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i'm a ceo

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dubs and she loses all her money + gets leukemia

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make it so

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Lol. I do not know how anyone can buy this.

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Good for her. She scammed a bunch of gullible fools and now has her own private jet. I wish I was so smart and cold.

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Made my day.

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Its a rental

Somebody post the eggs video

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Any fool who trust their money to a woman's """business""" deserves to lose everything.
But hopefully she loses everything as well.

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hahahaha watch her go bankrupt and go in enormous debt in 6 months, maybe even go to jail for fraud. You get what you deserve

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>>3647378 >>3647219
le eggs

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Kek ,this is going to end badly for her.

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>involving women in anything ever

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is there some cosmic rule where cute ceos have to get ugly/fatty husbands?

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there is some active censoring going on in 4chan. Anytime someone uploads a post with the shower pic, the whole post is deleted. That being said, someone post a mirror to the shower pic please!!

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Who is she and what did she do?

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wanna see aswell

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don't let them win.

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Probably because this is a blue board

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what does that mean

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SFW or close to SFW.

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>can't tell if retarded or not

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>manual style change.

Holy shit, you are retarded.

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>mac pro 2017 fan

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Do you think she takes the game's nigger dick up her bum while her cuck husband watches?

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This is just proof that bitches should not be in charge of anything.

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>can't tell if retarded or not
>Owns a mac


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its happening!

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nigger her husband takes the games dick too
this ICO would sell really well if they just sold it as 1 token=1 round at jessica

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Romano you can suck my dick you midget

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still falling for the 3d trap

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>thinking a $200 chromebook is a mac

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It is done

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This is the type of bitch whose sextape with 3 niggers randomly surfaces and then deletes her entire online existence to come back 2 months later and explain the world how white men reject women in tech.

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your tabs you dumbass

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keked you misogynic pos

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>using adblock plus
>not ublock origin

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Has this ever happened? Or are you just extrapolating gamer gate into some straw man?

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spotted the beta white knight

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you need to learn life, son

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Spotted the beta who likes and comments on her instagram pics.

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oh please. front page has a pic of a dick and chainlink and it doesn't get touched.

can someone post original shower pic please?

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Fucking kekked

Also dubs

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such a joke

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> not using brave

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She's the product of a dutch man racemixing with a puerto rican.

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>is there some cosmic rule where cute ceos have to get ugly/fatty husbands?
I hope so, or I'm doomed to a life of virginity.

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anyone look at her husbands instagram it has like weird pictures of kim jung un

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rolling for good measure

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>thanks @Jetsmarter
>JetSmarter does not own or operate any aircraft. All flights are performed by FAA‑licensed and DOT‑registered air carriers.

She's shilling a fucking private jet aggregator! Even when she's got her own bussiness! A Private Jet Aggregator! That's a brilliant business idea! Little overhead, probably huge margins because it's exclusive.

Why didn't any of you /biz/reali's think of that, why are you always asking for "ideas" for your business. Just look at the kind of startups these bimbos are promoting and copy the basic idea.

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I feel legit sorry for that semi-bald dude. He's going to be broken.

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Wait. That naked girl in the shower that a /biz/ poster that claimed (and apparently demonstrated) to own 10 million worth of BTC fucked is that girl on the pics?


Holy fuck. This is so fucking awesome. But im going to need more proof. Why should we believe it's Jessica? The annon needs to come here and post more explicit posts and give us the full history. How did they meet etc.

Also that bitch looks like a supermodel. You are rich and fucking these girls and you are depressed = confirmed low T autist. A shame that he got all that money and not me.

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He's the brains behind this scam. He's only going to get richer.

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fuck him. he must know deep down she's a skank who only keeps him around as a living teddy bear. maybe he's a gold digger?

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>Any fool who trust their BTC into any alt(shitcoin) deserves to lose everything.

Fixed boyo

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Here's the direct link to the uncensored pic and thread.

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>anon: "the game probably tore it up too"
>OP: "for sure he did"
lol i believe this. she is an attention seeking turboslut with a masculine demeanor...the sluttiest combination of all

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Well the annon should come here and post some naked picz of this bitch for us to fap to.

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jej, i'll pass. he said her pussy was beat and it even looks beat through the shower fog.

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He's a Jew, hes the mastermind behind this entire scheme, she's just the pretty face at the forefront.

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>living teddy bear

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Romano is a fucking pajeet shitskin

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Obviously the first part of that has happened, but the second part (in combination) seems kind of asinine.

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most likely a russian jew, and most likely they are in some cuck "open relationship" so he thinks he has freedom to fuck some side chicks too whilst still getting benefits from being with this 35 year old ex-slut as his "wife".

there's a wikipedia on him if you wanna waste time. just look up his faggot name on the paragon site.

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What's the back story to all this

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has this silly bitch ever heard of salmonella??

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where can I find this with audio?

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I don't want to see it. Some of us respect women of power #ImwithHer

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Goedekoop nederlands sletje

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no he's a dog-eating chink. get it right faggot.

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Where is the video where she gets gang fucked by a group of guys?
Any links?

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and you're a meme posting hick

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guilty as charged. now make via pump you dutch fgt

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Face too big

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Send bob and vagene

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Seriously no links?

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