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While you were distracted with Chainlink, whales were accumulating OMG. Don't make the same mistake again. Buy OMG before it hits $20 in November.

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OMG is boring. Nice gains, but that shit either bleed slowly or rise slowly.

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>t. bag holder

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A WHOLE 2x by November? Holy shit. I'm selling my LINK as we speak.

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>people obsessing over omg hitting 20+
See you impatient faggots in a year from now.

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Thanks, OP, but I have more to gain if LINK hits $20.

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too many assholes fucking with the order books right now.
it would only take 5btc to put this shit at 270k again if there weren't 10 5000 coin ceilings on the way there.
this is punishment for all the weakhands that sold at 218.

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lol im all in on omg but i love this meme.

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sarcasm aside, do your research and you'll see this is possible