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Did you sell?
Are you Buying now?
Waiting to drop more then buying?
Already bought the dip?

I think normies will be rushing to deposit cash next week..
That means expect a wave of buy ins on tuesday / wednesday

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Went to bed around 3000, then woke up during the night with a suspicious feeling. The bounce had started, and I got back in at 3500. Not very elegant but I didn't missed the dip too badly.

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>hey, lemme see your hand
>what? no, of course I'm not going to show you mine!

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Shorted 1 btc at 3600, this shit is crashing to the floor next week

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bought at 3200 with x10 leverage hoping to keep it for a while, it went over 0.382 fibo and went down below it now. I expect it's going to try this resistance again tonight, if it manages to get over and confirm support at this level then I'll probably keep that long.

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Im in cash right now

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normies are going to read forbes on monday telling them that only gay racist drug dealers with bodypillows are involved with btc

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I thought I bought the dip but then it kept dipping and has not recovered yet.
Rookie mistake but I've only been in it 4 days now and only put in disposable income. Live and learn, fun to have some skin in the game when pink wojacks start getting spammed.

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