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Paragons CEO is a hot slut!
Just bought 100k.

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cracking raw egg onto her tits? nice, just jerked off 100k

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paragon more like pairatits

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she's like a young female mcafee, a complete nutcase

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this got my dicc diamond-tipped, gonna drop 7 eth into this and wake up filthy rich i love whores and skanks who fuck their way to the top. paragon is a sure bet, easy 10X

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Serious question Anon. Why do i need this shit coin? Why can't I buy weed with BTC or even fiat?

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She can certainly handle her assets

I'm going to trust her with mine

Bought 100k

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Is this from faketaxi?

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what did she mean by this?

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did she just crack an egg and splatter it over herself?

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>this is a CEO
Now do you see this is a bubble?

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Yeah, shis is basically normi coin.

A rapper and a kim kardashian wannabe made a cryotocoin.

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Make it stop

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Nice tits, just bought 100k

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Yeah, I mean, fuck being allowed to have a CEO who is militantly modern and open with her sexuality, right?

It's totally a bubble and not a sign of how every forward thinking company will be in ten years.


I just bought $5K worth of this coin.

It's a breath of fresh fucking air to have a coin owned by someone who isn't another socially crippled white man or a dope smoking nerd.

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>Giving your money to sluts
You might as well be throwing your fucking wallet in the ocean and hoping it'll come back with a crisp $100 bill in it.

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holy fuck kill yourself if this isn't bait

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This gives me an idea. Slutcoins! The new way to pay for prostitutes and anonymous sex!

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Im ok with this. Bring in the retarded normie poorfags and tell them all about my nigga Walton coin and why they should buy right now.

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>Jew cuck

Tell me a quarter of a reason to even look again for this shit rather than masturbate.

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I think you've accidentally stumbled onto the wrong website if you get so triggered by this.

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invest in $KYS after you're done with $DEGENERATE

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Sorry, but why do we need a blockchain for weed?

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normie tokens GTFO

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>ICO cap is 75mil and counting
>jewed cucks invested
>rapper and athlete advisors
>no real use

If people wanna buy weed theyll use fiat or btc

That coins gonna dip HARD

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>a wannabe prude meme christian thinks he has any saying in any matter

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Gr8 b8 m8

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maybe she put this vid out with the intention of shorting her own coin when it hits exchanges? thats what i would do

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Rumour is she went on a massive coke binge at the last Burning Man. She has my confidence!

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... she's almost certainly using sluttery to fund a shitcoin. And I *mean* SHITcoin.

I'm not associating any right or wrong morality to that, but call it what it is. A slootery-funded shitcoin.

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>or a dope smoking nerd.

Do you even know what Paragon is?

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She's the "CEO" for marketing purpose only. In reality she's just the paid hooker of the real guy behind the project.

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kek this is so retarded
breaking eggs over her body while a sarah jessica parker tier mandible blocks out 20% of the screen
and then that bald amish slav looking joker driving her around

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I love the fact this is probably true asshurt and someone might have plugged 5k into an obvious shitcoin just to spite white racist bigoted patriarchy

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Thanks, just bough 100k

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its actually a quite brilliant tactic, since female ceo will give them the mainstream attention boost across thirsty beta silicon-valley type shitlibs, and the backdoor whore-behavior will get her funding from rich jews like larry king and rich nigs who love weed and sluts.

paragon will actually do well in terms of taking dumb people's money and turning it into more fuel for attention whoring and "llook at my luxurious tech ceo lifestyle" exhibition.

in the grand scheme of things, these are the types of ruthless, unethical people who win, and if you're not "hustling" this way then you'll have a hard time getting ahead.

she does have great DSLs (dick sucking lips), tight body, and looks fuckable from mouth to pussy, so at least there's that. although a /biz/ bro already reports her pussy is BTFO so at this point her twat probably feels like fucking a deflated bicycle tire.

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how much marketing campaign money they paid you? because you're marketing towards a wrong target market

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its reverse psychology.
paragon already knows none of us will respond to positive remarks about them, so they hired some teenager from berlin to poast some negative shit about their chief-executive-slut in hoaps that 1 out of 100 /biz/bros will be beta enough to sink money into her scamcoin, like the bluepill fag above who said he put $5k in.

you know how the saying goes about the fool and his money.
a fool and his money should've never gotten together in the first place.

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same fag and if that guys a different guy from the "marketer" then he deserves to go down to the drains

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>tfw a rich anon from /biz/ fucked that pussy

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Paragon is going to make me rich AND I can beat off to the CEOs Instagram.
Are you all money hating faggots?

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none of you pussy ass white bois are fucking shit, you beat off to that like >>3630533 said while I get in that lmaoo

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i watched the whole video

this is so cringe, not even sexy

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>fresh air
i lost it there

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Yeah I watched it... 3 times, and it was so dumb and not even sexy at all.

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>Being an actual cuck

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CEO think they need more money. Fuck it put my nudes on 4chan those beta fucks will cum to it while buying in

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This must be 10 years ago yeah? She looks pretty btfo now

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What if I told you

That this chick isnt a chick at all

but a tranny

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Do u see any male CEO doing this shit? No, so not a single smart man/woman would invest in this shitcoin if they saw this, so gtfo with your feminist bs, retarded mongoloid

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