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As we all know, the price of almost all coins is influenced by whales, and OMG is no exception. Over the past 48 hours the volatility of OMG has decreased to about 6000 Satoshis between highs and lows, or about 3%. I have read a lot of dialogue on here about huge sell walls people have been noticing whenever OMG tries to break out organically. I noticed that the last time the price of OMG repeated this pattern was shortly before big news dropped. (Aug 9; plasma)

With rumors of big news being announced towards the end of this month and early September, does anyone else get the feeling that the whales know something we don't? I haven't been trading shitcoins very long, does this strike anyone else as an accumulation period?

I have a feeling we're going to make it.

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OP here

I know the 24 hour volatility shows a difference of 15k but I dont think that's representative of the true stability it's shown over 48 hours.

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we can only hope.

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Loaded on this coin.

> Being shilled by boxmining
> Bitfinex USD trading pair
> Got endorsed from money-skeletor himself
> Meetings with the fucking Ministry of Finance of Thailand