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In the name of Allah, what is happening? This cannot be true? Allah Akbar!

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>15% loss in a bear market.


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Our coin will prevail and together with IOTA we will defeat the kuffar, inshallah!


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>Everything is collapsing again as we enter the 3rd crypto recession
>Obviously IOTA is falling because the developers don't subscribe to alt-right conspiracy theories.

Seems legit

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Keine gute Investition

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Millions of enemy combatants flooding into Europe and leaving dead bodies in their wake is not a conspiracy theory.

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No one has killed more Europeans than other Europeans.

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When is the ISISCoin rebrand?

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>See the thing is goyim, there is literally nothing wrong with IOTA
>If you don't like IOTA, you are a racist, sexist, bigot and an anti-human xenophobe

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Insure Obedience To Allah

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Positively IOTA.

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IOTA has flawed security and is a disaster waiting to happen.
Hope they get to at least teach some "refugee" dreamers how to game the benefits system your predecessors bled and suffered for before the shitshow inevitably comes down.

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>migrantcoin drowning just like the invaders

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>tfw bought IOTA a few days ago

I don't believe the whole white genocide/ JQ autism but IOTA's devs are so autistic,bitter and unprofessional it's ridiculous. The whole "insult your investors" thing, alongside the obvious security flaws and centralization really ruin this coin.

It's a good concept so I'm holding, but I doubt it will go back to 13500 (where I bought) any time soon.

At least the DGB devs seem like nice people.

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Absolutely IOTA.

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well said. you guys are so fucking whiny

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>smart refugee cities

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>The whole "insult your investors" thing
some edgy loser went into an ama and asked "why does iota support white genocide".
the dev didnt insult an investor. he put a broke ass stormfaggot in their place.

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>what, you didn't hear?
>we are commies now xD
>oh look everyone he is not a supporter of a borderless world woww

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It's not just that. There was a screencap on /biz/ where IOTA's devs were calling anyone criticizing their coin "low IQ retards" or something like that.

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Iota just wants to create a better world, these "broke ass stormfaggots" must be stopped. Takbir!

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>tfw bought 200 of these shitcoins at 0.75$

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Tell that faggot he has to forgive us, we have "an impaired ability to understand what is right and wrong."

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The devs are geniuses you just can't see it yet. More refugees in Europe means more users of IOTA. This shit is gonna moon.

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Is it possible to short the HDI (Human Development Index) of countries which accept refugees?

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>J-JUST you w-wait!!

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That turned out to be complete nonsense, so don't use it. There are much better and real arguments when it comes to stopping "refugees".

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i still cant believe how mad the stormniggers are that someone holds political opinions different to theirs.
havent stopped crying on 4chan about it for 24 hours, lmao

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Well, when you essentially want to destroy Europe for personal gain, then people who aren't immoral or ignorant fuckwads in denial are going to call you out on it.

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That's such a strange term, it implies you hate niggers as well as those who hate niggers. It makes as much sense as feminists defending Islam.

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muh feels mufugga

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David, I don't know if it's you or one of your marketing cronies and if you're really high or not right now or not, but I will tell you one thing. The rapefugees and meme fun are aside the fact that you said extremely stupid things. Even if you literally kill me or the other "stormer" memesters, the damage is already done and your own poorly chosen words will haunt the coin until the rest of its existence. You have proven over and over again that your head is so far up your ass (or in the weed smoke clouds) that you can't correctly assess what is happening around you.

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Looks like IOTA did fake trading on Bitfinex to get in the top 10 market caps. They only used 500 BTC to get funded, not millions. They're a crooked operation.

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stormnigger so mad he thinks im a dev
cant get any better than this

>cant deal with the evil rapefugee coin being top 10 marketcap
you probably hold magacoin. strange how i havent seen of those begging scamcoin threads since this iota shitposting started

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Are you even white?

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yeah bro. im actual ubermensch, not some pasty skin lard ass poorly bred kekistani oven fuel like 98% of polcucks are (the 2% are based black guys xD)

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Pajeet detected

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Okay bro, what's your ancestral homeland?

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No one cares poorfag

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I care.

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almost like people dont want to support a pedophile death cult that is currently invading their homeland!

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not the lands of inbred northen/central european mudhut dwellers thats for sure

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>pedophile death cult

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I don't believe that a white man would hate other white men for wanting to protect white women and children. I don't think you're well, mentally.

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My favorite one

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money and war is all you should care about anon. glory and honor and the feelsy shit comes afterward

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If you're actually white and you don't care about the future of your people then you must've gone through some horrible shit. I'll leave you alone now, brother. I hope you get the help you need.

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He's not white, they never are and they never answer. It's smug chinks and shitskins, whom this board has plenty of.

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pfft. like muslims have never been a problem before. remember the crusades went on for centuries.

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Holy shit, it's finally priced under what I purchased it at (in btc not fiat). I don't really care because I'm holding long term, but this dip is going to make some people lots of money.

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Take them in NOW

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It's losing 2 or 3 times more than the others and even beating NEO :D

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ty senpai

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Fuck allah the goatfucker

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that shitcoin is germanistan (the cunt) personified, I hope it burns in hell

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wonder how the fags that bought iota last night to spite /pol/ feel waking up to -15%

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Exactly what I did. This month was truly a bad time to get into crypto

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devs or companies outing their radical political views (doesn't matter which side of the spectrum) usually makes me nope out quite instantly

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Lets meme this coin into the ground, we have the magic

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top kek

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I was just reading about the curl issue. A major security hole in iota was discovered. The developer said he had put it in on purpose.

They put security holes in iota to steal your coins. And they openly admit that they hate cryptocurrency investors.

Is that someone you want to give your money to?

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Look at all those unaccompanied minors

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its in /biz/'s hands now. gg. this shit will sink faster than the titanic.

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>600k refugees this year
>European Union has population of 600 million
>literally 0.1% of population

you're all worse than SJW snowflakes

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U take em then

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>no one knows the real numbers and who's a refugee, who's a migrant or something else
>shitskins have 10 kids per family without fail
>European cities are already visibly colored, with some reminding you of Pakistan or Africa
>muslim activism

There. Fuck off.

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>/pol/ was right again

>> No.3417350

>being mad that we own cryptocurrency and dictate terms to you little faggots

Race traitors hang too laddo, this time the world

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Im in New Zealand and the immigration agency here says that they got their incoming immigrant numbers for the last year wrong by 27,000.

If theres that many people being unaccounted for on their way to the middle of nowhere in the pacific ocean, there must be many millions flooding into europe.

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You guys don't have street light in euro?

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literally half of german children between 0 and 5 are foreigners

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Good. Fuck migrantcoin.

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"enemy combatants" lmao.

The fact you refer to Europe in monolithic terms is pretty indicative of your level of knowledge.

>> No.3417764

>what is a continent

>> No.3417777

9 out of 11 ancient continent theorists believe Pangaea will rise again.

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Your loose asshole is a major security hole.

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Fuck off back to pol you right wing virgin cucks and sell your iota so I can get more bargains. See you when iota hits $1.39 in a month

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this god wills it. great allah strike down iota for it is tool of the jew. Masallah insallah bismillah allahu akbar.

>> No.3417807

>right wing virgin cucks
The fuck is this verbal diarrhea? Does your stepdad know you're here, little lady?

>> No.3417808

>buying a coin with a developer who literally inserted a backdoor so he can change balances at any time

No thanks, byteball has a real developer and isn't a clusterfuck.

>> No.3417811


yeah im going to be buying NGR coin instead from now on

>> No.3417817

Actually, Ballbites has two blackdoors. I just got off the phone with my Rabbi, it's been confirmed.

>> No.3417824

Save your shoebox money for your HPV vaccination, dumb bitch.

>> No.3417846

Stay mad IOTAcuck.

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>IOTA zero fees infinite scalability threaten (((segwit)))
>(((segwit))) backers put together FUD that dumb people buy into
>price drops so (((they))) can stock up on IOTA before people realize it is the future of crypto

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Fucking germany, man.

>> No.3417886

Did the segwit backers make David invest into rapefugees and sperg out on reddit?

>> No.3417888

>no tangle patent

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This is some Dawn of the Planet of the Apes shit.

There are no breaks on the fear train.

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This whole thread is spurg

>> No.3418050

And you want to undo all the blood your ancestors spilled and would welcome shitskins just so you can make a profit. I'm ashamed we are even the same race. If you weren't white I wouldn't even consider you human.

>> No.3418082

But we aren't the developers of a top 10 coin. How can I have confidence that IOTA will succeed when the person responsible can't even control his emotions on Reddit. There's a difference between an autistic nerd genius and being straight up mentally unstable. The IOTA devs are clearly mentally ill for sperging out so hard in an AMA.

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Nazi is the new SJW. You shill your politics to people who dont give a shit. You fags just shit up the rest of 4chan with your triggering. I dont care about your edgy ideology, I only care about money

>> No.3418122

You don't care because you're a literal nigger.

>> No.3418129

Uhh nobody cared about IOTA's politics until they supported some refugee shit and sperged out on Reddit. Why can't lefties just shut up and make a good product? That should be rule number 1

>> No.3418130

link plz i didnt see it. But Im guessing someone called it rapecoin or something and he took the bait. He should know not to take the bait, but regardless iota is still the one of the most innovative coins. CfB invented PoS, and while Vitalik is riding hit coattails CfB is on to better things

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File: 6 KB, 200x200, AAEAAQAAAAAAAAgIAAAAJDJlYmRmNzIzLTg3OWMtNGQyZS05NTg0LTBjZTg5MjY3ZDAxNw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This gives his long beard a whole new meaning.

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>Why can't edgelords just shut up and make a good argument
muh politics has nothing to do with technology. I dont care if they suck nigger dick and praise allah while writing about the virtues of vegan transgenderism, as long as the product is good (which it is)

>> No.3418169

Selling our race for some shekels is what got us where we are today.

>> No.3418171

his first response wasn't so bad, but he's clearly triggered after that and pretty much calls potential investors subhuman. Sorry but I don't want to give my money to a dev who can't even sound professional on reddit

>> No.3418178

This. Most whites want things back the way they were, we never asked for this shit

>> No.3418186

How is it good when there were clear security issues and more that we haven't even discovered yet? All this was because they made a stupid mistake and so something that literally everyone else is stupid. And on top of that the dev is a retard.

I'll just wait until the next coin with similar tech comes along. Oh and there will be one because they don't even have a patent for tangle. They will definitely be copied

>> No.3418199

I don't care about your shitty ideology
Please fuck off back to /pol/ you obnoxious weab

The only color that matters is Green over here

>> No.3418208

***All this was because they made a stupid mistake and did something that literally everyone else said is stupid***

I can't type today lads

>> No.3418213

Given a choice between $1B and killing all whites, I would gladly be the last white standing
Yeah he got triggered hard lol. He needs to lurk more, that was some obvious bait. But IOTA is good tech and none of this changes my opinion in that regard

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>on 4chan
>calling people weab
>not being unironically natsoc
>acting like a jew

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The "security issue" only works if you download a malicious 3rd party wallet that signs a foreign bundle, which is redundant because said wallet would just take your seed. And as stated in the FUD, iota is now running SHA3 converted to trinary and is completely safe. I am skeptical as to whether the collisions were intentional, but this right here is why he said the collisions were in place, so that shit devs cant copy iota
>I'll just wait until the next coin with similar tech comes along. Oh and there will be one because they don't even have a patent for tangle

>> No.3418397


Are you gonna stop using Google and Microsoft products as well because they support humanitarian efforts worldwide you stupid fucking nigger?

>> No.3418407

Between $1B and my hamster, I pick my hamster every single time.

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GTFO my /biz/

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>Using retarded projections from 10 years ago that didn't even pan out.

It's 2017 and Sweden is at number 14. Now kill yourself for being an insufferable low IQ faggot.

>> No.3418564

reminder that some people bought IOTA at $1

>> No.3418603

There are a thousand different shitcoins to invest in. If there were a thousand different MS or Google alternatives, I'd use them too. FWIW, I don't use MS products and rarely use Google shit.

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No response you brainlet faggots? Just gonna ignore actual technical discussion?

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wow thanks for letting us know ITS THE CURRENT YEAR

Fucking Faggot.

>> No.3418653 [DELETED] 

says the american? there are no street lights even INSIDE FUCKING TOWNS in newhampshire (which i think is a good thing, btw, awesome that taxpayers can directly decide what they wanna pay 4)

also i think this is france and probably the middle of nowhere, it's not like route 66 is paved with street lights all along

>> No.3418681

>no street lights
Having to shit in the dark must be frightening.

>> No.3418728


There literally are a million alternatives to Windows or Google wtf are you tlaking about. The reason why people use them is that they are the best at what they do. Nobody cares about their political viewpoints or what projects they are funding. That's what adults do.

Also I find it hard to believe that you don't have an Android phone or never use google maps or YouTube. All of which are owned by Google. If you use apple products, it's the same thing, they help refugees as well. So unless you want to go live in a cave somewhere you're being a hypocrite.

>> No.3418745


That wasn't the point you dense nigger. The point was that the predictions in the pic in the post I replied to were WRONG as has been proven by latest statistics. It was a bunch of fear mongering bullshit. Just like this thread.

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Thats such a rounded statement.

Obviously because Euros live in Europe

learn what percapita is fuckhead

>> No.3419508

Generally speaking, no one has killed more X than X

Nobody has killed more Muslims than Muslims,
More Asians than Asians,
More Blacks than Blacks, etc

>> No.3419554

Man these threads are the best

>> No.3419670

Dev scammed his own sister and jokes about it in an interview.

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