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how the fuck has nobody posted this...


anybody stupid enough to put their money in this deserves to get scammed.

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Nice. Bought 100k.

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LOL, you don't get marketing. Paragon is going to do great.

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made me cringe so hard. Kill her career /biz/ pls. Bring /pol/ here and destroy her.

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hahaha, these are the types or etards that buy into these scams
this was during her stint as a public slut for money and now shes whoring her image out for money again on the blockchain

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>Female CEO of a 'marijuana' crypto
>Turns out to be just another whore

Who would've known..

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hope youre trolling, how is having your ceo look like a coked up russian prostitute good for marketing?

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https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessica-versteeg-b40b0722 HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHA

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>Bring /pol/ here and destroy her.
nibber where do you think you are, we're not stuck here with you, you're stuck here with us

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stop making fun of my post

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Paragon is literally shit, and they know it. So, how to stand out among the flood of all the other scam erc20 token Icos out there nobody will ever hear or give a shit about ? Spin a narrative, get people talking about you. There's always some stupid fucks who will happily send you money. This fish guy is certainly not stupid.

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nice mental gymnastics

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This is perfect. This video and the nude pic leaking. Knew this project was a scam with a whore as a “CEO” lmao

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The most hilarious thing is her godforsaken cuck of a husband.

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link for nudes?

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This is it, im out of crypto for good.

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Paragon is a scam, so this doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

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Nice, i can summon a succubus with eth now.

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Kill yourself normalfag

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It’s in the other paragon biz thread

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Made a webm , spread it around

Scamming stacy slut

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is this the coin that you want to invest in?

a tesla coin? im all about the lambo life. scam.

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