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Most of you pay 50% or so tax on crypto.
If you cashed out to fiat in the 4 - 5k range and paid your taxes,
You would have a lot less than what your current crypto net still is.
Btc is going to bounce big big time.
Now is the time to be adding.

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>50% tax

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>Most of you pay 50% or so tax on crypto.

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How to get around taxes then?
Can you buy / reload a physical visa card?

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>Most of you pay 50% or so tax on crypto.
what did he mean by this? also even if this was the case 50% tax=/=50% off your crypto. Have you never paid tax in your life??

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Good thinking anon.

Even if I lose money (bitcoin needs to go less than 1k first) I can suddenly declare a tax loss !


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yes, there are credit cards that take directly from your BTC.
TenX and some others I forgot

Just ignore him and try to have a nice thread.

It is true that this is a good time to add to your crypto.
Chinese people are forced to sell at whichever price, so wait a bit until they can't sell for lower.
They will buy back when China says again that it's not banned.

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What if.. some billionaire is fucking ntc price as a tax write off?
Someone needs to look into blockchain addys..
Use your logic, it wouldnt cost much btc to see if it really is just a few people buying and selling down.

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have you been living under a rock?
the cause is china banning ICOs first, then crypto exchanges.
This is going to keep going down, probably even lower than $2500

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Taxes alone make crypto not worth it. Your thinking is backward.

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Crypto isnt banned. Just some exchanges

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The chinese wont stop selling. They are the majority of the market and the market grew by volume not by holders

The price is fundamentslly unstable

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Tenx card needs to be verified etc... wouldnt work

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Are you stupid? Its a temporary ban until they issue licenses.

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Are YOU stupid? Chinese use btc to smuggle money out of the country.

They wont use licensed exchanges

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They are banning online exchanges,
Brick and mortar shops exist and they are not effected by temp ban.
Taking bitcoin off any exchanges wouldnt stop anyone getting btc and doing what they want with it.
You act like china just banned bitcoin all together and the only way to get it was buy on an exchange.

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8 percent is not the majority. The other 92% is..

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Buying physical bitcoin increases friction of exchange. Friction of exchange reduces price and as price falls, transaction costs increase, in a cycle.

Are you stupid?

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China is not 8% of the market.

Show me your source.

A large percentage of the market are speculators. 8% exit from the market means speculators exit as well.

WeEhave been telling you retards this from the start. Even as the price falls 30% you still dont listen

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You don't have to pay taxes if you only lose money.

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