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Looks it's time for the meme chart again.

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This is the only time I think this graph will be right.

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ITT what nocoiners actually believe

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We are somewhere in the Awareness Phase. Institutional investors are just starting.

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How long have you been here? This has by far been the most stressful week, July doesn't even come close to this.

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only stressful if youre only loaded up on shitcoins. outside of a few shitty chink coins everything has been fine.

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>july doesn't even come close
wat. july blows this out of the water did you even compare the two?

also shitcoins are crashing because they're shitcoins. if you're in ethereum or erc20s that aren't complete garbage you should be chilling watching netflix or something rn with normal blood pressure

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you are fucking retarded
july was way worse than this has been.

you are a newfag and its painfully obvious

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Been here since early this year and were currently in the middle of this going back to sub 2k or being fine. Gamble I guess retards.

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Waaayyyyy fucking worse

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Holding Ethereum in July was scary as fuck. You lost over 50% ATH, it actually looked like that meme chart people were posting. It looked like it could reasonably fall back down to $50. I'm not even remotely worried about what's happening right now. I don't give a shit if China bans BTC. They won't even do it anyway.

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where were you guys during the ETF decision? that was actually bad. you all are pussies t b h

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about to start the second fall

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Feel bad for those people. I sold out of that shit long before that happened.

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Just average out the chart and stop worrying.

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Ive been trading for 1 year and this tactic meme works only on new(updated) shitcoins

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When your daddy can put his pension in a S&P500 like Crypto 5 fund, we reached the public stage.

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When my daddy doesn't mock me for putting like half my pay in Jewish Numbers, we've reached the public stage.

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We definitely at bull trap right now.

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My 85 year old grandpa just snail mailed me a magazine clipping about crypto currency.

What does it mean?

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you're retarded if you think something with this small of a market cap is a bubble

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Nope, still at denial. Return to normal will be when BTC crosses 5k$ again.

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First sell off leading to bear trap

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streesful? its very rare we get these sharp swings
if you arent making tons of money this week you simply dont know how to trade

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Btc market tanks like clockwise every weekend

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Everyone in this thread is a fucking idiot. We are literally early adopters, go outside and ask 100 people what bitcoin or ethereum is.

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What the fuck are you going on about, July was MUCH WORSE than this.