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What do you guys think about this coin?

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It's low should I buy now?

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Its a good coin but it just got pump and dumped to oblivion so its hard to really tell what price is "low" right now

If you can get in at 30k should be a good entry point. Its one of the coins i'm invested in myself and believe in so I may be slightly biased

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Comfy Arkitecht reporting in. This is a long term hold. Not for day trading and not for short term plays. Best wallet in the crypto game. I highly recommend, been holding since 15k. Holds strong against btc swings.

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Thanks for the info I was pretty nervous I just bought at 6457 coins at $ 1.80

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make it dip way way down

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I'm thinking about buying more and just holding for a year. But then I would have to take out of ethereum.

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got in a bit high, sold and rebought, to have some more when it bounced between 1,70 and 1,55 usd for hours

why do you think that? I hoped for 5$ pretty soon to be honest.
But I know nothing, just that the team is good and that they need some time to release their projects.

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I did that to buy omg, eth is so slow, it is killing me right now.
I will play it safe once I have a good amount of money, now I have to get to 20k first.

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The Ark has sank

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The team is very strong and they are keeping everything mostly lowkey to avoid the hype effect with the crypto market. IMO. It also seems like the swings are controlled by a bot to keep the coin from inflating and blowing out before they have a complete product.

The DPOS model is great and it provides incentive for the users to hold their Ark in their wallet. So, with that, most Ark is held off the exchanges, which also keeps the price steady. Even with that, it consistently stays on the top 3 pages on Bittrex with decent volume.

When this project takes off it is going to rocket because the project lead is a literal rocket scientist.

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Love this coin. Make sure to join the biz delegate if you already haven't

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Interesting, I'll maybe try to increase my position a bit and then hold it for some time.

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ive got too few coins ill never make back the 1 ark fee to assign my wallet

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