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punch her in the stomach

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buy sia

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Hash Mining Contracts

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Wtf? You had sex?!?! Or did she got blacked?

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Buy Digibyte for your kids college fund!

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You pump and dump

not pump and stay, time to short.

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this is a troll thread, no survivors here.

Good thing in Canada abortions are freeeee !

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>>Accuse her and say it isn't yours
>>Hope she confesses secret affair.

A broken heart is better than a child you didn't want most likely. Best of luck.

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Fuck your mother, if you want to fuck.

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Another bagholder

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your bags just got heavier

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Lol you're a fucking idiot bro. If you're gonna be raw-dogging the bitch at least make sure she's taking the pill ffs... kys my dude

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Welcome to the "No Matter What You Do You Are Paying Her Bills" meme.

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Take your responsibilities or get karma rekt later.

screencap this.

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Man up, faggot.
This is all you're here to do.

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The condom ripped


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you are a bagholder for this bitch forever now and what's worse is she'll be a depreciating asset as she balloons over the years. bad investment anon

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post pictures of her sweet nubile ass

you're fucked anyways might as well

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fug beat me to it.

it's over anon.
>18+ years of bag holding

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Get an abortion retard

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That's nothing, my ex would cry and pout that I wouldn't cum in her raw because she said that "implied that I didn't trust her to get an abortion". Anyway later she pretended to be pregnant and faked a miscarriage.

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The best thing i have ever gotten were 5 years of english lessons, the second best thing was a vasectomy, fuck the reproduce meme

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Proud to be a virgin

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Don't like to kick a man while he is down, but you shoulda have gotten morning afters

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this! feelsgoodman! *cries self to sleep hugging a pillow*

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Nigger tier. Man up OP

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>attempted to pump and dump
>got stuck bagholding instead

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I fucked my girl and after I came she looked at the condom wrap and it qas fucking old REEEEEEEEE

im waotong for her fuckong period to come like if it qas fuckong jesus second comming

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Fell for the pussy meme

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Honestly, im succsesfull, /fit/ and got my promdate which i could always just date in the neighbour village.

Sure sex would be nice and all but i feel like its an overrated meme. If im horny i just go up to some random chick and give her 1k for servicing me the next few days

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lol, sell her for sum crypto, is da bitxx cute?

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You're exactly the same as most of the human population in history
Look on the bright side, You'll still be young once your kids are grown and out of the house

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He did pump and dump, how do you think his gf got pregnant?

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Just ditch her and her cursed spawn. What are you a cuck white boy?

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buy a bag of powdered citrus and blend a fuck load of it into a smoothie. Then serve it to her. You can thank me later.

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The ol' vitamin c miscarriage. Smooth.

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Fucking hell man. I know from experience bitches be crazy, but Jesus Christ..

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Why are you not happy ?

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marry her and raise you children properly
don't be a degenerate

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>implying a healthy family and strong relationship isn't essential for success in life

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Normalfag btfo

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I actually know a few families that were created like that and unironically most of them are pretty happy and successful.
It's probably a bait thread, but this might be a solution OP. Especially if you value relationship with GF.

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Teach your child how to invest in digital currencies

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>he didn't set a stopLoss