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Do you regret not falling for the community college meme?

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School is not a meme

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education isnt a fucking meme dude, most of biz says to skip out on school but thats why most of the people here a fucking idiots screaming when they lose $1000, which is chump change.

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Didn't you know? Everyone on /biz/ is a tortured genius plumber with 140 IQ. We are literally to smart to read.

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As long as you dont fall for the institutionalization taught in humanities and go for STEM its not a meme

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I went to a community college, if you don't go to one you are fucking dumb unless you just got a bunch of credits in highschool

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not me bro, i'm only 120 and fell for the university scam to be a software engineer and work with sjw faggots complaining about my privilege until i'm 60.
it's gonna be hell

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>to smart to read

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I went to community college and got an AS in business AND web programming for free. My actual school wound up costing me like 40k AFTER community college.

But I have two degrees and I'm going to have a master's soon so it's all going to pay off r-right guys?

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I fell for it because it got to the point where I either get a job or at least look like I'm getting one.

It sucks. I'm not the oldest one there but I'm still pretty old and I don't have anything in common with any of them. I live in the south too which means pretty much everyone over the age of 22 has a wife and kids. Pretty sure I have a reputation with my classmates for being the creepy loner.

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I regret not doing 2 years CC then 2 years undergrad. My education could have costed my parents a lot less.

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in usa dont bother if you dont go to ivy league university. they get hired with good salary, some of them. if not ivu league you better just skip education altogether

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If memory serves me right, engineering majors are only 6% of majors and only 50% people who go for a bachelor's degree actually graduate. Other STEM degrees aren't as useful. I mean you can't do much with a biology degree. Science and math degrees are more for people who weren't smart enough to get an engineering degree. If they're lucky, they'll get a job as a lower paid engineer.

You'd be probably be better off getting a 2-year degree that pays $50,000 - $70,000 a year and start investing as soon as you graduate rather than risk a 50% chance of failure at a university. Any investor knows that 50% is terrible odds. I know someone who got a respiratory therapy degree and was hired before she even graduated. The average salary at that hospital is $24 an hour for a respiratory therapist according to indeed.com. And actual salaries on indeed.com are usually much higher in present day because most of the salary data is old. You can live off of $30,000 a year pretty easily unless you live in a SJW-infested place and invest the rest of it.

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At my college only 40% were graduating in my engineering major. Pretty rough degree.

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>community college
That's where financially responsible people take their general courses and other junk nonsense required for their major. Then they transfer to a real college and take all their major relevant courses for maximum effect.

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I went to community college and graduated and now I own a YouTube channel so I think it's a great idea. Here's the link to the latest video:


Bonus points if you donate to the relief fund.

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I spent over 4 years at community college for an AA in engineering science. AMA

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Yeah, it's silly that so many people go for bachelor's degrees when they can just get a high-paying associate's degree in 2 years. Then you end up with working at grocery store with tens of thousands of student loan debt and nothing to show for it. Don't go for a bachelor's degree unless you're certain you can get a useful one and graduate. Probably 50% of bachelor's degrees are useless, and 50% of people who go for one don't graduate. So basically you have a 25% chance of success with a bachelor's. 75% of the people who went for one should have gone for an Associate's instead.

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well as long as you dont go for a useless degree an education will always trump not having an education. No matter what.

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How much money do you make?

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You also have to graduate, though. 50% of people can't do it, at least in the U.S.

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Went to community college and got fantastic professors; my friends who went to a normal university said their profs didnt care at all.

Transferred to my choice of university with 30k in scholarships.

Community College is comfy guys

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Tfw "software developer" (copy paster) with no degree making 90k in the Midwest
>People who fall for the CS meme

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Nope, my time is uni was great. Got an education, met friends, girls, read good books, put myself in new situations. Now - not all situations were pleasant or easy, but steel isn't forged in the cold either.