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What does /biz/ think of Looq?

Blizzard CEO seems to like it according to their site

ICO ends today btw

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Looqs good

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Looking for more people to scam, I see.

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There is no source on the Blizzard CEO's quote - he never said that. Don't invest in this shit, it's a scam.

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Mods, don't delete the thread, people must know.

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I laughed at this dumb shit. I need to get off 4chan.

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>X seems to like it
>no source

literally kys nigger

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>VR platform
Decentraland ICO finished a couple days back, I'm sorry.

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why the fuck does a VR platform need a currency?

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It didn't work with voxels

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Looks like OP found out that it's a scam then posted it here to get more victims, so that he won't feel bad about himself falling into an obvious scam.

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So you actually found an investment even worse than Vox?