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Why the fuck would I need a fucking tokencard if I can just get a regular Mastercard from a normal bank?

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you can pay with shitcoin

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Why not pay with USD instead? It's much more universal and convenient.

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normie detected

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Will my card say Beta? I'd prefer Alpha.

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You can't pay in USD if you travel to a country that doesn't use USD. You have to pay a fee to convert currency.
This fee can be eliminated by spending your shitcoins using your shitcoin card instead.

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The card is a meme, PnD sham

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Unless you're telling me they're charging 0 dollars to convert shitcoins to fucking Indian rupees, then I'm sold, otherwise it's the same story but now with shitcoins.

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They're charging you whatever the going rate is in rupees. I'm sure it's still a better exchange rate than what you get from your bank.

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Token Card is already partnered with Visa through its Wavecrest partnership.

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Do people know it's with visa lol wtf why isn't it higher value

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Yea that makes more sense now.

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Real reason?

Because it beats BTC/USD exchange rates. You don't get cash obviously but if you're purchasing an item and want to pay with cryptocurrency, then this is superior to cashing out through Coinbase and going that way.

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Rothschild virgin

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to be this dumb on /biz/. unfathomable...

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You are in control of your Funds as they are in your Smart Contract. TokenCard does not have access to your funds, even if TokenCard goes bust ur funds are safe.

TKN is backed by a kind of Gold Standard. The USD was backed by Gold, TKN will be backed by ETH and other ERC20 Tokens.

TokenCard Vlog in the making. Using RED 8k Cam!



Release probably Monday

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TenX and Monaco give the people 3% under spot for their crypto. When Bitcoin is 4000$ they convert it at 3880$ and pocket the Rest and you normies thinks it rly 0% fee.

TKN will be the cheapest to use DebitCard on the Market.

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my experience is that most poor countries in the wold gladly accept dollar notes as their own currency is worthless