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Will BTC rally to its highest ever? Is now still a time to buy? Are the skeptics right? Will it burst... hard?

Discuss it all.

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I am long on BTC

its time to buy, keep buying

>> No.3640103

keep buying, WTC is for certain a long-coin, but has good short-term-gains possibilities as well, as they're gong to release their genesis block next month which will inflate prices enormously as well

>> No.3640171

Check the pattern it is going to explode

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When Amazon says that they will take it, it will climb over $10k like a fucking rocket

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Im all in btc right now just waiting patiently 3 more days

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meh fuck that I spent 1 btc for an xbox back in the day thinking I was saving 50$ never again.

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>mfw already spend the last of my money buying BTC at 3700
>wished I had my next paycheck already and insurance money so I can buy even more BTC
>feels comfy yet also sad (student so not much money)

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Best place to but BTC? Simple question, please.

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I use GDAX and Kraken, don't buy on Coinbase

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This is the first picture that lured me into the thread without braaaaaappp

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