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The kikes are censoring any discussion of the bitcoin takeover on this board too.

this gets deleted >>3215908

while new slide threads >>3216694 appear

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>racist frog shitposting gets deleted
>autistic /pol/tard thinks it's a Jewish conspiracy
why does this always happen?

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Jew detected.

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We're not allowed to say nigger? WTF is this shit?

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No, they are right, that thread is deleted, I took a look at my history link and its a 404 now. That's fucked up.

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here's a handy link for you buddy:

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You motherfucking jewish nigger retard must be your first day here newfag, back2 reddit etc.

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bitcoin is under attack by bch bitches talking about fees. Guess what retards, the 95% of bitcoin users are holders who just want to see the price moon. We don't care about making paying things in bitcoin, unless the the price become stable because everybody jumped in.

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But no for real why are you jewish subhumans always so offended when you get called out for being dirty jew scum, while calling you anything else you seem to not mind it. Hate your own race that much? Please preform the holocaust on yourselves, you disgusting rats, you will do the rest of humanity and all other living species on this planet a favor.

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Also people who are complaining about fees can simply use Bch or one of the 1000 other alt coins.
This is the free market at work, no one owes you a fucking thing.

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>Guess what retards, the 95% of bitcoin users are holders who just want to see the price moon.

Fucking morons. For once we finally have the opportunity to overthrow the jews and the bankers. Instead fucking subhumans like you BECOME the jews and the bankers. I bet you bought bancor too you piece of filth

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it's a chaos hedge like gold, transaction speed does not really matter

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then what was the purpose of segwit?

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>unless the the price become stable because everybody jumped in.

If everyone jumps in, the price goes bonkers.
This made some people willig to sell at a high price.
Price goes down after this - weak hands sell to cut losses or buy back in at a lower price.

This is called volatility, my friend.

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what is segwit? i really could not care less. it's a great hedge with increasing market cap. very hard to turn down, even harder than physical gold etc. cause it would require internet shut down

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bitcoin would be worth $10k right now if it weren't for the news trying to destroy it

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yes but the more institutional investors put billions into it, the more it will be difficult to manipulate the price. Only megawhales will be able to and the dips will be immediately bought.

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I wonder if all this shit is not a test to see if bitcoin can grow stronger. If the bch people can destroy bitcoin, it means the code wasn't strong enough.

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Bitmain is attacking the network to slow it and raise fees while having an army of shills shitpost about BCH. If people pay the fees they get money, if people believe the shills and buy BCH they get money selling the BCH which is mined at a higher rate.

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I think it's convenient that as soon as institutional jews start paying attention to buttcoin there's suddenly a fractious division and uncertainty about its future. They've created a reason for you to sell and an opportunity for them to accumulate even more.

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just be long on dow, silver and btc you'll be fine

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Also big blockers fail to understand that no government will allow people to use bitcoin as a currency if it threatens their power. If bitcoin begins to be widely used as a currency, you bet that it will be forbidden and the govs will go full force on users.
>b-b-but the government can't ban bitcoin! See, everybody use torrents.
Torrents don't threaten national currencies. It's just the entertainment industry which is butthurt so they can care less. Do you seriously think you can threaten the USD hegemony without consequences? All those who tempted to create a new form of money got prosecuted.

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Funny... I sold all my BTC back in 2015 although I regret it I was/am disgusted by (((blockstream/core))). 100% in BCC now, will dump some into monero too soon.

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Bud, I dont know if youve noticed but 4chan isnt the same anymore. Too many faggots and nigger lovers have flooded it.

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Wouldn't bitcoin be much more valuable if people were actually able to use it?

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It may become a currency in the future, but not now, it's more a commodity you can trade (it's a bit both actually). People can't use gold either, it's much more unconvenient than bitcoin because you can't know if it's counterfeit unless you analyse it with a pro. Also, banks will adapt and I'm pretty sure we will see money transfers across the globe become much cheaper, easier and faster. Why would anyone spend btc if its price will be worth more tomorrow.

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I wondered that too.

We know Hiro needs money.

Probably would censor for a few 100k

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Yes. Because if you can't use it it's fucking worthless, obviously.

Some people struggle with this concept, it's literally the reason you don't go and buy cars with missing wheels/engines, they don't do what they're supposed to, thus they're worthless.

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Thatd's sad. Where did everyone go. I know it's not infinity chan

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>Also, here's a total scapegoat to downplay the useability of your actual coin instead of our new shitwarekikebloatcoin. Make sure to remember big brother is scary and won't let you win! better get on your back and open your ass for me!

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>Buy BCH Chinese Communist Party coin
>Overthrow Communist jews and bankers

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>Because if you can't use it it's fucking worthless, obviously.
You can already use it. It just doesn't make sense to buy your coffee in bitcoin. Is gold worthless because you can't buy groceries with it?

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no because we stuck a fractional reserve currency on top of it

would you rather have bitcoin=gold or have bitcoin=gold + cash as was always the intention? you realize that "digital gold" without the currency aspect was around long before bitcoin, right?

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except bitcoin isnt gold either comparing appples to oranges faggot. Bitcoin is an eletronic peer to peer cash system. it was born with cheap fees fast transaction times with no censorship hint the whole reason of there being decentralization. Bitcoin forked and Bitcoin cash goes back to bitcoins roots and what its supposed to be not a fucking year to send bs and have it cost a fee and if not u can use lightning and pay a subscription go fuck yourself pussy

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back to pol faggot

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I do understand this argument as I exited bitcoin in the early part of this year for this exact reason, however I don't see the advantage of BCH every other alt that is faster and has fees as low or lower. Its not seen as bitcoin so it doesn't even have first mover advantage.

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This has nothing to do with btc or bcc and I also think btc is trash. This happened because nobody wants /pol/ here but you teenage mouth breathers can't take the hint. There can be no intelligent discussion because you retards have a victim complex that rivals tumblrs when it comes to jews.

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Id say Monero actually is the best Bitcoin competetor. Scalable blocks + anonimity + ASIC resistent => leds decentralisation

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Is alsof solved the fee issue by having a small linear inflation at the end. It's pretty great desu

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Not really, I have it in my portfolio but Monero is slow. It has its place but it will never reach mass adoption and will only be used for darknet markets. Though darknet markets still gives it plenty of room for growth which is why its in my portfolio to start with.

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you cannot have an honest discussion about banking without talking about the jews

do you even have the faintest understanding of history? it's not some conspiracy theory, it's fact.

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>Kikes control central banking internationally
>Don't mention the kikes

Fuck off, kike.

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We're talking about btc.
Easy to trigger like tumblr too.

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>We're talking about btc.

You don't think the central banks have an interest in subverting or co-opting bitcoin? How naive are you?

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I just ignore people that like to act so enlightened that they aren't "ignorant racists" all while ignoring the most blatantly obvious facts.

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>This happened because nobody wants /pol/ here
kill yourself

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bcash shills pls go

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That's great you faggots say switch to another currency. What about the 80,000 transactions just stuck in hell now?

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pick one

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Lets be honest. No matter what I say it will just turn into to some left field conspiracy bullshit. The REAL problem is any shitcoin can transfer funds at a fraction of what btc costs and much faster because blockstream is incompetent. Not the political agenda you guys poorly try to sneak in with it. /pol/ does this on every single board and that's why every single board tells you to fuck off.

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>nobody wants /pol/ here
I want /pol/ here. Remember, diversity is our strength.

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there's nothing wrong with bitcoin or fucking blockstream. if you don't like them, stick with your shitty bcash and enjoy watching all the BTC gains go on without you.

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...What is hard to understand about this

The (((Rothschilds))) buy BTC
BTC suddenly goes to shit
Now it's kiked out beyond being usable.

Ain't no conspiracy here, faggots.

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>What about the 80,000 transactions just stuck in hell now?
they are just stuck because chinese miners controlled by the chinese gov attack the chain. The chinese gov wants to conrol bitcoin.

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postmodernism at its finest

all of the dots connect but let's not state the conclusion because it might offend someone

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The current bump in BTC's surge upward is because of the chink faggot and his kike felon mate.

Fucking Rothschilds my cock. They WANT BTC to bubble and as someone who got in relatively early, so do I.