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So I just found out a tropical storm is heading my way. How do I profit off of this /biz/?

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Buy kneepads, $1/per dick, etc, etc

You know the drill.

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Buy a million umbrellas of ali express and then sell them for $15 bucks a pop.

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Free showers to save on water, maybe?

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Buy the entire supply of water bottles within a 100 miles radius.
Set up shop, $20/bottle

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pic related is what I found

fucking stupid

I like it

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Sell cups of coffee to people in distress for $1

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Those Umbrellas are fkn expensive. I was in France recently and Bought an umbrella from a street vendor for five Euros ($6) so they obviously bought it for much less.

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is there an evacuation?

just go and loot the houses that people leave. thats what everyone does.

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that's what dindus do

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Become an insurance adjuster. They can pull in a shit ton of money during disasters.

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Go to the beach to pick up all the ancient atlantis treasure that got washed up.

Remember to do it during the storm so no one else comes and pick up your gainz

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Instead, buy all of the batteries you can.
Literally walk down the street with a megaphone and scream,
and everyone will log off of /pol/ long enough to step out and buy your wares.
Make it happen, OP.