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Fucking buy BCH right now
t. 1000 hodler

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more like

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tfw considering getting bitcoin cash instead of bitcoin now :thinking:

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tfw in the end none of this bullshit ever actually makes a difference and bitcoin is just a manipulated pump and dump machine.

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Sure, false fag. Just by the cheapest, right?
Shill harder, gookboy

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It's clear now. The original will have to make way for better alts.

Time to buy XMR.

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>gradeschool reading comprehension

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Bitcoin cash and the upcoming Bitcoin gold will always be the retarded Bitcoin siblings.

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lmao I guarantee you mircea popescu will have one or more of the people involved killed. Watch for the death of scumbags by ~mysterious circumstances~ or not so mysterious as it were.

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so what do I invest in now.

bitcoin core?
bitcoin cash?
bitcoin gold?

I'm so confused.

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Segwit2x is a fork from core. This means that if you hold core (BTC) at the time of the fork you will also have the same balance of segwit2x coin. I'm sure most of the top tier exchanges are supporting it day 1.

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Okay. Will it work if I keep the bitcoin in my Exodus wallet? I don't stash at exchanges.

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Cash, cause if blockstream succeed and every chain adopt lightning network bitcoins idea is dead forever since it can't be rolled back. That's why the bitcoin cash fork was a historic event, saving the Chain and made it quasi roll back able

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It should, but keep in mind that the bitcoin cash fork was available immediately on Bittrex and was trading for much higher prices for those who kept their btc on that exchange.

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I wouldn't store my coins on a wallet during this unless you don't give a fuck. Exodus supported BCH withdrawl so don't see why they wouldn't support 2x.

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I was thinking to get some cash just in case.
can you give some more information about how cash is the "true blockhain" and stuff? will the miners really switch over?

I really don't actually like bitcoin at all but its the first and most adopted so..

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Technically or roadmapally blockstream bitcoin is the fork and cash is the original chain.
Its like blockstream forked bitcoin and stole the name to have it under their control even if it's just a dirty fork with control mechanism for a centralized fucking banking like surveillance model

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I wouldn't even touch a coin that after a pump crashes inmediately.

This is going to be <0.1 BTC in less than a week, because you only see this behavior in coins that have a very strong downtrend.

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Cash. BTC already has the cancer that is segwit and it cannot be removed now.

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How is segwit cancer? SEems to me like it's the miners and bcash who are evil from my perspective

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It is a massive security issue and it is quite understated how not signing and witnessing signatures can lead to all sorts of problems. In crypto its always a battle between users and miners.
Bitcoin cash is far from evil, look at what blockstream is doing to BTC and how they want to reduce its ease of use.

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You aren't taking into account the effort being exerted to keep its price down.
BTC fanatics sell en masse what they got from the fork when a BCC uptrend starts.

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Plus this coin is almost 2 months old and look at it now.

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how can we live in a decentralized world when people like OP just read the first retarded article they see and take it as reality? so many fucking sheep
they all pine for a central leader it's disgusting

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What effort?

BCC is not worth more than 0.05 BTC

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Fuck off. Bcash dropped to pos 4 on coinmarketcap behind Ripple. You're just trying to drum it back up Roger.

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BCH is serious business- you cannot make it up by shilling between poor /biz/tards

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This. OP thinks this is reddit. Keep posting altfork propaganda and you'll end up doxed and buried.

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It dropped due to the increase in difficult for the EDA. It'll be back up soon just wait.
Im trying to give back to biz. I started this journey with around 20k and lookatmenow.jpg

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EDA is cancer. Enjoy the inflation. Enjoy the bags.

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>p-please, buy my BCash bags

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Wtf does
(t.) mean

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So your shitpost has no ulterior motive then. You're just a poor, nihilistic retard.

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t. = author / credentials

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shut up, i'm trying to buy as much as a can

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>said no one ever

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> that jpg

holy shit KEK

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im buying every time i get paid

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