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OpenPredict mints synthetic assets on-chain that reflect the price of a particular cryptocurrency or traditional asset.

OpenPredict changes the dynamic by giving speculative assets a liquid value, tradable on any decentralized marketplace.

Using Liquid Options, traders are equipped with an advanced tool for hedging risk in the DeFi market.

Market cap: 3m

Inflation: no inflation till 28th August

Openpredict has been building its product for months in stealth mode and is finally ready to ship its first products and ramp up marketing. Team is doxxed and backed by DAO Maker. DAO Maker will help with marketing.

Whats coming?

- Product launch

- Start of marketing

- Partners and integrators TBA

- L2 integration with Matic is ready

- New website

Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/open-predict-token

Website: https://openpredict.io

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