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korean whale here. we're about to pump XMR. get in or stay poor.

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Koreans are sleeping.

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it's the best anon coin for sure
every thing else is just dumb.
every one that doesn't see it is stupid

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All other coins in all of crypto are just slaves to get more XMR.

250,000 USD per unit of XMR by 2030.

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also. hahahaha
poorfags btfo'd hahahahah
xmr is king

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Yeah and almost every ICO coin is literally less valuable than a chuckee cheese token

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these men get it

wrong. money never sleeps, and neither do the koreans. have you forgotten that we play starcraft until we pass out from sleep deprivation and hunger.

notice how Trump spends so much time talking about N. Korea now. not even concerned with Syria or Russia. North KOREA is a bigger threat right now. we've got the balls, and we've made hundreds of billions in the last few years. you think those sexy korean kpop girls dance for free? each show makes us huge profits.

just watch what happens in the next 2 hours.
similar to ZEC.

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then just buy xmr retard.
what are you retarded?


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>Hi buy monero so that when I buy lots of it later on I have to pay more
So believable. You are totally not an fagit

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Nobody pumps XMR

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That volume is disgusting

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heh, ok. i am telling you now while it's still low, right before it really hits a strong uptrend.

yes vol is low NOW because we haven't pumped it yet. that's how it works. would you want me to tell you AFTER we've pumped it, and AFTER the vol spikes above 1000 btc?

you know what, fuck it. you guys go ahead and keep buying retarded shit AFTER they pop and cry about your losses.

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Tell me more korea-kun. Why pump now?

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why are you here if not to shill your shitcoin

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Thanks, OP. Just loaded up.

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Lost $2k these past two months and only have $1500 left. This is my last chance. If this doesn't pump you'll be seeing a lot of pink wojacks on /biz/ you slanty eyed faggot

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pump it

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Holy shit love this one

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don't go all in unless you can handle the risk...you don't know who i am and i don't know who you are.

xmr is still the best privacy coin, and if you look at what has pumped recently, you will notice that privacy coins have been going up: ZEN for example, and of course ZEC. PIVX, XVG.

xmr was $150-200 just a month ago. now it has sold off enough to look like a good target again.

this is old news, but still relevant today:

look at the trend...there are more gov'ts that want to regulate crypto. it's common sense that the privcoins would be the hardest to regulate.

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you're right but this has been nothing but a fucking bag for me since august. no way

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you're not korean

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So you're predicting a pump, not actually causing one? Gotcha. Just gimme a reason to larp with some pink wojacks pls. Or pics of lambo's, I don't really care. I'll be monitoring though. Might even buy some if I see it pump.

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alright faggot when is the volume coming in then?

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Set pump cycles to wash. No sell limit. 5 minutes

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This just appeared... DO IT ANON

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Nice just bought an unknown amount of Monero

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nice, just bought 0.01 XMR

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To ~0.0229 - 0.0231 then pump. Seen this before.

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Monero isn't a great short term coin, but it's one of the best long terms. Hodl for 5 years and you'll be fine.

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OP is obviously getting spaghetti handed whilst bagholding xmr.
It's down a bit. holy shit, muh gainz..
You could walk away and HODL OP and be in profit in a few days rather than larp like a fucking spaz

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Kek @ days.
Also kek @ profit
Xmr just goin down from here. Probably to the $20 range

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I want to believe :(

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No you silly toast

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but it's the best privacy coin anon and it's so undervalued right now.
only a retard would have sold early September..
Also, there is no way the king of privacy coins will not be worth $1000 by years end.
there is zero competition after all.
just HODL.

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King nothing fuxstick

https://youtu dot be/V5j8lz4oD4Q

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you even sarcasm?

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No, just troll

Montero to the moon!

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Momeno is best coin.
stop fud ples or no lambos

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It's okay, no lambos needed. Just need enough for a yacht.

XRM and yachting seem like a good mix..

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how to pull about your yacht without lamb boss