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We are the 0x marines

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I will never give my cheap coins to a whale

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what kind of lives are these

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Not that I dont belive in 0x, but i have to liqudate my zrx for personal reasons. I dont have high enough lvl on poloniex to withdraw. so if any1 want to buy my zrx OTC for a fair market price please say so.

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I do! How much we talking about, and how much you got? Email me and I'll give you my telegram username, or twitter, whatever. cryptoassist@gmail.com

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I bought at ICO - got 39400 approx

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going to a birthday - I noted your email and will text you later

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Sounds good :) May be asleep soon - close to 1:30am here in California, but will check email first thing tomorrow.

Can use 0x to do the transaction as there's no fees, and its reliable.

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Whenever somebody starts up the "-marines" meme the coin crashes to shit

>RIP digimarines

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i have feel nothing but pure hatred towards this shitcoin

this coin has no future, after several years this shit will be $2 AT BEST, and you can enjoy being a fucking laughing stock with your no gainz then while everyone is in lamboland with there 5billionx gains

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I'm sorry marine bros, I gave up

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Don't say that. Don't you ever say that!!

Goonies never die!!

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Any DNT&0X bagholders here?

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>We are the [insert whatever]marines
Where does this meme come from?

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its eating up my blockcat gains

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Ill buy, where should i contact you, should we trade using Ox network?

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started with digimarines
then someone did sigtmarines
snowballed from there

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with him, kyber is too intimidating...

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Kyber is inferior compared 0x.

Not worried. You cowards that leave now, will regret it later.

But ship what of already left.

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Yeah, but where did "digimarines" come from? Is it a movie reference with digi inserted in, or what?

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How new are you?

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i just want this ride to end