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>everyone is red and losing money on their alts

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Plus 700% in a month. Lol be poor feg

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what you holding?

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currently only BTC and XRP, 80:20

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Of course he's an xrp shill

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I don't fucking care about XRP lol, I'll sell it the moment it changes trend
I jumped on it a few days ago only because my scripts were signalling to get in

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swear i saw this pic on reddit

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here's the 3 months version, fresh screenshot

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can i have 10 dollar pls

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the fuck you gonna do with 10 bucks

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Cheap lap dance

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can u send me some btc pls


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That's really impressive. What was your journey?

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My mission is to actually gain coin by begging, please op


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>tfw we started on the same day but I'm up only 25% from start

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someone send this sorry fuck some coin

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? on what nigga

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There was a time when I would have sucked dick for $10.

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fuck off fucking beggar shits
fine tuned buy/sell signal scripts and bots, always selling the spikes, always buying the good dips, thats all
also finding the good coins with low market cap before anyone else

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Did you make your own bots, or just adjust other's?

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I forced my brother, who is really into python, and software development, to make me them, I told him what I need and he eventually wrote them

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where can I buy or download these bots ?

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Damn. You're gonna help him out with your gains, right? Any chance I could get any tips on some good bots? If you know any.

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they are custom made, not for sale, write your own
>You're gonna help him out with your gains, right?

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I was your brother I'd charge you for at least the 20% of all your gains

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I mean, forcing your autistic brother to help you and then running away with his help isn't the nicest thing to do. He's your brother; you only get one.

Sounds like he bullies him.

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he lives in my apartment, free of rent, with free electricity, free water, etc...

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i can write my own bots i just need help with the signals.

calling the api and scraping data is a cinch, the real money is the magic triangles that, at the end of the day, are purely speculative and could be wrong.

whats your success rate?
would you care to share some data?

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So did you with your parents. Are you going to give them nothing, too?

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with shitty simulations, and some field testing, the success rate is around 60%
obviously in a real market this would be closer to 51% max or not even that
but in this laughable bull market (yes even the red months) you can basically throw your money at anything and still get gains because everyone who trades is hyper emotional and hyper sensitive
so with specifically the crypto market the success rate is ~80%, the buy and sell signals are almost always right, the trend changes are extremely predictable
I use a mixture of EMAs, derivates, my own functions, elder rays, fibonacci levels, volume oscillation, volume rate of change, macd, bollingers, stochastic momentum , elliot waves, on balance volume, and various other pattern searchings and fractal pattern seekings
of course on top of that I always incorporate the news, rumors, and market changes into the decision, the script cannot calculate with those
but he isn't a child anymore, and he is a NEET, living off of me, refuses to get a job

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Clearly he's already paid some of his worth and time by helping you. But I guess it was all you, right?

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you know he can use his own scripts, I didn't steal it from him, he can buy and sell coins with it too, I even taught him everything I know about these indicators and indexes and investing in general

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Sounds like a lot of indicators. I don't really see how it all can be predictable, I know a bit about technical analyses but no clue it would actually be useful.

If you are not larping good job.

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dont get me wrong, I don't intend to sound like I'm some kind of master invester, or a genius

this market is RIDICULOUSLY easy

I just had the balls to throw a lot of money at a lot of coins, and keep doing it

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makes sense, thanks for the tips.

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Might I ask where you get historical and live crypto data from and if you partition the coins in market cap classes or do they behave similarly enough to not classify them?

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>Might I ask where you get historical and live crypto data from
no, that's a secret, it was a pain in the ass to solve this
>if you partition the coins in market cap classes or do they behave similarly enough to not classify them
I use volume+marketcap classification, both data define a class, and no, they don't behave the same

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for example the fucking websocket from Bittrex or any other exchange with an api
are you literally retarded?

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>no, that's a secret, it was a pain in the ass to solve this
is it free and will I find it on the web with enough effort though?
>I use volume+marketcap classification, both data define a class, and no, they don't behave the same
Nice thank you very much. Are you working on different time scales? I thought about doing short holds with minute candles and data from only a few hours back to longer holds, lets say days with bigger candles. I would say the longer holds are riskier though because so much can happen in between. Whats your take on it?

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Bittrex API

Btw this TA larpfag is taking you for a ride with his Bollinger bands and Fibonacci retracements and fukoyashi clouds and the double wide tension stream and macdonald markers and upsie downsie turney durney waves

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>Btw this TA larpfag is taking you for a ride
what makes you say that?

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I'm not an idiot but you could have multiple exchanges and cryptocompare or coinmarketcap at once or just focus on one marketplace

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Because TA literally does not work in crypto, TA in crypto works because if one person guesses up and another person guesses down, one of them will be right and make a thread about it.

Anyone who claims to have a huge success rate based on TA is literally bullshitting.

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trend changes are very easy to see and predict
and crypto is a very easy market, everything works here, maybe not for the reason I think they do, but my buy and sell signals are mostly right

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gimme 1000 then

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i noticed that. but factoring in the pyschology of the crowd and how anybody that draws some lines on a chart and starts shitposting on twitter can affect the ups and downs, i think theres a new sort of TA here strictly for cryptos.


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How do you plan your entry/exit into shitcoins? Talking about percentages.

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What the fuck are you talkng about OP? I-I'M RICH!! STAY P-POOR, P-POORFAG

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>my scripts

You are just an insider fucker, you don't even need to think, all you need is money

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Nice LARPer

Sage and Kys nigger

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It's funny, you actually have to be kind of an idiot to believe TA in general (glorified tea leaf reading) actually works, let alone in something like crypto. And yet being dumb enough to try is a prerequisite for being part of that minority of traders who eventually make a fortune from doing it.

>tfw kinda wish I was dumb enough to try.

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what are the main indicators/tools you use?

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