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I'm gonna keep telling you guys to buy TenX
It's the only cryptocard that's going anywhere. This is the actual future of crypto payments.

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How much are you bagholders and how much you made so far? Completly overvalued token and No need for Tokens at all so far.

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I've made like 2 grand on this fucker today. It's gonna keep going up. This thread is nothing more than a psa.

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what am I supposed to believe??

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This is the card with most promise.

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the white guy

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fucking pajeets. OMG is whats gonna take over payments. you are retard if you cant see this

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$PAY is done now. Bottoming out to BTC crash levels even though Yunbi barely had any of $PAY's volume.

This coin fucking sucks to hold. It's nothing but a burden, and I say that as someone who bought in at 0.0006.

This is never going back to 0.001.

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Oh rly? Well let's wait and see

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So, what exactly is the purpose for this coin?

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It just pulled back, its quite easy to see the trend, this wont recover until the bull markets come back or a major announcements is set.

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OMG is too hyped and perhaps too overvalued, you will see a minor dump during airdrop and most likely a dec in price.

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0.5% of the total amount of transactions fees will be paid out to token holders. TenX needs $40 billion worth of transactions annually in order for token holders to receive a dividend of $1 per token held every year.

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Token holders receive a dividend of the global transaction fees.

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Big new partnership soon, new website on the weekend, and THE FIRST CRYPTO CREDIT CARD to be announced soon. Why aren't you investing?

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So, 0?

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Pretty much

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They recieve nothing. It is planned for 2018. Get the facts right Boy. And btw. Have you ever done Mathe? The transaction volume has to reach an insane amount. Besides that, good Project, useless token.

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Holding TenX is shit. It hasn't done shit but hover between 3 dollars, and I had so much tied up in it, that all the other potential moon coins mooned, while this coin is still eating fucking glue and dirt. .

Fuck TenX and don't buy it if you like coins that actually moon.

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18 BTC sell wall, heh

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My reply is still correct, the purpose of the coin is that when holding you will receive dividends.

And I did do the math. "TenX needs $40 billion worth of transactions annually in order for token holders to receive a dividend of $1 per token held every year."

I agree with you, it is a good project but the coin is basically useless.

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>sell this shit after next to no proper growth
>5 minutes later a 10 btc buy wall pops up

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Guys, just buy Monaco, how hard could it be?
Don't get emotionally invested in coins. Get serious, think white and see that Monaco is the way to go.

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>was rising steadily
>dumped again just as it's about too

Frustrating :(

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I hate this coin. It's the worst performer I've ever bought in to. I bought in at 83 at the end of its dip when it was supposed to be primed to moon.

Its has done NOTHING but bleed the entire time I've held it. Last night was the first time it went up, and I nearly sold at the mid 70s.

Should have sold it and eaten the loss.

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Almost same position here.
>Bought in 6 times at an average of 0.79
There goes another dip.

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Tied my NEO gains to this shit, almost at the point of just fucking giving up, I don't know if its the whales, the market or whatever, any time I see it trying to climb back up it just goes further down...

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tenx/ PAY was just delisted from chinese exchanges.

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I tied half of my neo gains. Bought into it when it was still ans at 8$. My two mistakes were this:

1) Should have sold ans at 50$, not 32.
2) Should have never put half the gains in this fucker

At least the other half I have canceled out my losses by daytrading the omg swings, but it would have been amazing if I cashed out neo at 50 and put it all into omg right before it mooned. 100x gains

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It's because of weakhands reacting to.news largely irrelevant to TenX, just wait for the shit to tide over

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I'll probably hold till it gets back to 82. It might have potential, but it will be long term in the crypto world. It's market cap is too high in line with its competitors imo

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I don't know what to do, it seems a solid project but it just keeps going down.

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Just because of irrelevant bad news, one anon dumped because he thought it wad a Chinese project, just wait

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Bought into ANS at 0.45 sold NEO at 50. Didn't invest into this shitcoin - what do I win?

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Yeah Uhm I also hold some of these. I am going to keep them for a few months IDC...

It's a solid project I suppose it just needs more time. I really want to have that nice card and be able to pay with crypto for a coffee or whatever or wherever I go. So that's why I'm holding.

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Wish I was smart about it. Right now I don't see any huge potential with anything that doesn't come without a high risk. I'm going to keep trading the omg swings for now. I think we might still be in a bear market.

What are your thoughts?

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I think right now is a great time to buy tenx for short to medium term hodl we will definitely see swings of tenx from 63-75k on a daily basis and eventually heading for a 80k recovery.

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I'm balls-deep on OMG because I honestly believe in the vision. Trading swings a bit on it but keeping most of my stack safe.

I have another long-term sleeper (non-shilled) bet that's already paid off (50% avg. in the green over the past few months - sitting at +20.45% after the dip) but I'll probably hold it a year or two and accumulate slowly until then. The reason I mention it is because I would reccomend you do the same. Find a solid coin that you don't see being shilled. Research it (and it's team) well and when you're confident that it's got a decent chance of making it - toss some of your stack there. It'll grow slower than most of your shitcoins but it's easier to spot heavy buy/sell pressure as it's not constantly being pumped on stupid shit. You stand to make a fat chunk of profit on each market downturn by increasing your stack when you see irregular movement without news. In turn, you're able to increase your holdings without the same level of risk.

All of that said, different people have different approaches. I still have my day-trading stack and that won't change anytime soon - but once you have the capital to spread appropriately I'd highly suggest doing so.

Side-note: Once I recovered my initial investment I viewed the money in crypto as monopoly money. So if the entire market goes to 0 tomorrow I'd be super pissed but life goes on.

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I just do not understand why it keeps going down. Went to 160, came back to 80 seemed like a good buy. It has an active team, working products, and a lot more coming.

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Back just to say that it's confirmed. This is the shitest coin since sia. Fuck this.

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Told people to buy at 63k and people dont listen, free 6% top fucking kek.

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forgot to upload file its at 69k now

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Nah, Monaco will blow it out the water this month when the visa gets announced. You tenx fags always sniff your own farts but will be butthurt by October 1st, I promise

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arent they also using wavecrest to manage/issue their visa cards like every other bitcoin card? their offerings cant be better as long as they do.

there needs to be real diversity in the issuers of these cards, right now its another me-too card to add to the pile of 10 others that exist and have been used for months/years now, with at least another 10 on the way in the next 12 months.

not to mention the token itself is yet another dividend/fee collection token. no growth possibilities in the token itself because it was just a funding mechanism for tenx, nothing more.

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lift off to the moon starting! get in here quick!

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it might go to 72. probably 69. Then down to 64 again.

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Tfw you had chances to scalp 20% off this coin but held for a chance at value increase in the future whereas monaco regularly goes up 3x then drops back to a common floor.

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My body is ready...

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The fuck you talking about, still in the deep red here

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Fake bad news then day traders

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oh look, right on track for what I said. FUCK TENX

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it's got nothing to do with TenX, blame weak hands for giving day traders a lower price

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Should have picked up on the pattern earlier....
75 to 67, 67 to 72, 72 to 65 etc. Really should have played the swings instead of bleeding 30% fucking percent.

It's gonna free fall soon.