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what's a good under the radar coin. don't tell me ones that have already mooned. let's go.

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MAGA coins m8.

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buy gulden. shits getting an update its gonna be a top 50 or top 30 coin. way undervalued and the dev teams are ourguys. wayyy under the radar and gonna make a a steady sustainable rise. whitepaper reads like it was written by a god. yw bro

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MCO, visa on the way, the people who fud right now lost all their monies buying into fake screenshots but the real deal is coming soon as they have talks with visa. Anons are assblasted they bought high and sold low, easy x5. This is equivalent to ANS post conference dump. Also korean whale group is telling their customers to buy in the 200-250k sat range as they see this going to 500mil marketcap upon visa partnership confirmation. Don't miss this chance and the FUD is from those who think its a scam cause they lost big. I'm sure you can recall the ANS threads calling it chink scam post conference and look where it is now.

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gimme some btc when you have 5 in a few days ty


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metal will btfo monaco. its all fresh ico hype

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IOC is beginning to blow up

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IXT, recently partnered with General Re and it's cheap.

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already got IOC, my good sir.

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Cv2. You will make x10 in one month

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Flashcoin maybe

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Safex some whales from the ico are unloading right now and price is dirt cheap

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Ark, unironically

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>don't tell me ones that have already mooned.

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CV2 Swap coming up and still cheap gonna be big gains the next couple weeks

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this. absurdly undervalued coin right now

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Ride the lightning sempai

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ARDR if you want 10x gain. won't do any more shilling than that, do ur own research and see the potential for yourself.

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ADEX: totally undervalued right now with a stable retracement. News and releases coming up, will moon as it did before.

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