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She's a CEO guys.

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CEOs having private jets is one of the most conventional things she could have done

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not touching that shit coin

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I guess this is where the ICO money is going.

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This is the most obvious scam I've seen in crypto

If you're having a bad day and want a decent laugh, research this coin (also check their Facebook likes lmao)

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is that how that works? paragon is all hype though.

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Women have destroyed the world

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Who's this roastie?

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Someone smash her ass like shes an animal.

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Yep.. women spend so they be broke in 3 weeks esp with a jet.
Shitcoin with no use lol

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She sure is. Shout out to the king of /biz/ for the photo

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What is this cancer.

Avoid like the plague.

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I will CEO her ass

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wew nice find

also who has a phone in their bathroom?

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Bitcoin Whale: "There you go honey. Take some bitcoins to play around. You can borrow my jet if you want."

Tits: "You are so nice honey! Extra blowjob for you tonight"

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I'd give her an Initial Cock Offering.

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The OP of this thread bought 3000+ btc in 2011 and paid to fuck this whore. That was my fave thread in all my time here

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nice tits. will never buy this shit though

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This is her pug-faced husband.
Dude must be loaded to the gills.

Bet he calls her "my little CEO".

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best comment

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What in the world

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Wasn't there an anon recently LARPing as a millionaire that said he fucked her?

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it wasn't a larp, he proved it

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just read the thread and saw the pic, good man

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I don't doubt it, you can fuck S+ tier models on sugar daddy websites raw for 10k a month.

It hasn't made me any happier but thanks Money Skelly.

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Yeah her husband is an OG bitcoin holder I think.

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What thread?

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Link to archive pls???

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>>3575941 great work, bizbro

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blind motherfuckers>>3625524
the pic is deleted, I won't post it here, but if you have some site where I don't have to sign up I'll post it there

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>on 4chan

Sorry guys, I'm a moron >>746317260

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How the fuck do I link to a thread on another board?

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Nvm I just found it in an archive myself

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Has any male business man ever said "as a husband, son, brother, friend" to hype themselves up?

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serious kek

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I actually saw one vc cuck do that on his twitter bio, can't remember the name though. It was something like "Investor, husband, father of two, and \something else\" better but still cringy af

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because she's not a mother....
basically worthless stock desu senpai
don't go in

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Successful businesswoman

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Is this the norm for ICOs now? Blatantly showing they're a scam? I saw the same thing with Centra

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stupid bitches like this are the reason women cant be taken seriously


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Why you'd trust a woman w anything other than having a baby is beyond me. If chainlink had any women I'd gtfo so fast

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This is like watching Goose die in Top Gun

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And what about men ?
Stupid retard like him is the reason men can't be taken seriously

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wtf is this coin

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>CEO is a woman

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this is the same woman who tried to start a meme cannabis subscription box business just a few months ago.

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>Successful businesswoman

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Is it really her?

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>And what about men ?

Well like 95%+ of crypto projects(or any business really) are lead and driven by men. So when theres 2 women leading crypto projects and one of them is this dumb bitch it makes women look bad. I get your point, and Its unfortunate, but its the reality of things.

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Holy shit if that pic gets spread around it’s over for them

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Where can I see more. Pics. Of her?

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was there more?

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Whats with the egg?

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wtf lmao.

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lets buy 1 coin each, then start a class action lawsuit against her.
She is probably the reason why the SEC started paying attention to shitcoins.

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fuck, those tits.
bought 100k

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>yfw MIT graduate blowing my life away in a marketing position in a great city
>mfw this chick is now loaded and I bet she doesn't even know how to hard reset her iPhone but yet starts a token/coin

Why haven't we done this yet?

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>people investing in THIS

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enjoy your loss. you just gave a prostitute money to spend on crack.

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Wtf is this

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I bought 100 000 tits, I am enjoying the, right now.

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>hang around the parking lot of a tesla dealership cracking eggs on yourself, then go to safeway to get more eggs
I don't think I will ever understand Russians.

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There's some weird shit going down with this coin. I work in wealth management, co-worker had a client, another Russian, liquidate holdings and wire out six figures to the group handling the escrow on this.

There is a ton of Russians in on this coin.

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jesus christ

this is the moment where i love \biz lmao

fucking hell, seriously if she can do it

why are we doing here lol

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The anon who originally posted it claimed to have millions in bitcoin and socialize with people in the crypto space including her.

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Someone teach them basic English then. They cant be that dumb

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Spoiler: her 'husband' is also among those OG btc rich guys, just sayin' . Could have easily been that guy from the thread who moved the 3000 btc :^)

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Woah. didn't think of that.

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paragon is a trash coin and she's just the eyecandy more news at nine

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you don't have the startup cash she stole from her husband

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>Look at me, I'm an attention whore.

Yeah, I'm not investing in that coin.

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Those hips look wonky. Just sold 100k

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Wtf, I've seen this girl a million times and now she's hocking some shitty crypto?! She used to date Tyler Sash before he was out of the NFL. She dumped him and he killed himself.

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Why is this chick not Asian?

Also Tyler Sash = Satoshi?

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Holy shit it gets worse. Hopefully it gets compiled and spread. I’m pretty sure most people are smart enough to not fall for this scam but it is not right that these scammers get any funds (even from the morons gullible enough to send them). Which I doubt anyone would, but you never know.

Lol at this whore ceo

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Jesus fuck, why would billionaires want to fuck used up whores instead of prime teen virgin pussies?

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>Going to MIT to do marketing


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Dude....out of pure hate I skimmed the whitepaper...they are planning on making offices where you can smoke weed?????

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Her current husband is a lot different than any other guy she's dated so far as I've seen on google. Wonder why.

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Wait a second...the ICO stats...am I retarded?

They sold over 70M coins worth at minimum 0.75 cents meaning they already earned 50M?

Am I retarded?

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What the fuck.

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so wait a minute
this whore is a literal whore that got fucked by the game and some rich /biz/ anon...

and now shes CEO of some shitcoin ICO?
lmao you cant make this shit up

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I- I think I'm in love with 99. How can I find where she's being held?

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I bet they get fucked in the ass by the sec as one of the shitty scam ico's

>> No.3628100

There'll be a crackdown, but not before they and all the money have vanished to russia.

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was a srsly dope thred

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we should all report this whore to the SEC, and tie it to the whole Russia hysteria going on right now in the USA...use that video of her in the tesla with the russian title as reference.

i highly doubt she's filed all the necessary paperwork to make her ICO legal within SEC rules.

cunts like this need to go down, they are bad for crypto in general.

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Reading that gave me a headache. Its like written to be exactly like every other pat on the back social media message.

>im da ceo
>i work hard, it not all play
>i have learn everyday
>raise da family is relevant to be ceo
>just cause you ceo, dont mean you landed
>my schedule anything but simple

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lmao stop giving money to icos please

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Roastie detected lmao

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Pretty much this.

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So... this is weed stocks all over again, except this time it's an obvious scam... Imma watch the price plummet just for fun tbqh

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literally every ICO is bad for crypto

>> No.3628306

too many ICOs = bad
a few is ok, but since no one controls or determines that, then we get flooded with hundreds of coins and thus quality goes down.

eth is mainly popular due to ICOs right, so if eth is up and known as the #2 crypto then ICOs aren't seen as "bad" for crypto in general.

but i agree with you, the hype is out of control at this point and we are in overspeculative bubble territory.

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If you are stupid enough to ((((INVEST)))) in this you deserve to lose your money.

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blah blah blah me me me
she's missing the one quality men want, knowing when to shut the fuck up.

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JetSmarter is not a private charter jet service. It's a pooled charter jet service with an annual membership cost anywhere from $5k-$15k depending on when you got in. There are fees for flights as a member but they are very reasonable considering you're boarding a private jet. The caveat is that it's shared with other JetSmarter members.

>tl;dr shes an idiot

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I mean, you know not to trust female leadership already. No need for this stuff. We know she is not trustworthy. She is a woman.

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Rolling. Please Kek, be kind.

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What site is this?

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We gotta do something about this ico shit. Its bad because these faggots get 50m in eth then dump it on the markets, fucking with my profits.

>> No.3629570

that could be be anyone. where's the original?

>> No.3629575

Is she a CEO or something?

>> No.3629641

The SEC is setting to do a crackdown. PnD CEOs better enjoy the golden age while it lasts, there's no diamonds, sushi and champagne in federal prison.


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I don’t think anyone ACTUALLY fell for this. They released a video saying they got 22m in funds but I think theyre lying to make it more legit. The same way they bought likes for their Facebook page

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>female CEO
>all that unnecessary spending

yeah no I'm sticking to this guy

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McAfee is /ourguy/ without a shadow of a doubt. He's like the Hunter S. Thompson of CEOs.

>> No.3630684

Regulations on crypto in the U.S. will come because of shit like this.

>> No.3630695

because you're a retard

>> No.3630701

This reminds me of those idiot college kids that spend 25 dollars to make an LLC then spend 100 dollars on fancy business cards with CEO on them.

Then they never renew the LLC because they can't afford it with the wendy's paycheck.

Did you all know at least one of these guys?

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>Market manipulation schemes involving false information spread through electronic and social media

>> No.3630726

inb4 literally everybody on /biz/ gets arrested spreading crypto fud.

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definitely not a scam

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fucking panjeet

their fb page has 200k likes all from india/bangladesh

>> No.3630811

>they think us nerds like The Game

They might trick me if they had daft punk on the team and some ugly autistic girl as the CEO

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She's copying a fucking energy can blurb

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devil get

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reply with "I'm making the recommendation that you all kill yourselves"

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Panjeet confirmed

>> No.3630865

>being this fucking basic

we're reaching new levels of basic bitchness, folks.

>> No.3630876

Dude why is the logo a weed leaf?

>> No.3630890

It's "pajeet" get your slurs right you mongoloid.
That's their baseless hype. They're aiming to be a "weed coin" that weed users will use instead of bitcoin for some reason.

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blocked :(

>> No.3630900

like pottery

>> No.3630902

Wilda pls

>> No.3630908

can someone explain who that dude is because he has to be a fucking somebody to pull this shit off

>> No.3630912

Weed coins have been pumped like crazy recently.

Wonder if it is this group trying to make their ico seem valuable.

>> No.3630915

That's her husband

>> No.3630923

thats my question. how in the fuck

>> No.3630926

just sold all my ANT and put it in WTC

>> No.3630937

These paragon guys are a bit better at scamming than atb.

Check out this interview with the ceo who claims to be the grandson of the founder of the Hoover vacuum company.


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capitalism was a mistake.

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why are we not all buying in until it gains enough momentum that feminists everywhere flock to it, then dump our bags on them

>payback for all the men they make carry their bags while shopping

>> No.3631256

Don't we have like 4 of those already? Why would anyone use this one or anything other than BTC in the first place?

>> No.3631285

It's bullshit, but that won't stop normies buying in. It's the most blatant pump and dump we've yet seen. This is the kind of shit that will bring the SEC down on all of us.

>> No.3631537


All your anons do your part

>> No.3631618

This. No one plows companies into the ground like vapid, materialistic womenz

>> No.3631769

I didn't know I had this fetish

>> No.3631823


Please Chenelle, Maria, Jillian, Lauren, Tarran, Rebekah, Gabrielle for one night or Linda.

>> No.3631857


>> No.3631898

Her sluttiest pictures are posted on her own Twitter. Goddamn. Modern Western women.

>> No.3631911

roooooolllllin for the junkie

>> No.3631939

Honestly, I do not know how anyone can buy a damn thing like that.

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lel, thanks, i'm filling out the form now and will add screenshot of completion.


i reported Egor, this ugly fucker:

if you are bored, skim his wiki he is definitely doing some shady shit or cheating taxes.

this could be huge. fire up your autism if you've got it and set it to 'weaponized'.

these stupid ICOs are fucking up YOUR eth prices.

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File: 1.84 MB, 480x360, 1504301095490.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

good job anon lets out jew this fucking jew.

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make crypto great again.

>> No.3632040

guy was larping. her gmail was hacked last week and this came from it. expect more the next coming days

>> No.3632091

Don't think so he signed a 3000btc message

>> No.3632213

no way. thats awesome. this bitch isnt having a very good week is she.

>> No.3632276


if you look on her youtube she has some weird shit. Then she still posts about her company on other videos on the same damn channel. Is this what a modern CEO looks like? kek

>> No.3632282

>She can CEO deez nutz

>> No.3632295

My life has come to this rollin

>> No.3632304

western womyns are overvalued/overpriced and so are any of the shitcoins/ICOs they try to shill.

daily reminder that you only win by buying something at a low bottom price and selling it for a much higher price, but the only way it gets to that higher price is if it rises through temporary HYPE or strong, real fundamentals such as useful tech that solves real problem.

fucking paragon lacks both the hype and the real problem-solving tech. it's the essence of what a shitcoin is and it makes all crypto look bad when this happens.

just look into the guy behind this, he sounds like your typical shady russian

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Ahahabaha, literally never change, 4chan.

Like clockwork, the only thing triggering socially crippled white boys is a hyper ambitious woman who is dangerously comfortable with her own sexuality.

I mean, Jesus.


You're almost at school shooter levels here. And why, exactly?

Apparently, we can have a world where you think crypto isn't a funny money ponzi scheme with Donald Shitface openly defending white supremacy, but then the very second you see a beautiful and confident woman more successful than you? ReeeeeeeeeeeEEEE!

Never ever fucking change, babydicks.

You're fucking losers and not one of you will come out of this fuckshit a millionaire. See, the guys who do right for the world without being racist, autistic shitheads are the ones who make big money.

I've never bought a dime of crypto before but I'm literally putting a thousand in this just for spite.

I hope she comes after this board with lawyer sharks from hell when you're done fucking up her business.

I mean, fuck intrepid, procannabis women who look like literal supermodels, right?

Suck my fucking dick, dudes.

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>> No.3632450

lel if you think no autists have money you should check how she got her money for an ico in the first place

but obvious bait anyway.

>> No.3632459


>> No.3632475

Lmao spot on
I remember a thread about some ebony qt on Twitter that trades. Everyone was shouting muh bubble. Everyone then quickly stfu when they found out she's been in the crypto game for years, the pain must have been too real.

Some anons seriously think that only basement dwelling ancap faggots are into crypto. They are that far gone.

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guys look its not a scam pic related

>> No.3632491

What a cuck.

>> No.3632518

I know, right? Totally triggered

>> No.3632623

Lmaoooo what a beast

>> No.3632632

>hyper ambitious woman

You mean a sociopathic women who is scamming people because of their ignorance in how cryptocurrencies work to get easy-as-shit money?
>dangerously comfortable with her own sexuality.

I think investors would be concerned if the CEO of a company posted videos of them in just bras and panties. If a guy did the same thing, investors would think it's fucking crazy. But because it's a women you automatically think we're criticizing her because "muh sexism"
>we can have a world where you think crypto isn't a funny money ponzi scheme
It's not funny money, there are legitimate uses to various cryptocurrencies. Some, admittedly, are scams. Like paragoncoin.

>I've never bought a dime of crypto before but I'm literally putting a thousand in this just for spite.

Cool, have fun losing money in the long-run.

>I hope she comes after this board with lawyer sharks from hell

They won't have any legal authority to do so and won't win any legal case.

But I'm sure the paragoncoin "CEO" will recognize your white-knighting. Not

>> No.3632657

Getting mad at 4chan for being an endless factory for violent murderous misogyny and bigotry is like getting mad at shit for stinking. Just don't waste your time.

>> No.3632699

although some of the stuff could be considered "sexist", I suppose, like posting naked pictures of Jessica Versteeg, there are legitimate concerns/grievances about paragoncoin. Anybody with half a fucking brain can tell upon doing research in how they've communicated with the public on Reddit and other social media channels.

>> No.3632741

great response to the whiteknight bluepill faggot who drops in to show his "support" of first $5k and now $1k, probably the same guy. hah.

i don't invest in mcafee's projects for the same i would avoid this paragon shit...i don't want my funds exposed to a project that is potentially run by a lunatic.

if a man danced around his boxer shorts in a publicly shared social vid or whatever instagram, i would also avoid that shit just based on the lack of professionalism.

this woman dancing around in her panties is not a good image to be presenting for someone ranked as the "CEO" of the paragon project, which is basically fundraising the establishment of a weed-selling location. that's what it says in the roadmap. basically a location to buy weed using paragoncoins or some shit like that. it's total garbage and most likely illegal.

>> No.3632830


Thanks just bought 100k teslas

>> No.3632836

>this woman dancing around in her panties is not a good image to be presenting for someone ranked as the "CEO" of the paragon project

Yep. Imagine if there were videos of Marissa Mayer or Lisa Su doing that. Or, say, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs dancing around in only his boxers for several minutes. Heads would roll.

Anyway, those two women I mentioned are genuinely hyper-ambitious women that work on legitimate companies that do things that are actually useful. Whether or not you agree with their management over their respective companies is up to you, but they're both women CEOs that I respect. That other person needs to fuck off with their virtue-signalling, white-knight bullshit. Not every criticism of a woman is automatically sexist.

>> No.3632848

I mean like, yeah in general /biz/ has a total bigoted issue with ambitious successful women, but this is like the one scammy case it's warranted.

>> No.3632859

I'm bad at responding to the right post. meant for >>3632420

>> No.3632919

I bet if enough shitheads spam their shit with the oracle problem thing, they'll actually believe this is what all cryptos are trying to achieve and make it the focus of their ad campaign.

>> No.3632943

>crypto world is full of ruthless as fuck scammers in almost every project
>millions and millions being stolen from exchanges by random dudes
>No one cares, it's considered normal operation the this wild west of digital economy
>but some chick running an ico is worthy of a thread full of sperging and posts like "we NEED to report her to the sec! She is ruining the reputation of crypto!"
Literally what the fuck

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She's absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. That's why she's there and have a tons of money. Crypto ecosystem has reached a point in where hot women can retreive money from omega and beta males. Hell... not even mad, because it is suprising how human nature tends to replicate the same in every aspect of our lifes. Check pic related, she maybe even got blacked. This is just a comedy of this life.

Seems like crypto is starting to be a red ocean.

I will stay away, grab popcorns and see the fall of this kinda nerd dream called cryptocurrencies.

>> No.3632959

Thanks for agreeing. I'm sure there's a lot of sexism and bigotry against genuinely ambitious successful women (e.g. Marissa Mayer, Lisa Su) because of inferiority complexes men receive when a woman is more successful financially speaking. I respect both of those female CEOs incredibly, and they've done a tremendous amount of work and effort to get to where they are to today.

Jessica Versteeg, on the other hand, is just trying to cash in on ICOs as quickly as possible. Maybe she'll actually do something useful with the funds like donate it to charities in need, I don't know. But she sure as hell isn't going to do anything to bring value for paragoncoin holders. She should be ashamed of herself, it's people like her that's going to cause the SEC to introduce regulations and a lot of unaware investors who want to "get rich quick" are going to be hurt badly in the neat future once they realize they put money into a scam.

>> No.3632960


Excellent post.

>> No.3632966

>let's let everyone get away with shit because they're not white women
>let's let white women get away with shit


>> No.3632968

private jets aren't even that expensive if you scour the internet. if you have 6 people, it can be about $100 more p.p. for a cross country flight

CEO is meaningless in 2017. unless you have been voted in by a Board and present at a AGM and your company is listed, you aren't really a CEO, you are just the boss.

I have a company of 1, just me, but i don't call myself the CEO because it would be retarded. Would it be any less retarded with 6 employees? 12? 20?

>> No.3632975


What? How do you know that? I think you're being a fucking hypocritical sexist faggot

>> No.3632989

Ignoring the fact that multiple posts have been made about reporting those exchanges to the SEC to investigate them and how they're exit scams, etc.

You're either ignorant to those threads, or you're pretending they don't exist to try to strenuously make a point that "/biz/ is being sexist wah!"

>> No.3632995

I literally can't tell if you're being serious or not.
>poe's law in action

>> No.3633004

You want to bring regulation to crypto because of some cunt
Yoire a little faggot dude
Fuck off and don't try mess with my gains because you couldn't get laid in high school

>> No.3633028

Shut down the shady prostitute guise

>> No.3633036

>You want to bring regulation to crypto because of some cunt

I never said I wanted regulation for cryptocurrency. But that will be the inevitable result of ICOs like paragoncoin and others.

>Yoire a little faggot dude

Don't cut yourself on that edge.

>don't try mess with my gains because you couldn't get laid in high school

haha OP is a stupid virgin. I can't refute what he's saying so I'll resort to name-calling.

>> No.3633044


>> No.3633047


>> No.3633060

>You're almost at school shooter levels here.
you know where you are?

>> No.3633062

If you think this bitch is capable of anything other than uploading photos to instagram, you're retarded. Her husband is obviously the brain behind this scam.

>> No.3633072

>there's actually some betas whiteknighting for this stupid cunt

>> No.3633085
File: 93 KB, 581x566, versteeg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like, ugh, right?

>> No.3633241

Are any women actually good CEOs?

Youtube one fucked up youtube
Elizabeth Holmes royally fucked up
Ellen Pao fucking up reddit

Anyone has any examples of a good female CEO?

>> No.3633267
File: 117 KB, 1373x614, shill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fake users for their AMA. Stroke ego much?

>> No.3633283
File: 1.87 MB, 187x155, 1482031601777.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kek @ this whole affair

there are people who will unironically buy this

>> No.3633449

There are Dudeweed Coin shills in this thread defending her. Go shit in the street then get some sleep Pajeet.

>> No.3633470

This post really triggered me. There are maybe 100 women ON THE PLANET who know what a block chain is and maybe 1 who actually understands it and 0 who could write code supporting one.

And before you say anything, trannys don't count you faggot.

>> No.3633485
File: 294 KB, 539x559, 1504637707611.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There are maybe 100 women ON THE PLANET who know what a block chain is and maybe 1 who actually understands it and 0 who could write code supporting one
r9k is leaking again

>> No.3633518

Just bought 100k eggs

>> No.3633533

>hey I can take pictures of my boobs while I trade on an exchange
>this means I understand how a block chain works.


If a black female made her own crypto I would chop off my own dick and eat it.

>> No.3633536

>the guys who do right to this world without bbeing racist autistics are the ones who make big money
If you believe that you are retarded

>> No.3633550

>this means I understand how a block chain works
Shes probably been trading longer than you buddo. Crypto isnt a safe space for autistic losers and never has been, faggot.

>> No.3633557

K fine we bubble now , but i need to make 100k before i get out so fuck you all faggots this shit aint crashing untill i get my 100k

>> No.3633605

this, someone find a crypto lead dev for a potential project thats a women and or minority.

>> No.3633621


>> No.3633719

>0 who could write code supporting one
Aleksandra Skrzypczak is Lead Software Engineer of Golem project.

>> No.3633728

>Aleksandra Skrzypczak
she's also T H I C C

>> No.3633733

and theres that crazy asian chick on the bat dev team

>> No.3633748

Has anyone sent a link to her naked pic to their chat on homepage? Should i do it?

>> No.3633753

uh. yes

>> No.3633764
File: 71 KB, 317x472, oracle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3633775

nice anon, niceee

>> No.3633785

>CEO is a sexist term, it should be SheEO

>> No.3633811

Kek this has too much potential. But we still need to think about the poor pajeet working on the other side, exploited

>> No.3633817

set her on fire

>> No.3633838

1 satoshi = 1 prayer

>> No.3634045

>This "token sale" for an ICO involves the funding of some sort of drug-dealing business
>it is for the establishment of a weed (sic) selling location

You fucking narc snitch Anon, I mean, sure their ICO is a scam but you sound like a lil' bitch whining abour "drugs" and the dangerous "weed"...

might as well have called 911 tellin' um sum young whippersnappers where trying to get you to invest your precious crypto into some "whacky-tobacky" nonsense

get with the times, Pot is leagl, cannabis isn't a drug and the Govt is on Big Pharma's side to make dispensaries' life a hell and they still can't open bank accounts cuz weed is still federally banned...

I'm sure you voted for Sarah Palin

>> No.3634054

So she's on this thread larp'ing as a regular Anon

Hey sloot, send noods

>> No.3634064

fuck off

>> No.3634065

Women aren't leaders. Buy hype for profit.

>> No.3634143

>You don't just start your own coin.

Come on dude I threw an ICO together over a weekend. I mean yeah I half-assed it and only got like $300 but for a weekend of learning how to make a better ICO, that's decent compensation.

>> No.3634612

wtf is that dumb cunt doing in a private jet when she's doing an ICO? you're meant to be a poor startup CEO you thick bitch. anyone who gives this dumbass money deserves to lose it all

>> No.3634664

lmao you can clearly see she's high as a kite.

>> No.3634674

Btw if this isnt obvious, the way she's dressed is typical of russian hookers.

>> No.3634689

The OP is a bigger faggot for losing 3000 btc

>> No.3634706

>she's high as a kite.
Yeah, that's what stood out the most to me. She's not just a little buzzed. Looks like mdma and/or coke

>> No.3634782


>> No.3635117


Wouldn't be surprised if this makes it to the news and pumps the price up. Crypto is fucking bonkers.

>> No.3635183

Shes not conventional, remember!

>> No.3635229

so should i buy iota

>> No.3635879

This makes Bancor look amazing in comparison. Our lady Galia has a working product. This is a blatant money grab scam.

>> No.3635890


>> No.3635907

Her telegram is @jessversteeg

She told me to get her to NYC by Expedia. I said I hold around 4k NEO and she blocked me.

>> No.3636035

Paragon, that name has been used several times in shitty businesses.

>> No.3636080
File: 163 KB, 1892x1184, totallylegi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you invest in this company you deserve all your money to be taken by this succubus

>> No.3636094

kek, what site is that?

>> No.3636096


Should have flashed her the bitbean.

Always works.

>> No.3636118


>> No.3636262

explain this jailcoin

>> No.3636269

>hainLink is middleware to connect blockchains through oracles. Then how is Ark not only all of ChainLink and then some since it aims to connect all blockchains? Don't you think that
how are you able to check that? what website?

>> No.3636307

Does Ark gather external information from a decentralized network of data input nodes, to be used for blockchain-backed smart contracts in traditional business and finance?

>> No.3636454
File: 38 KB, 480x600, 19657203_444909452560354_929004810554105871_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how the hell does the impossible exist?
>true CEO with vag are like Lisa Su
>kinda ugly, but probably would fuck for the money
Smells like scam
Look at where they spent your crypto investment
not actually improving the coin much

>> No.3636531
File: 72 KB, 1326x649, untitled_drawing_by_insaneivy-d8t6oow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw roasties shilling scam ICOs is going to be the new twitch boob-streaming

>> No.3636581

Who is this semen-coloured demon?

>> No.3636668

Never-mind, found him: tsuruko.

>> No.3636784


That chick is a dude lol

>> No.3636818
File: 169 KB, 1200x1204, These_fa7be0_6359997.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3637061


>IOTA feature

Paragon support confirmed for crypto-illiterate

>> No.3637296

yes, stockbros in the USA have probably heard of Paragon shipping company, a drybulk shipper that failed.

Even DRYS fucking survived. DRYS.

>> No.3637476

I wouldnt touch you bitch with a 5metre iron bar

Seriously she is what is wrong with western women and why i only date asians now that and asians dont smell like shit when they sweat or from their pussies like european girls lol

>> No.3637531


>> No.3637550

Huh, I was watching this just yesterday.

>> No.3637666


>> No.3637676
File: 66 KB, 800x420, colbert-26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3637681

awwww yeaaaaahhhh

>> No.3638245

has anyone looked at her husbands instagram theres like weird pictures of kim jung un and shit

>> No.3638408
File: 1.11 MB, 1175x756, myjew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just bought 100m!!!

>> No.3638495

A women in charge of my money? No thanks.

>> No.3638890


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