days ago. I'm the anon who's going to break bitcoin mining. I still can't say much, but I'm fucked up on 'ludes so I might let something slip. Pic related.

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Wow, just bought 100K

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Where are you getting quaaludes from? Those haven't been available since the early eighties.

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these numbers mean nothing faggot

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> larping this hard

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Can I buy some ludes OP? They haven't been available for like 30 years and I really miss them

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No your not, he'd never say nigger or anon. He was a newfag.

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Came here to post this.

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If you NEET kids knew anything you'd know where to get them.
Top kek, I had that thread up about 15 minutes before spooks started attacking.

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Cough Cough
DIdn't have an opportuinty to post this last time. Save Quick

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Wow it all makes sense now thanks OP just bought 100k B)

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Ok, not posting that again kek
hope you saved it
and, if you did understand it, I hope you SOLD 100k :^)

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D-wave qubit simulation?

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just end it already, there is no point going on

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I sold and bought 100k

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What’s the pic fag

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