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Saw this marijuana coin being advertised on facebook. It was released only about a week ago and started off selling for a dollar now its around $1.60 and will moon again in about 5 hours. I know this because they have a timer for when moon missions occur on their main website....Thoughts?

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go all in.

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>they have a timer for when moon missions occur on their main website
Thought you were joking but they actually do. This scam knows no bounds lmao

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all in bruh. Their CEO is super smart and this is a trillion dollar industry. Their CEO for example only travels in private jets.

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well weed is for degenerates so i dont really care

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SHHHH OP, I'm accumulating.

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Fuck! In balls and all in this puppy then.

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The CEO is really smart, just watch

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i wanna put my BTC (Big Thick Cock) in her crypto wallet (vagina) hhehehehhee

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neiss, haven't thought of that one yet

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>mfw this is someones wife and has children

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never let a thot drive the ship
would bust a fat man egg on those tatters though

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Will you fuck off trying to make Paragon a meme.

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editor meme note: this is a meme, do not buy

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You know I have never posted "SCAM" on biz so here it goes:

This is the worst SCAM coin I have ever seen in my roughly 1.5 years crypto exp.

If you are dumb enough to "invest" in a token that has a female model CEO that posts sexy pictures on instagram and poors egg on her tits while clearly high on M, then you should kys.

Their whitepaper
>make office spaces where you can smoke weed

There is zero positive info on this ICO:
>Female idiot "CEO"
>Shady russian founder
>Shady shit
>Weird whitepaper
>biz and reddit scam consensus
>Bought Facebooks likes from bangladesh
>Should have stopped at woman CEO

And yet somehow, magically, they report on their website that the already received >50M funding.

This my dearest friends, this is the reason why the government is gonna intervene even more and is going to collapse the ICO system.

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