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I'm actually starting to feel bad for you retarded faggots and your laughably worthless blockfolios. If someone rolls a trips in this thread I will teach you how to make 50x your initial investment in a year. GUARANTEED. I've made 1.7M this year.

It's actually a pretty simple combination of mathematical analysis and common sense, but it is not very intuitive at all. I will reveal upon trips. Dance for me faggots and maybe you will become very wealthy.

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Proof bro?

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Who cares. Get lost.

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look at these trips

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you said that like you own the place, fuck off poor fag.

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simple calculs

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Fuck you i dont even wanna know

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rolling again

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Nice try familia, maybe next roll

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Ah man, I should get a tidbit for my dubs

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Feed me

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come on daddy show me the money

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y u trippin

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thanks bought 100k

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rolling, i dont care for your advice though

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I feel like a man with 1.7M+ dollars wouldn't derive satisfaction from random strangers playing a game of chance in pursuit of his advice, but sure

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Post your 1.7 or higher.

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Feed me

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Alright, hit me senpai

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tell me

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let's hear it

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Bless me

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I feel like that's exactly what a man with 1.7 mil would do. Especially coming from biz

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Teach me,I'm a poor wagecuck.

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trips meh

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sure why not

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First try

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Nice larp loser.

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Well, start dancing then!

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i will do monkey dance for you

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all eyes op

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roll of fate

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attention slut

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no trips no reveal.

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well this boasrd is so fucking slow, no need to post in this thread if we're not close to 222
just go post somwhere else and then mass post here when we're at 21x

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Make me an astronaut

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Please senpai notice me.

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nice larp

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Alright alright big daddy jeff will get trips for you little babbies

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C-come on

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wtf 3

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Don't tell us, kill yourself instead.


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Like T H I S

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ha ha ha

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deliver them faggot

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If OP says buy high sell low that would ease my anger.

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buy low
sell high

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TripMaster here
Still waiting OP...

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I need these 50x gains per year op

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OP bailed lol

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I'm here, I'm writing it out.

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Double trips

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Its buy high sell now, obviously.

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>inb4 meme response

>> No.3306329

>inb4 "dude just buy low sell high lmao"

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Oh shit triple trips

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50x in a year? Lmao, that must be no better than the average bizraeli.

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why not give him the benevit of the doubt you monkey

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OP is a faggot as always

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God fucking dammit OP, are you masturbating?

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Trips plzzzz!!

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Op here on phone.

My tip is to buy bitbean.

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>OP scrambling to learn top crypto secrets to post and seem legitimate

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Ha ha! Good one sir, upvoted! ;)

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lets roll

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No, I'm literally converting handwritten notes to a word doc so I can paste it onto here. Didn't think anyone would actually hit trips. It's an actual formula and has steps you fucking faggot read a book for once in your life.

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What book?

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Take pic bro

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Where the wild things are. Changed my life.

>> No.3306459

thanks OP

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Yeah, you're just writing "buy OMG" and "Gay4pay for OMG"?

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One fish two fish red fish blue fish

Changed my life

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OP will definitely deliver

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Trips please

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Pls deliver me from wagecuckery based Op

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Rolling please tell me sempai

>> No.3306633

McDonalds fired me ): Please save us from this capitalistic misery

>> No.3306639

Rolling for free gibs


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Answer is obvious. Buy OMG.

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It might have been quicker for you just to scan your notes OP

>> No.3306686

Buy digibyte

>> No.3306693

That suggests he actually has them.

>> No.3306702

Thanks, just bought 100k copies

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Or take photos

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Sell at Pre Schools for a %300 markup and profit more than PharmaBros

>> No.3306721

If this existed, people would get infinitly wealthy with no end.

>> No.3306725

larping fag op

>> No.3306726

Have fun bookhodling

>> No.3306736

Post up faggot

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Am I able to quit my 6-6 shitty wagecuckery job yet?

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Actual whale here. He's full of shit. There's very little math involved. If you understand how blockchain technology and mining work, you will quickly find coins that have been recently created and are attracting miners. Buy/mine those coins as close to inception as possible and they become your 100-1000x horses.

>> No.3306767

How does one tell when a coin is attracting miners?

>> No.3306776


how to find new coins that are being mined?

>> No.3306787

Just check how profitable it is lol

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>olved. If you understand how blockchain technology and mining work, you will quickly find coins that have been recently created and are

Actual Mayonnaise here. He's full of shit. There's a lot of larping involved which OP is very capable of doing.

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Actual toilet here.He's full of shit. There's actually lots of math envolved, I spent like 5 fucking months writing combinatory lexical math to deride a formula that is able to 2X my crypto every week.

I'm pretty sure what I'm usinng its something very similar to OP.

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rolling so i dont have to sleep on a futon for another 2 years

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i just want a qt desu
pic related.

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Thanks Mom for proving OP is a fag yet again.

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Rollan dear sirs

>> No.3306885

Oh pee confirmed for a nocoiner faggot

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its fucking easy to 50x times your investment in crypto thanks to a thing called logarithmic scaling.

Let me edumacate

you have $100 and get lucky hitting a x10

you now have $1000

assuming your not a complete retard and don't lose it all, its possible to hit another x10 and turn that $1,000 into 10,000.

aaand another x 10 comes around and boom you have 100k

and another times x10 and voila you are now a millionaire thanks to a crypto meme

so 4 x 10s best case scenario x4 trades and your a millionaire its not that hard.

this is a real

PROTIP (from a pro):

DON'T spread your fucking coins over many different bags, this is just retarded, confusing, and makes it harder to take advantage of real gains.

e.g my current portfolio is

50% ZRX (2 weeks out from its ICO its price is very low at .37 cents) its a decentralised exchange that is working on a PROTOCOL (adding actual infrastructure to the crypto world, valuable infastructure potential + stupidly low price = fucking buy)

ZRX is my gamble ICO

25% holdings in ETH (because where else, fuck btc although it may moon I don't appreciate what it has become with its high fees and all so long-term it lacks vision and identity)

Then 25% holdings in OMG which has proven itself trustworthy, backed by establ;ished institutions and has a real world use case.

Its really not that fucking hard

dont be a retard

Time in the market beats timing the market

There is no free lunch, but there are free gains for those who care to take the time and actually educate themselves.

See you on the fucking moon

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Remember kids. Buy High and Sell Low

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you guys know that OP is not actually writing anything and is just checking in on this thread in between his weeb ass anime episodes to post every once in a while to keep you fags hooked right?

>> No.3306936

I started in mid jun with $200 and am currently at 5200. Between being heavily in omise dirt cheap and zrx I feel comfy as fuck. It was slow at first but the ball is rolling so much faster now

>> No.3306959

I had about 5 grand 6 months ago, turned it into 30 with eth, hoping to turn it into 100-200 with zrx, I really can't believe it.

>> No.3307006

fuck I made $9k so far off ZRX started a month ago but I actually needed that money desparately so I can only keep $2k in crypto now I'm back where i started

I'm 50% in TNT right now, because apparently there's news coming. Maybe the other 50% in blackmoon or some shit

my strategy so far is just: are the devs legit? yes? ok take all my money

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sorry 4 the dairy entry

>> No.3307112

tell me fag

>> No.3307134

>Time in the market beats timing the market
Do I just hodl my ark and expanse bags?

>> No.3307169

Honestly I don't fuck with shit I don't understand so I couldn't tell you.

Ask yourself this

Does ARK bring anything more than buzzword of decentralisation?

Does ARK add value to other cryptocurrencys?

Does ARK actually bring anything good to the table or does it try and make everyone capitulate to its protocols?

>> No.3307181

Which Anime episode has your attention now you fucking weeb

>> No.3307186

I've just been memeing too hard and want to start doing this right but dont know if I should sell at a loss to do it. I like ark but not expanse

>> No.3307202

also have some safex. possibly too much of it

>> No.3307260

safex to the moon after chillie blockchain

>> No.3307277

I think I'll sell my expanse at a loss and just hodl some btc and omg then

>> No.3307279

Trips plz

>> No.3307300

I'm waiting OP

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don't sell EXP

it is the only coin to buy TokenLab ICO

and it's a good platform anyway

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>> No.3307350

I'm going to HODL all my coins thanks mate

>> No.3307370

It sounds like you just have too many bags.
Cut your losses, stick everything in Eth until you get your shit together and wait until you read, find, stumble upon something that is actually genuine, actually good, and will actually grow organically.

The meme coins may double, may even triple. But they will not go x10, x20 and that is what we are all after and that takes genuine value, genuine software infastructure that is valuable and will be used.

Take ZRX for example. They are designing a protocol to easily trade your Eth tokens with everyone else without first sending your coins to an exchange. Perfect, thats what we need.

Now the protocol to do this, is 0x (Zero X) and is actually free to use,
However, if you would like to see an order book and have the User interface of a traditional exchange then you will need to pay a .1% of ZRX token, which is automatically bought when you trade.

Its simple, its needed, if their software works it will moon.

if its not simple, if you can't see where its needed, then its probably not worth shit anytime soon.

Another good one is Golem. Peer to Peer loaning of processing power. Okay great thats an awesome simple idea, that I can see a demand for, that isnt already being done.
Its simple, its got a demand for its use case, it is building infastructure to add to the network
and if it works, it will moon.

I know virtually nothing about most coins and tokens, if a concept sounds simple, sounds like it is needed, and will add lasting infasctructure to the wider internet/crypto network then it will moon if it actually works.

I just research project that sounds interesting, research them thoroughly, and buy if they seem like they have their shit together and are actually needed. then buy. and buy carefully

dont gamble buy on the whim of a moment praying to fucking kek you will become rich in 24 hrs. doesnt work like that
it works by research, by hodling, and by believing and understanding what your buying.

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>just 100x your coins lol

>> No.3307395


Kek wills it. Or doesn't.

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>>3307350 no worries
If it tests the resistance line , it'll uptrend pretty hard

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Im here to learn

>> No.3307483

+1 for the kaiji pic

>> No.3307553

bretty good stuff

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>> No.3307587

Thanks for this anon. You've helped me clear my head a little. I was floundering from shitcoin to shitcoin, trying to learn a little about everything.

You should write a blog because this is simple, clear advice.

>> No.3307612

Pro tip. Buy IOC. There's your x50 ROI in one year.

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holy shit

>> No.3307707

Books are fuckin gay nigga

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If I traded my way up to 1.7 million I would encrust my shit in gold and post it here with a timestamp fag

>> No.3307736

satans not making enough in 2017

>> No.3307776

Now OP has to rewrite the formula so we get 100X GAINS, thank you magic man.

>> No.3307838

If trips OP must sharpie in the pooper

>> No.3307848

same except dubs or above

>> No.3307861

Literally everyone down in here in hell with me is some faggot who made tons of money by being an asshole in life
I need to get them cryptobucks to show up these faggots

>> No.3308026

Higher risk tho.
Quite possible those coins are going to be worth nil after their first Q

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ZRX? Don't make me laugh. It's just shitty bancor and bancor was already shitty.

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why dont you fags care about ICN at all it is fucking undervalued rightnow

>> No.3308875


>> No.3308996

Trips get

>> No.3309080

OP are you almost done? just checking up

>> No.3309115

done with what?

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I think i know ur trading schema. please dont share.

>> No.3309158

Let me see

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lets see these "Handwritten notes" OP take a photo of them

>> No.3309255


>> No.3309325

Well god damn it

>> No.3309420

Just yolo on meme stocks with disposable income, and when you make big gains you can diversify your memes for more gains

>> No.3309469

Where the fuck is it, it's been 4 hours

>> No.3309510

Another set of trips checked

remember guys, OP is a faggot and didnt make shit

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Must know

>> No.3309819


>> No.3309873

How will golem compete with amazon aws and all the other competition

>> No.3309947

Oh my god oh my god this is it you guys. OP is finally going to tell us his secret.

Fingers crossed he's not a larping faggot.

>> No.3309991

I do agree that having your money in 4 or 5 coins seems to be the sweet spot.

>> No.3310541

look here u fucking idiot >>3309115

he is a larping faggot

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>this many replies for no proof given
>tfw Im just as bad as everyone here

And so, God said "let there be trips"

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>> No.3310926

Its time for revenge OP your larping days are numbered

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op here

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OP might reveal the notes in the discord someone said, can anyone inside confirm not sure if this is true or not?


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Fuck you OP

>> No.3311331

Literally have 100k safex. Feels comfy. Probably stroke out and die the very second chille releases and safex goes instantly to a buck.

>> No.3311415


>> No.3311420

lol OP = poorfag irl

>> No.3311553


>> No.3311577


>> No.3311594

Rolling for trip, kek witness me

>> No.3311603

nice post faget. gives shit and cant back it up. you must be 15 you little cunt.

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>he just wanted (you)s

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