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for those that dont follow charts, critical resistance is $3758 usd.

Chart looks strong.

Half the last wave of normies jumped ship today.
small insitutions and traders alike will be stacking everything they can.

What is your outlook /biz/ ?

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You guys were saying it was 4k 2 weeks ago. You will be saying critical resistance is 3k in another 2 weeks. Its over, kid. Time to get a real job.

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>whats your outlook
This is par of the course. Every time theirs a crash it recovers even stronger than before with enormous growth. The larger the crash the higher the recovery floor reaches. Be patients, the jews have done no damage.

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also to add, the normies are become resliant and getting used to the idea that bitcoin goes up and down like this. Eventually in the future when bitcoin is actually in a real bubble (its not now) that bubble will be made out of steal and won't pop at all.

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Get a coin nocoiner

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I carried bitcoin up till it peeked close to 5k, initial investment went into bitcoin when it was still under 10 dollars. I am the white whale laughing as you fail.

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So... you've made 5k. Nice lambo bro

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What? I didnt say how many bitcoins I purchased when they were worth $10 now did I? This is why you will always be poor.

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My investment was $0. I mined when it was $2.

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It's already back to $3788
What now op

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Dumping is occurring near 3.8k to break the backbone of this support level, I think. Sellers will eventually wear themselves out (maybe). Wait, like a predator, for that opportunity to buy in.

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Resistance is futile. We're going to 3k.

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Im so fucking mad

Throw some hundreds at btc (no ameriburger thank god) monday and i dont have spare money now to buy more


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>wait like a predator

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Prove it

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down 10% in one day

cool """"""""""""""currency'"""""""""""""

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I'm busy dollar cost averaging this falling knife.
Dammit I bleed now, but I'll come back stronger

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I dont give financial advice but i'll tell you what im doing..
Im in cash right now, not trading until i get confirmation of trend. If it goes below 3758 i watch and wait for the bottom.. if it hits 4110 im all in.

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yeah, I'd say spreading out your buying would be a good idea right now

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i've known about bitcoin since the 20k btc pizza.
Which in todays price would be 80 mill.
i dont need to prove anything.

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tfw 3735

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10k for 2 pizza's newfriend

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bro i knew about bitcoin since it was 200k btc for a pizza

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10k BTC for a pizza?
200k BTC for a pizza?
Do not make light of the great pizzocaust, it was a full 6 gorillion BTC for a pizza.

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It went below 3758

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Forgot my image

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We didn't bounce it, we went through it.

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Y'all do know the difference between support and resistance, right?

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we are far from the bottom GS predicted which is 2.2K

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GS doesn't want people to buy the bottom, they want to buy the bottom, so their actual prediction is probably higher than that.

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its gunna break 3700 within the hour, if 3700 breaks its dropping down to 3500 very quick

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We're talking a vacuum balloon. Nothing inside and an impermeable outer coating.

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Sorry its my first day. How do i internets?

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