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Remember to only create new threads AFTER the old one has reached its bump limit of 300 posts.

Exchange - Current Price 234 Satoshi:

Buy DOGE with fiat:

Mining guide:


Useful sites:

Free doge:
http://indogewetrust.com (promo codes: "install gentoo" or "suchpromo", "such bad doge many sorry", "buildandshoot.com", "sent ;)" or "buy amd")


Want the DOGE coin to succeed? This is how you can help:

Ask btc-e to add DOGE to their exchange:

Donate to the original doge owner:


Join #do/g/ecoin at Rizon now.

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Slow morning fellow shibes

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How do I steal Doges?

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>mfw this block is almost twice as long as predicted...

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They're very aggressive dogs, I don't recommend it

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I'm at 77/77 shares at 198khash/s . Anybody know how do I get doge in my wallet? I have no idea what comes after I let the program running.

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Are you signed into your pool? Check your dashboard

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it may take a while for a block to be solved, sometimes even as long as a day, but even if you were to quit now you'd get some coins when that happens since you've got shares

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This is what I got from there. What does it mean? Sorry if I'm too misinformed. I'm new to this. Once I get it running I will start donating.

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Forgot pic

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I'm going to nap. It's too cold outside.

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the "unconfirmed" will probably confirm in like 10-20 minutes and you'll be able to withdraw them from the "Edit Account" page

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you need to wait till it is conformed, then you can cash out under Edit Account

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Thank you, kind fellas. Another question. Will I fuck up my GPU if I let it running all night? It's a seasoned Nvidia GTX 580

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>tfw sold my 500 Potcoin for 35€
>tfw feeling guilty as fuck

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you did what nigger

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no problem. your card should be alright. there is no guarantee, but I think almost everyone leaves their shit mining during night

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I mean I was happy at first but after I got the money, I saw the name of the guy who bought it and man I felt really bad.
Should I just buy Dogecoin with it and donate everything to get rid of the guilt feel?

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reminder that today is the first day of bobracing

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keep an eye on the temperature while mining for a while to be safe, but if it doesn't lose its shit under heavy load gaming it should be fine

>tfw when the same card

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Then I'll let it roll all night. Unless you're trolling me to burn my shit up, in which case, fuck you nigger.

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You'll never get rich with that attitude.

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your pc doesn't care if you are awake or not. it should be fine:)

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Reminder that they're never going to mention dogecoin

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>/biz/ - Business & Finance

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still fun. we could tweet the broadcasters and ask about that doge we have heard before, maybe they'll mention it

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fuck off back to reddit with your shitty pseudo-meme

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We made this board, we are your overlords.

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You're welcome for the board, /pol/

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Some day we'll get the recognition we deserve.

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i'm looking for other coins to mine since this is not worth it after the halving. what do you guys suggest?

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It'll be worth it again eventually. Nyan has been worth watching though.

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I'm mining corgi and buying doge.

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Wait you can exchange corgi for doge? I have like 10,000

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>sent ;)

A sexy trap

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4 hours 50 minutes remaining

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You can sell it for BTC and then buy DOGE.
Your 10k worth 0.0001 btc.

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ty ty

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Hmm that's better than nothing

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i'm preety sure the niggers won't say a thing about dogecoins

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Yeah, I think they aren't allowed to advertise unlicensed sponsors.

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maxcoin profits are good right now

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mfw, i dumped spoderman coin to contribute hash power to pnd. ;__;

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How is spoderman doing?

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>register an account at spoderman pool day before yesterday
>set card to mine spoderman before going to bed yesterday
>wake up to find the pool never came online

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Should have mined something a little more Panda™

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i know raddit is pleb as fuck and this is old, but i just saw this and it made me laugh


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I miss Santa ;_;

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he give me 2500 Đ in the last threat


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reddit has made some pretty good OC

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when I get a million panda I'm going to do something like that.

keep it on my mantelpiece as a lulz trophy.

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I agree

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>paper wallet
>holding long term

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/r/dogecoin links are fine here, for the most part. A lot of us have a presence there to keep up with news and shill + tip dudes.

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panda isn't going to ever be worth anything in my eyes.

hence trophy.

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morning amdoge

>> No.38627

127mh/s net rate.

got my million PND, now to choose spodercoin or magic internet money... choices choices...

..back to potcoin.

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>not being a transhumanist
>not knowing the singularity is almost here
>not knowing you'll be able to buy planets with panda in the year 3000

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I've got unconfirmed dogecoin in my poolsite account. Anybody know how to turn them confirmed? and how to send them to my wallet?
Thank you mighty shibes.

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when the machines rule over us, will they accept all cryptocurrency?

>> No.38651

Litecoin screwed themselves over long-term because the machines will see that they tried planting trees

>> No.38654

everything except UNO
that's owned by too many furries.

>> No.38657

just wait bit, it'll confirm on its own automatically

>> No.38669

maybe as a way of placating the fleshbags.
transhumanists are generally materialists, tho, and refuse to consider the spiritual archons that may exist

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Anyone wanna give the flappy doge game I made a try?


Would appreciate some feedback.

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Go into your account settings and enter your wallet address for when they eventually confirm

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And then I'll be able to send it to my wallet?

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This is 10x better than the previous flappy doge

>> No.38683

Well done.

>> No.38694

Holy shit I'm fucking awful at this

How do I play the vidya gaem

>> No.38704

holy shit i hate this ame

>> No.38722

yep, might have to set it up in the "Edit Account" or "My Account" page at the pool

>> No.38756

Thanks, it means a lot to me!

Don't worry, my highscore is like 18 or something

So, any ideas how I could promote this game? Or maybe get in contact with a faucet for some rewards for all the frustration of dying?

>> No.38778

Well, first thing's first, you should post it on reddit, and I'd definitely talk to a faucet to see if you can buddy up with them.

Post it in the dogecoin [ANN] Thread and just shill it wherever you can, including right here. I'm sure amDOGE would add it to the thread copypasta

>> No.38784

Post in on /r/dogecoin and you'll get like 500+ upvotes i guarantee it, and PM and admin and try to get them to add it to the sidebar in the links section or something

Also put your dogecoin address below the game so people can donate to you

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those are great ideas, I will give them a try!

>> No.38803

Sorry It's late, I meant to PM one of the mods on /r/dogecoin not an admin

Good luck man I love it

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>Also put your dogecoin address below the game so people can donate to you
>Also put your dogecoin address below the game so people can donate to you
>Also put your dogecoin address below the game so people can donate to you




>> No.38838

why this isn't in OP

>> No.38840

Make a thread, you will recieve a lot of tips.

And do this:
>Also put your dogecoin address below the game so people can donate to you

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thx santa for the 2500Đ
going to the moon now


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Where should I make a thread? Here? Which chan?

Thanks for all the support!

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Because people should be using the regular wallet. If someone complains about it then it's time to link the light wallet.

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The first blocks only had a 0.1 reward anyway, they are now at the standard 50.

You didn't lose much.

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>> No.38860

>going to the moon

Pick one and only one.

>> No.38862

Dear amDoge,

Would it be too much of a problem to include my awesome dogecoin related game in the general from now?

Here is the link: http://flappydoge.net/

Best Regards,


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this will await you

>> No.38874

Is this your thread?


>> No.38875

yeah, I made a thread there yesterday, but it only got like 20 upvotes and got buried

guess I'll try again tomorrow!

>> No.38884

mnah, guess somebody highjacked it. tednet is my reddit name.

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>> No.38892

Dude we warned you to make one fast! That dude just got a 5,000 coin tip! PUT YOUR ADDRESS ON THE WEBSITE

>> No.38889


I hope you brushed up on your math skills m8

>> No.38896


Make another thread, because somebady is cashing on the tips.

>> No.38898

this is the one from last night!

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Yup, someone is stealing your work and your tips



For future reference don't post things you make here first, because people jack it and steal your money.

To whoever posted that on leddit, I know youre reading this, and you're a real piece of shit.

>> No.38916

yup need more to ge in + but its a nice start!

>> No.38912

Ok, but please get your address on the website because a lot of people are going to be stealing it, at least they will know how to tip the actual developer if they are suspicious

>> No.38926

Thanks for all the support guys! Putting in my address as we speak on the game :)
And thanks to whoever whiteknighted me on the highjacked thread! <3

Here's my thead:

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>> No.38936

Ok let's upvote this one guys

>> No.38938

much love! so thank

>> No.38940

Incoming upbutts

Fucking, I've got like no tipz left on leddit

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oh very well done anon

i hope your not thinking of stopping

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Keep going

>> No.38960

Future reference, whenever you post something cool like this on leddit let us know so we can shill it, because there's a lot of junk that gets washed through that place.

Definitely hit up the mods of the sub to add it somewhere, and you should talk to them about advertising it as well, since half the ads there are shitcoins anyway.

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>> No.38966

>tfw card is artifacting after 8 months of mining
Welp, time for a new card.

>> No.38972

thank you, I will discuss business decisions here from now on :)
anyways, I tipped whoever whiteknighted me on leddit.
much love guys!

>> No.38973

Carry on soldier

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>> No.38987


>> No.38989

stop now, santa gave it to you and not to doge-dice

they have enough

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Thanks, I hope you get a lot of donations/tips.

>> No.39019

what strategies are you using?

>> No.39070
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okay, http://flappydoge.net/ was updated and now I have a donate button when you die.

I've got my address in the page that opens.

Hope you have an amazing day guys, I am going to have lunch and go study for exams!

Much love, flappydoge out!

>> No.39101

Good job anon, go shill that shit all over facebook and reddit once you get a chance

>> No.39119

How about no?

>> No.39144


>> No.39148


My sides

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The only winning strategy : don't bet, only invest.

>> No.39180


Fuck, nice. Props to you.

>> No.39194

Well done anon

>> No.39200

>to the moon
QED this guy is strung out on soy sauce.

>> No.39216


>> No.39214

In space nobody can hear how you say dogecoin

>> No.39222

donated 444 doge, ty for this anon. We need developpers like you to spread this coin over the internet

>> No.39247

We aren't at the moon yet, but we're all gonna make it bruh

>> No.39243

Goddamn i remember watching these homestarrunner video's when i was a little kid
Nostalgia'd hard

>> No.39280

bet at 33.33% 11 if win do it again
if not bet 22 then 33 then 44 than stop and bet 0.0001 until u win again


>> No.39289

I hate slow days.
I'm losing confidence when nothing is happening.

>> No.39297


>> No.39316

I don't understand why you guys buy (x)coin. Its an obvious sham you will end up losing money.

>> No.39318

>only 1 million panda

>> No.39327

People are starting to use them for many different transactions, and that's all that's needed.

>> No.39330

fuck you I only have 100k

>> No.39339

amDoge you still mining Panda?

>> No.39344

Fine, don't mine then. More shitcoins for me

>> No.39346

Only 2.5 million.
>tfw missed the train


>> No.39356

much thank!

>> No.39358

Buy MINTcoins they're the next big thing.

>> No.39366

Link to (x)coin?

>> No.39371

>implying there's a train

>> No.39377 [DELETED] 
File: 296 KB, 2526x1248, much win wow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are these Pandacoins gonna be worth anything? I haven't payed much attention to it before now.

>> No.39380

>implying if there was I wouldn't have missed it

>> No.39386


>> No.39388

They are worth what everyone wants them to be.
We went into it with the mindset that these will be worth NOTHING.
If we can make something out of it, it would be cool though.

>> No.39400 [DELETED] 

My GTX 570 is capable of 200 kh/s, is mining panda worth it?

>> No.39406

Good to hear, also really nice and almost reibungsloser start yesterday.

>> No.39413

It's a clone of DOGE and we're at difficulty 6.5 right now with next diff being 7.5.
If these won't be worth anything you will get nothing.
But who knows, you will have to make your own decision.

>> No.39414

Well, we will have a few sad people according to >>39028.

>> No.39419
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update 1.1 to 1.2

>> No.39432

these sad people didn't deserve those, right? so, they shouldn't be sad I guess.

>> No.39438 [DELETED] 
File: 34 KB, 600x613, doitfaggot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>your whole balance at 2x multiplier

>> No.39445

Don't worry about things like that doge.
It's logical that people will whine in situations like that but it had to happen so everyone else gets paid.
Also he didn't earn those anyway it was a PPS mistake, right?

>> No.39456

They did but only a small part of it. The pool was also locked for a short time due to the share spam where people could have made more legitimately.

It was hot air, yes.

>> No.39457 [DELETED] 

Are they even listed on an exchange yet?

>> No.39484
File: 51 KB, 440x268, 123583415315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

downdate 1.2 to 0.0

>> No.39490

no and afaik it's not even something we are really prioritising.

>> No.39502

don't worry anon.

just get more doge and you'll make it back again easy.

>> No.39522
File: 68 KB, 500x500, 1392383104070.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not betdoge

>> No.39533

Where do I go to gamble?
Time to double my doge.

>> No.39549 [DELETED] 
File: 244 KB, 501x648, 1390458406592.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Casinos I know of:

Have fun goy

>> No.39557 [DELETED] 

should be doge-dice.com

>> No.39563

Thank you kindly Mr. Silverstein.

>> No.39569

is there a way to filter posts with certain words in it?

>> No.39575
File: 1.33 MB, 400x240, 1390853811092.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Daily reminder to backup wallet.dat

>> No.39584
File: 10 KB, 463x225, planned.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone was asking what to mine next.

>> No.39593



>> No.39602

welp meant to post this


>> No.39603


>> No.39647

> Pokercoin

pls go wil

>> No.39656 [DELETED] 
File: 196 KB, 866x530, 1392561994931.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Learn to pull out dude. I managed to turn 400 doge into 15k (I was probably lucky as fuck though).

>> No.39723

are you a wizard?
do you have any tips on how to play this? just put in 200 doge.

>> No.39737

the only winning move is not to play.
or to be the casino owner.
except the house never wins

>> No.39744

hello fig newton

>> No.39745 [DELETED] 

I just played at 3% win chance and made tons of bets. Occasionally I tok a risk and was lucky, so I doubled my balance at least 3 times till I finally decided to quit at 15k.

Gambling doesn't guarantee anything, be extremely careful and never gamble with money you'd be emotional about losing.

>> No.39776

After Santa's gift last night I'm feeding broke faucets. Is this what a soul feels like, /DOGE/?

>> No.39788

sounds like something a pussy would say.
i'm here to gamble, damn it. 200 DOGE won't ruin me.
used to make money playing those lotto games on silk road back in the day.

Damn, you've got some huge balls on you anon.
Only put in 200 to play around with. I'm fairly disciplined too so I should be alright.
Thanks for the tips!

>> No.39826

I'm new to this whole crypto coin thing, do you actually make money from this? Is this just a big joke? I mean Dogecoin what the fuck.
How much money do you make?

Not looking for in depth answers because I'm sure I can Google them and if everyone came to these threads looking for that then it would be a pain, but would anyone care to give a rough outline?

>> No.39833

you better visit www.reddit.com/r/dogeoin

>> No.39837 [DELETED] 

I was in it from day 2. I mined 300k and once it hit an exchange I sold the 0.2 BTC I had at the time to buy over 2 million DOGE.

I sold most of it during christmas and bought a MacBook Pro for it.

>> No.39839

or even www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin

>> No.39843

that's better

>> No.39845

>and bought a MacBook Pro for it
with a discrete GPU for further mining, or can the Iris Pro do that

This is not trivial, I'm getting this 2011 Shitbook replaced with a 2014.

>> No.39866 [DELETED] 

I used my gaming rig to mine the coins. Forget about mining with a laptop, you need some seriously beefy graphics cards and cheap power in order to profit from mining now.

>> No.39863

You mean you will manage to turn 400 doge into 0 doge?

>> No.39874

Uh, why would that make you feel guilty?

>> No.39876

>sounds like something a pussy would say.

yeah probably.

maybe it's time for me to try my hand at something a bit less stable.

>> No.39877

>Forget about mining with a laptop
My employer doesn't issue anything else at this point. Also, stupid CERT telling me not to use company hardware and resources for personal profit, who do they think they are

>> No.39886

I know that feel.

any time I beg I just feel guilty and throw it either at another anon or some random good cause.

>> No.39884 [DELETED] 

Not quite. I deposited 398 DOGE, gambled my way up to 14800 DOGE, then I withdrew 14200 to my wallet.

After that I turned those 600 into 5k, then I lose those 5k I quit.

>> No.39894

Yes. We need to keep the flow of doge moving. Hoarding is no good. I usually save a bit and pass a bit on.

>> No.39892

>or some random good cause
gib list of dogefriendly good causes plox

>> No.39910

Same, i never gave a single penny to anything in my life, not to the homeless or any good cause whatsoever.
And now my reddit dogetipbot is at around 40k doge and that doesn't even count the several thousands i donated around here

>> No.39917
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> find dry faucet
> send Ɖ100
> faucet no longer dry

feels good man

> captcha

prophetic mang

>> No.39918

There's one of those see-saw carts that rides across the rails filled with hobos

>> No.39925

Is there a doge poker site? I know there's a bitcoin one.

>> No.39930

next there'll be PKR dog adoption site

>> No.39929

Don't do anything rash now, I couldn't live with myself knowing I led an anon down the path of destruction.
Only spend what you can afford to lose, and even though it might be tempting to go over that, don't. Once you do, you'll never stop.

>> No.39935

I know there's a video poker one, but that's no fun. We need to have one thats actually five people competing. High-stakes poker game as Casino Kabosu.

>> No.39940

OK, I got langerhans' Android wallet on my phone but I mistakenly thought it would connect to my desktop accounts instead of generating new ones.

Is there an import feature or should I be using some other Android app? My desktop wallet's encrypted if that makes any difference.

>> No.39946

Is there a portable wallet app? I'm trying to get started but I'm on a computer without admin access at the minute.

>> No.39947



>> No.39950

Probably not, unless you fuck about and copy the wallet.dat manually, though I have no idea if that'd work or just make things worse. If everything doesn't work, then just transfer the doge between the two.

>> No.39957

See above. If you're on iOS you're fucked, Apple banned crypto wallet apps.


>> No.39971

Awesome, ofc and doge. Thanks

>> No.39976


Every /biz/nessdoge needs to read this

>> No.39997

if 40K get then dogecoin will be worth 100 dollars by the end of this year

>> No.40005

dogecoin is kill now

>> No.40013


>> No.40010

Sharing adresses between different wallets will just mess everything (especially with the "change" address automatically generated, but not displayed).
It may be a bit inconvenient, but it's better (safer) to simply transfert a part of your funds to a completely separate wallet.

>> No.40015

Remember to get bop'd in 37 minutes

>> No.40016

Bateman pls leave

>> No.40023

I'm just starting in an attempt to mine, but can't seem to connect to the pool.
There are only three things I think the problem could be.
1.Do I need to put any folders or files in the Doge roaming file to start mining?
2.Do I actually put "stratum+tcp" in the .bat file?
3.Do I need to specify a port in the .bat file?
I followed the guide so I think it should work.

>> No.40024


>> No.40029

Thanks for the explanation before I broke something. It's already enough work to maintain a 25-character-long passphrase every time I tip.

what are you talking about

>> No.40032


>> No.40037


I can't believe how money made me use reddit to help achieve my goals.
That's so sinister.
Can I be one of the god's chosen people now?

>> No.40039

Then that would be the problem. I did not specify a port thank you very much.

>> No.40042

2 and a half hours til bobsled

>> No.40045

>Can I be one of the god's chosen people now?

Go read about Ruth and Naomi. If you're leaving tips to poor doges, you're there already.

>> No.40048

Is anybody streaming?
Is such a thing even physically possible?

>> No.40051

Eh, the r/Dogecoin is mostly made up of /g/entoomen anyway. The rest are the plebs you are supplying your day trading profits.

>> No.40053

Bobsled starts in 30 minutes.

>> No.40056


yeah, I'll be in church but the DVR's on it

>> No.40063


Bind on Pickup?

>> No.40066

Yeah, it is. One asshat on /tv/ streams every show worth watching on sunday nights. The cockgoblin fucks with the audio or plays anime over certain parts, though.

>> No.40072

Bobsled should be shown on TV but hereare some streams:

>> No.40074
File: 33 KB, 615x364, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.40091

I thought our team was four man?

>> No.40096

No, that was Cool Runnings 1

>> No.40118
File: 22 KB, 624x262, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Two-man Two-doge

>> No.40154

Is there a ComicCoin?

>> No.40184


there is a twitter tipbot now? damn

>> No.40190

been out for ages

>> No.40240

i wonder if i put my 100k in will i win back or lose all?

>> No.40303

Jamaica dogesled team soon

http://www twitch tv/glubend

>> No.40295

cgminer.exe --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://stratum.netcodepool.org -u [Username.WorkerUsername]i -p [password for worker] --thread-concurrency 3336 -I 10 -g 1 -w 256

Am I doing something wrong? Every time I run the .bat it just closes out.

>> No.40308

Btw I am using AMD GPU.

>> No.40315

you're missing rhe pool port after


>> No.40319

Only one way to find out!

>> No.40317

Thank you I will give you a handy if you ever need one.

>> No.40323
File: 18 KB, 832x107, 12336572545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

going big folks


>> No.40322

>You have exceeded the pools configured PND warning threshold. Please initiate a transfer!
What is that?

>> No.40329

Just a warning to move the PND to your own wallet in case the site gets hacked. It's not mandatory.

>> No.40331


>> No.40342


>> No.40339

if that's all you got, please don't do it mongol friend, you gonna lose (if you win something, immediatelly pull off)
>t. romanian

>> No.40347

stream anywhere?

>> No.40368

imma going to invest! hope win!

>> No.40364



>> No.40373

oh, investing, ok

>> No.40369


>> No.40381

You must've been touched by God himself. 3% is so ridiculous I had to up it to 30%.

Don't bet it all at once now, & set a limit for yourself of how much doge you want to lose before calling it quits.

>> No.40388

woschlong get out

>> No.40390

Yes, sell everything.

>> No.40385

Is DOGE dead?, been out of the loop for a few days.

>> No.40394
File: 37 KB, 752x653, Unt5555itled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

daily reminder that Dogecoin owns the market

>> No.40404

Oh, wait, I finally won something.
Still in the red though, so I'm staying with 30%.

>> No.40418

When was the last time Santa posted? I don't want him to be gone forever ;_;

>> No.40437

santa is an ass


I've not been able to get this damn song out of my head for days.

>> No.40432

it's dead, you should give all your DOGE to me for free.

>> No.40439

jamaica is up in 30min

>> No.40451

so is Mt Goy actually re-opening soon or is that just a hoax?

>> No.40465

I think they are getting bitcoins and fiat pushed into them by rich bitcoiners to push them out of insolvency.

who knows that might have just been a rumour

>> No.40463

Like anyone would trust that shit heap again.

>> No.40516


I've been mining a little potcoin on the side. What's the scoop on this coin?

>> No.40535

some people like it some don't

I stay away because

but that draws others into it

>> No.40531
File: 291 KB, 1241x1893, 1386963204298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Desktop wallet or web wallet?

>> No.40532

are you ready for the Jamaicans?


>> No.40543

offline wallet

web wallets are just not as secure.

>> No.40540

Always desktop.

>> No.40572

Why isn't my dogecoin wallet working anymore? It says something about a "-server" option, even though it was working fine yesterday and I didn't change anything.

>> No.40564

>Dutch sled
fucking 10/10

>> No.40575

post full error

>> No.40582

lel japan

>> No.40596

japan fail

>> No.40599
File: 76 KB, 516x377, doge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.40609

open the dogecoin.conf in your appdata, set server=0 and daemon=0

or, set rpcpassword=

to a long string with upper, lower, and special characters

>> No.40621


If you're not in here get the fuck in here.

>> No.40623

what's the last version of the wallet? mine is 1.5

>> No.40626


>> No.40644



>> No.40639

It wants me to sign up
keep us informed bro

>> No.40651

should i update?

>> No.40652

Ausfalia came off a turn on 2 runners at like 30 degree tilt, recovered and finished.

>> No.40655

they're on

>> No.40656

Always updated. I don't know why this is even a question.

>> No.40662

so... how much do you have to invest in doge-dice to expect a reasonable inflow of jew gold?

>> No.40672

Jamaica last place

>> No.40674

can i have a download link, please?

>> No.40676


>> No.40678

They're shit.

2.17 seconds behind pace after 1 run.

>> No.40668
File: 661 KB, 955x535, ss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.40685


>> No.40691


>> No.40698


>> No.40732

they're not the only team at that

>> No.40851

Does anybody else also contribute to the World Community Grid while they mine?

>> No.40883

Is there a way to get my dogecoin wallet into multibit?

>> No.40948
File: 417 KB, 610x350, esportcash.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you guys think about esports money wise? I think it is a very good way to earn some extra money and some people even make a living playing esports such as LoL/Dota 2/Starcraft 2