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>be millionaire
>missed out on underage sex

there's some things money can't buy.

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the fuck is this pedophile bait shit

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While your chance to have sex underage is long gone you can still have sex with someone underage.

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Is that why most millionaires are pedophiles?

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16 is legal in many places, so you at least have that...

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You can still have sex with underaged girls, but I believe that's illegal.

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whats her name again

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From 14 onwards is legal in my country. I banged a 16yo a week ago.

There is still hope for you anons

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It's no different from masturbating.
People overestimate sex too much.

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Literally wrong virgin

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Sex prob feels better but meh. Learning how to get sex or paying for seems a lot of effort. And taking Care of a kid seems like a pain in the ass.

I don't really understand the hate towards virgins either. You should be glad other people are a virgin, more opportunities for the rest right?

Perhaps it's not fun for people if others are not really interested or you have no competition/ can not compare yourself to others.

I really wonder if humanity will end like the mouse utopia experiment. Its quite fascinating to think about.

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virgin confirmed

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OP for as little as 100k you can buy a 3 year old and do whatever.

I cannot understand, if you are so obsessed with sex, why don't you have sex then ?

Why fill the best board on 4chan with /b/ idiocy ?

Why are you talking to me about sex, do you want ME to blow you ? It is insulting.

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Japan is already facing a Universe 25 sort of scenario

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Its not just about physical feels. A lot of it is mental. Also it does feel 1000x better than jerking off

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Virgin or doing it wrong.

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>learning how to get sex or paying for seems a lot of effort.
I thought the same, until i got lucky and found a gf

yeah, sex is pretty tedious the first dozen or so times,
while you still get used to everything / get comfortable with the person

but after that it's miles better than jerking off

went through a breakup in January this year,
was another 7 months till I had sex again

it was remarkable how much better it was

no, they're completely right
once you've had good, or even decent sex, you'll understand

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That's because you're trying to plug a roastie, that's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

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14 is legal where I live but lol @ thinking that sex with a girl who doesn't move (or does so awkwardly) while also being in pain in virtually every position is fun. Even for the keyboard sick fucks it won't be.

Not missing any of it. Sex between people who know what they're doing is way more fun

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>sex with used goods is way more fun

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t. virgin

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>there's some things money can't buy

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I'm not claiming sex is not better. Nor am I claiming jerking of is superior.

But having sex is a very draining activity. And other things that accompany also seems like a hassle.

Of course most people love it since they are preprogrammed with dopamine to get addicted to it. There's nothing good or bad about that, it just means you're a human with human tendencies.

Still, having seems to be quite a pain desu.

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used goods wants to fuck you back

that's having sex

with a tiny lil girl who don't want to be there that ain't sex

sure the thought is much hotter but truth is she won't be enjoying it whatsoever and that'll throw you off too

she'll just go for the blank-eyed starfish pose

and don't even think about any fetish stuff, unless this is a rape scenario it just isn't gonna happen

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How many bitcoins for a cheese pizza?

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lol what country pls

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>lol what country pls
this asking for a friend

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No asking for myself
geh weg FBI

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I'd like to know as well. I mean my friend.

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this is why aoc is bullshit senpaitachi (within reason).

chad got underage poon because he was chad. i was smarter but looked like vitalik as a teen.

now that im rich as fuck and jacked as fuck i want that poon that i couldnt get back then.

i am now equal with chad in the sexual market place, it just took me a little more time.

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Ask the Clintons to take you on their next trip to Hawaii.

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10000 for 2

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How sad must your sexual life is for you to think any underage girl is a chaste nun from the 50s
This isn't even the 90s anymore. Your average 16 years old has flicked herself to lesbian porn before her teens, and she's dabbled in online sex, sending nudes, even selling them for gifts.
Lost my virginity at 29 to a 16 years old virgin, we were in love and the experience was intense, both romantically and sexually. Normalfags can't help but project their own shitty first time as an awkward acne-ridden 19 years old. Sex is objectively better when it's between a somewhat older man, capable of empathy and strength, and a young woman in her prime, still mature enough and biologically inclined to feel safer with a man over a boy.

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Sucks bud I just hit 22 and and sexed out with a sweet collection of home sex tapes with lots of sluts

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i like going to prison, tell me more

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Don't try to rationalize that you fucked a child as a grown man. That makes it way more creepier than it already is.

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>16 year old

Come on, faggot.

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Women never really grow up but a 16 year old girl is most definitely a girl and not a young woman

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Sick fucks like you are the reason AoC laws exist

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>self-righteous nursery bandit

you guys are a cliche at this point, let me guess, she's "mature for her age" too.

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underage girls won't even know how to take a dick. probably just lay there and cringe in pain the whole time. why would anyone want that

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16 year olds know what they're fucking doing. They are old enough to consent and shouldn't be treated like babies. End of fucking story.

Actual, forced rape is one thing, consensual relationships are another. I get how a parent may get pissed that their daughter is doing something they don't approve of, but that's a whole different discussion that shouldn't affect the legal side of things.

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Did you guys miss the "iz" in /biz/ ?

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Eventually you find out that the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest.

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tinder opened up a world where with 31 I cab fuck 18 year olds that wants to get manhandled, tied up and face fucked. Literally hat this two times already. Didn't live up to the fantasy, though, because fucking fucked up people is not rewarding, and I never found that in a girl with high self esteem. On the flipside, if you find a gf who's totally into you and is looking forward to suck your dick, that's the jackpot. At least that's my experience. Dwelling on forbidden sexual fantasies is a coping machanism and will not be as satisfying if obtained. At least that's the conclusion I consider realistic and feel comfortable with

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Reddit is on /pol/. You clicked the wrong board

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The age of consent should be drastically reduced. Any sentient being is able to consent, period.

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>and will not be as satisfying if obtained
That's also what I read a long time ago in an article
Could very well be true

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shut up faggot 16 is underaged

not sure why anyone would intereact with someone under the age of 20

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Not true in my case

Finally fucked this girl I was after for a while and she turned out to be absolute filth (every hole,ATM,facefuck the works) was bliss!

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Legal in many areas, including my state.

You wouldn't interact with those age groups... so what? This isn't about you.

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You're in denial because you don't think you could have sex with the girls that you want so you lie to yourself to make it seem more acceptable that you're not even trying. This shit about how sex is a drug is entirely true, but how come you really only hear virgins spouting off about it? Because they need to convince themselves that somehow there is merit to abstinence. Your subconscious mind knows you are falling short of it's second most important goal, and it's trying to protect you from that truth.

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Some of the most acomplished men in the world were abstinent so theres really nothing bad about it. The problem arises when people pretend to be superior for it, and vice versa.

Similarly, some of the biggest idiots I've known have had lots of sex; it hasnt done much for them. I'm sure its the same for many others.

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>formerly chucksville

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save it for someone who cares.


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This is reddit lol

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Even snacks would've b& you pedofags. Stfu newfag.

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It's different if you knew her and had feeling for her (at least a crush)...

Buy seeing ass-to-mouth in porn and being turned on by it is different than a girl telling you she does atm and dp-s and she wants you to participate. It's actually disgusting in real life.

Yes, we didn't bang

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there were plenty of wide hipped teenagers back in my day who could have passed for 18 plus

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>older man
you mean loser who couldnt compete in their age group?

i fucked majorily virgins i aint old tho i started with 15 because i have what you lacked at that age

>> No.3556502

So when they turn 18 they magically know what to do?

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This is retarded and we're better off without it.

A human being doesn't have its personality properly formed at least until a while after the puberty hormones have settled. Introducing a complex element such as sex so early can completely fuck up development and is why so many prostitutes and sexual deviants have been abused as children. And we call it abuse, but it might have been no different from this "marriage" in your picture, in the sense that one or more adults were constantly reassuring the child that sex was natural and that they would learn to enjoy it.

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God, I love Millennial aged liberal whores who grew up watching porn.

Older women are useless. Did you know that there are 40 year old women out there who still don't suck cock? WTF is that shit?

God bless millenial girls who grew up watching porn and will let you fuck her asshole on the 2nd date. The type of liberal that will maintain eye contact as she swallows your load.

God bless all you whores.

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sexuality is pretty fascinating in that what arouses/satisfies people often defies what is logical

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Banged a 15yo (I was underage too) and a 17yo (legal) so I'm pretty content.

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Is this related with crypto?

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>25 year old virgin
>2 beta to ask escort
>put up ad on bp for someone to help with virginity
>17 year old blonde 5'2 100 pounds responds
>lets me creampie for 250 dollars
Feels good

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Backpage. Had to filter lots of spam honestly got really lucky. Have seen her maybe 100 times now

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how did you even word the post? asking for a friend

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sex has only gotten better for me as I aged.

I banged a 14 year-old and she just lied there doing nothing and it was awkward as hell.

My current gf is 25 and I get to tie her up and fucker her ass and cum in her whenever i want

maybe it starts to get shitty again once you start getting to middle-aged women

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Straightforward that youre looking to lose virginity. Make sure to describe the kind of girl u want i didnt want niggresses so i said white only. Also imply ur willing to pay without saying the word pay ie donation. Also im chinkanon so im less threatening

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Took mea long time to find but just keep posting its free and youll find someone. Also make sure to do your research the girl gave me her real name so i was able to do facebook background check

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I'll go to Russia as soon as i get rich.
Russian boys here i come.

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Of course, crypto will produce the highest amount of socially retarded milkionair virgins in history

Jokes aside, Juliet is 13 in Shalespears play and this was also the age where marriage is possible only a few hundret years ago. Mary in the bible isn't older either. It's pretty much a cultural thing.

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Here the legal age is 14 (Brazil)

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Yes but if youre a foreigner you will most likely get robbed and or die

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>tfw 28 kissless virgin

Anyone else just given up and look forward for the waifu age?

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Only in Hell de Janniger.
Go to south (Parana/Santa Catarina/Rio grande do Sul) and enjoy first world cute kids in a third world country.

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The only reason I have motivation in life is when I get rich off Cryptos next year, I will buy a 11 year old I met online from Siberia and take her to Disneyland and wife her. My god the most adorable girl I met in my life.

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Go out every weekend. I don't care if you'd rather kill yourself. Just go out. If you don't you'll be a kissless virgin forever. A girl isn't just magically going to fall into your lap.

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Sorry mate, i am Brazilian, i lost my virginity at the age of 11 (with a 15yo girl)

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you're talking to a cop m8

>> No.3557142

Good luck mate.
I want to do the same as you (but with a siberian boy)

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This is the feds breaking into his house.

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Not realizing Cryptos economy when it was first surfaced was to buy drugs, guns, cp. American women are just a lost cause here and this is someone born in 1990's.

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I wish i know /biz/ back in 2009-2011 so i could buy hundreds or even thousands of bitcoins with a hundred bucks.

>> No.3557303

I wish i knew*

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biz wasn't even a board in 2009, rebecca.

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>A girl isn't just magically going to fall into your lap.

Soon, brothers. We'll have amazon drones deliver our waifus to our doorsteps. Let's make this a reality.


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Nigga, /biz/ was created to stop the crypto spam in /g/ way after crypto become popular. Then it stopped when crypto died so it actually became a business board for a couple of months then crypto rose from the ashes and it's now shilling bags all day long

Also you're all fags. Teenagers have the most soul of all people, 20yr+ girls are boring as fuck. I mean all girls are boring but the teens still have some spark left, both physically and mentally, and they will fucking adore you.

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if you want to be adored get a dog.

>> No.3557616

Everyone in this thread confirmed for inept faggot.

>> No.3557643

>14 is legal where I live
What third world shithole is this? That's sick.

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>that's sick
>he wouldn't bang pic related

>> No.3557719

where do you think we are

fuck off normie

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>mfw I see those nails.

>> No.3557982

her nudes were so cash

>> No.3558022

what? where?

>> No.3558046

well you need tor but thats all i know

>> No.3558082

I guess she is underage then.

>> No.3558153

She's 14, hence why I posted that pic in response to the anon saying banging 14 year olds is sick

>> No.3558161

Great rack

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>lost virginity at 17
>felt nothing because shit condom
>gf ended up having really deep seated intimacy issues
>only ever had sex with her a few more times before she declared she was completely asexual
>starts yelling at me and insulting me for even trying to hold her hand
>put up with this for 6 mos
>now 25 and still so fucked up from that relationship that I've been celibate ever since, conditioned to expect a negative response from trying to make any sort of move and being raised by religious zealots who would make me feel ashamed for wanting a gf
>decent looking enough to get a lot of sexual attention from women but don't know how to react to it
>can't try to pick girls up at bars because had to move back in with mom for 6 months
>libido is higher than its ever been in my life, can only offset it by working out a lot

Just kill me now

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>there are some things money can't buy
>for everything else, there's Moloch
>contact your nearest potbelly goblin for details

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Moloch grants wishes. All you need to do is say the right words, give some shekels, some blood, some semen. And all your wildest dreams come true.

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Alex, is that you?

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Missed out too. Probably why I'm a man child. Oh well, it's a good time.

>> No.3558595

I lost my virginity at 7 years old, to a much older man.
>If you could remember a lot of us lost our virginity this way.

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It's time you clue in, patriot - this is the InfoWar - these internet pedophiles want you spilling semen as tribute to their demon lord.
>Yes, we've turned /biz/ into a den of pedophiles master, yes! Only Soros will profit from crypto now, dark lord!

Resist these possessed sicko Hillary voters!

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I hope it wasnt 250 a pop or else you must be fucking rich

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>tfw when you got blowjons from 4 female cousins when growing up, from the ages of 9 to 14
>tfw when one of them wanted to fuck, but started crying when she couldn't fit my cock inside her
>tfw when you are poor as fuck
I would give up those experiences for 1 million US dollars in a heartbeat.

>> No.3558896

It was. But over like 2 or 3 . creampie evrytime

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Yeah I was molested by an older female family member. It was not good.

Would love to gas all the pedos itt

>> No.3558973

How did you make your first million?

>tfw lack of confidence from being a fat loser as a teen undefeatable despite being physically and financially fit

>> No.3558979


In my case, we were always about 2 or 3 years difference at most. They where pretty enjoyable experiences, obviously. Still, I would rather have a million dollars right now.
Sex is overrated.

>> No.3559044


Are we gonna talk about baggage?

>Be molested at 8 by my friend, cascaded into pretty fucked psychosexual development
>really high sex drive, bad behavior to girls when I was younger, nobody ever taught me how to talk to women

>fast forward to 24, have a 21 y/o gf, first of my life
>She had really bad teenage years, lots of MDMA, lost her virginity at 13 to rape by a 19 y/o drug dealer who she stayed with after because she didn't know any better, had plenty of sex growing up because it was so easy for her to get laid and it helped people like her, later on moved in with a junkie who coerced her into sex and she turned 18 there with him
>alcohol problems
>self harmed, arms and legs are shredded with scars today
>rehab at 16
>still has huge anxiety and self image issues and alcohol seeking tendencies

And yet here I am, because I can actually hold a conversation with her, we actually get along, she's happier with me than with anyone, she has a fairly high sex drive too, but I'll be fucked if it doesn't stress me out to feel like I'm the latest in a long line of dudes. I'm the best boyfriend shes ever had by light-years but it's like I'm the star on the top of a shit tree of all her other boyfriends taking advantage of her and doing a bunch of drugs and fucking her up. She jokes about how she would never do anal because she had one boyfriend who eventually after a long period convinced her to let him sodomize her and she absolutely hated it and I occasionally get reminded of it whenever she jokes about being willing to do "anything... well almost anything" for me

Fml man. it's the first time I've ever known a woman that makes me happy and actually wants me and my head is deconstructing it so much. On days where I'm anxious I'll feel like I don't trust her or I'll be disgusted thinking about her exes or something and it's just hard to deal with. And when she's drinking, she will almost without fail talk about how fucked up she was as a teenager. *sigh*

>> No.3559045

I'm with you buddy. Far too much pedos and incest. Disgusting.

>> No.3559090

>you'll never be 15 and in love
>lying on the grass on a warm summer night, watching the stars, carelessly chatting
>not worrying about rent, bills, student loans
>only worry in life is how you're gonna cheat on that history test on monday
>you'll never take a young, tight, hot-bodied girls virginity, pulling out to cum all over her back and have her look in your eyes and say "I love you"
>you'll never have a girl around every day after school, pretend to be doing homework together, but instead just **** like rabbits
>you're in your 20's now
>gotta get a good job
>gotta be a serious man now
>all the good ones are taken
>maybe a nice girl will eventually settle with you
>they have already felt all those new exciting feelings before, and are usually jaded and bitter
>you missed what it feels like to have not a care in the world other than making your girl happy
>you have missed out on teenage love

>> No.3559156


>> No.3559201

what does sex feel like?

>> No.3559205

don't analyze it too much, just enjoy what you have while you can. you sound like your current situation is pretty good. you're better off than most

>> No.3559255

>they have already felt all those new exciting feelings before

Even if they're not jaded, this is the sad part. You could find the love of your life and feel like you still lose because she has already lived and loved and already is very familiar with something which you feel is very personal and special to you. That's my case; the fact that I'm with her is a very personal thing. I have never had a girlfriend and if not for her I still wouldn't. But her, she has said that she has never been comfortable without a boyfriend because she's been dating and fucking since 13 and had incredible self esteem issues so that's been her life for so long. She had someone before me and if I wasn't here she would have someone else. I know she's with me because she likes me (genuinely for who I am, which is mind blowing) but it's just difficult to actually think about.

>> No.3559261

>all love doesn't invoke feelings like this

>> No.3559300
File: 250 KB, 1440x810, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meh, there are actually so few people who experience this, in fact most people don't have or keep 'teenage love' and as a non autistic virgin I can confirm that this love is not all that hallmark channel gushy bullshit.
To be fair I mean you or the anon who wrote that pasta just pulled it out of your ass, didn't you?
Out of thine ass from a collection of movie love scenes and general ideas about how love and young love should work from an outside looking in perspective.

Also calm down because almost all of 'the good ones' are still left.
Nearly ALL of highschool relationships end soon after college begins and good women (aka not poor) don't even consider settling down at all until at least 25.

>> No.3559340

Holy fuck! You're an actual beta provider for some seriously used goods.

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Not buying any of this myself, just had to paste the misc copypasta because it seemed relevant

>> No.3559392

Ah, good man

>> No.3559420

>I don't really understand the hate towards virgins either.

Men have been conditioned to measure their self worth in how many females they have convinced to sexually submit to them. Virginity is reviled in men, while it is treasured in women.

It wasn't always this way, though. Lancelot Duloc, it is said, had the strength of ten men, due to his chastity. When he was magically seduced by Elaine, sister of Morgan le Fay, he lamented the loss of his virginity bitterly.

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Sex feels drinking an ice cold glass of flouride-free water in the middle of a manmade Mexican earthquake.

>> No.3559497

Nah, all the good girls end up marrying in a relationship from high school. The dudes are always complete losers too, but they stand by them.

Meanwhile starting a relationship with a 25 y/o, you have to compete against the best qualities of all of her past boyfriends (she forgets about the shitty qualities of course) and will never be as happy as the 25 y/o with blind faith in her loser boyfriend from high school.

I've never had a gf btw but I've seen this countless times with friends and coworkers.

I am a 28 year old virgin that finally got a blowjob from a stripper and contracted an STD.

>> No.3559604

Still have your wizard powers I see.

>> No.3559715

You are aware that highschool relationship marriages have the highest rate of divorce?
y not look at the actual stats before casting yourself off like that
Honestly just go out and try to get a lady
(first get /fit/, always #1 and yes you can do it)
But I swear just go out and try, try until you get a woman you feel you could marry
That's it
You'll get burned many times but you'll get one eventually, you just have to go out and see how the real world truly works instead of floating around all the time in your own head like Aristotle's theories of physics

>> No.3559753

Tfw you're mid 20s and have a 18 year old gf with a tight puss who you deflowered. Feels goodman

>> No.3559987


Dude wtf man. Std is why im paranoid about having sex with any girl who isnt a virgin.

>> No.3560019

i'm a genius anon im too good for these grills
only a 2d waifu form the sky wil lappease me and youd bve a fool to think I'll settle for anyhting less

>> No.3560036

Cucked by bacteria and viruses, a new low for sure.

>> No.3560083

>it's that san francisco faggot that spends all of his money on whores
How much longer until you're homeless lmfao

>> No.3560281

You can't be fucking serious.

Have some self-respect. Only pain and tears ahead with a woman like this.

>> No.3560754


Pain and tears with a woman, pain and tears without. You can't win. I know that being with her means I can wake up next to someone and tenderly kiss her and run my fingers through her hair and put them inside her and wake her up with them, it means I can have regular sex with someone who I don't have to convince, it means I have someone who asks me to play video games with her, it means I always have someone to have a drink with and cuddle watching a movie and have her fall asleep in my arms even though she has never been able to fall asleep touching anyone else in her life and have someone who can truthfully say that I make them feel happy and safe and appreciated

She has a lot of baggage, but what have you got?

>> No.3561002
File: 75 KB, 640x480, e0edre2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does your home look like this, anon?

>> No.3561010

listen to that guy.That chicks brain is wired the wrong way man, it wasnt all just circumstances or "it just happened".

>> No.3561253

>tfw dated a girl from 17-23
>She dumped me
>Dad dies a few months later
>Haven't had the motivation to get laid/move on
>Three years later im 26 and I don't know any girls
>Refuse to tinder because any bitch on there has fucked even more dicks than your average slut
>Let's be real here, a girl worth a damn won't be on a dating app
>Never learned how to court a girl/date as i spent all my undergrad in a possessive relationship

Life is mysery

>> No.3561336

Reminder that if you let the state decide on who you should stick your dick, you are a failure and a fucking faggot.

>> No.3561440

...and you are also probably not in prison

>> No.3561441

There's nothing more pathetic than someone who's so dependent on the company of others that he's willing to swallow his pride, values and self-worth just to avoid loneliness.
If you said something along the lines of ''I love her despite her flaws and etc'' it would be more respectable, but going by your post it's clear you think very poorly of yourself, which is probably why you have the illusion that you need the company of others to be happy.

>> No.3561496

Don't you have any shame living in a country where the state dictates your personal and private behavior? I bet you say this despite living in the biggest juristocracy in the world, I mean, in the so called land of the free.

>> No.3561515

>be a /b/tard
>be a slutty guy
>/b/ faggotry kicks in
>be a slutty girl
>become sexless anonymous trap who seeks only the pleasure of profit
Lust is irrelevant; greed is the purest of gods.

>> No.3561554

>she declared she was completely asexual

I'm really curious about these women. Do you know what happened after you two split up? Did she stay "asexual" or did she start putting out again for her next bf?

>> No.3561599

Seriously though, wat do

>> No.3561704

Goddamn misc

>> No.3561721

Anon, my advice in this kind of situation is to always focus on improving yourself, rather than on the problem at hand itself. If you think too much about the problem, it will control your life and make you dependent of it, and dependency, being psychological or chemical, never helps us to make good decisions, does it?
If you are owning money to the bank or somebody, focus on being better at your job, being more creative, or improving yourself and the money will naturally come as a result. If you can't get laid, focus on being more confident, on working out, reading/learning new things and getting laid will naturally come as a result.

>> No.3561730

Nope decided she never wanted sex ever again and left me for a girl she wouldn't even kiss

She was petite and cute but I have never met anyone else in my life with such an inferiority complex which was made infinitely worse once she got a tumblr and became convinced that she shouldn't seek professional help by her psycho mutual followers

>> No.3562082

>There's nothing more pathetic than someone who's so dependent on the company of others that he's willing to swallow his pride, values and self-worth just to avoid loneliness.
I was without a girlfriend for my entire life, I am not against or a stranger to being alone. I also don't feel like I am swallowing my pride and values. Realistically it would be healthy for me not to give a fuck about her past, and it would be a good trait to not actually worry about it that I could bring to future relationships. Its a bit more intense than I expected but you might as well start at 10, because it means my next relationship with a girl who fucked one dude for the last 7 years will be a lot smoother because I've already ironed out any insecurities I might have had during this relationship.
>you think very poorly of yourself
I sometimes struggle with rationalizing my decision to date a woman with so much baggage, and I haven't left because the benefits outweigh the downfalls and i feel she is a net positive to my life. I wouldn't think that reflects on my self esteem
>which is probably why you have the illusion that you need the company of others to be happy.
Being in the company of others does not necessarily make me happy. She knows that I'm in the relationship because I want to be, not because I need to be. But hey, I appreciate your armchair psychoanalysis. If you were onto something I genuinely would tell you so.

>> No.3562670

Thanks anon, that helped

>> No.3562757

the guy didnt have sex with her until she was 14

>> No.3562886

Ahh yes I remember his reign. Banning furfags but leaving lolicons and pedos alone.

>> No.3562921

I envy you brazilians

>> No.3562931

based and white

>> No.3562944

/pol incoming...

But they will never know or feel the depth of love for one's people or feel the noble conscientiousness and sense of duty that comes with it that eclipses all cummies and fee fees. Don'r be a bitch

>> No.3563014

It's always "get /fit/". Because there are no other qualities to me that will make me look better.

>> No.3563016

>muh pedos
>muh AoC
kek, even the law agrees that 16 year olds aren't children and can consent to sex.

>> No.3563541

For everything else, there's mastercard

>> No.3563599

>mfw i started banging my last 2 gfs when they were 16

i dont live in murica so dont send the ef bee i plz.

>> No.3563631


fox, meet grapes

>> No.3563733

stop boasting

>> No.3563750
File: 41 KB, 400x416, 0002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3563751
File: 47 KB, 250x194, 1475120278542.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>your never too old to have underage sex

>> No.3563849


>> No.3563880


thank god i didn't miss out on this

>> No.3564120
File: 243 KB, 578x555, 1472696055001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no, you just get rich chads leftovers anon

>> No.3564236
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>> No.3564358

The teenage loves I had were with girls who had shitload of experience and used me for it. These girls nowadays get hazed when they're 14, so when you're 18 and you get to meet one, they know all the sleazy tricks and use the shit out of you. It's fucked you can't experience this shit together with a girl. If we would, I believe most of us would be married by now.

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